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Even though Lin Fan's strength was pretty strong, compared to the Utmost Being of the Ancient race, he was still pretty insignificant.

Taking a powerful being such as the Evil Alliance Prince for example, after being dissolved by the Utmost Being of the Ancient race into pure power, the amount of power he resulted in was boundless and vast like the seas. However, for the Utmost Being of the Ancient race, that power was nothing more than a single drop of water compared to his own vast ocean of powers, giving him little to no benefits at all.

Let alone someone like Lin Fan right now.

Within the Heaven and Earth Smelt…

Lin Fan sat there exasperatedly. Even if he were done in by the Utmost Being of the Ancient race, he would still revive.

However, if he were to be killed this easily by the Utmost Being, he wouldn't feel too good about it. This was way too indignant for him if he didn't create some ruckus or mess that was earthshattering.

Therefore, the inaugural general congress had commenced.

The Thunder Trainer King, Xiguang, Long Xuan, Big Ancient Demon, Spirit of Biggra, and all the other Spirits were gathered in a ma.s.s discussion. If there were anything that Lin Fan believed in, it was that unity was strength. Even three ignorant cobblers could compete with a single genius.

There was nothing that couldn't be done with the collective wisdom of everyone present.

Even though they didn't seem too reliable on a day to day basis, they could definitely come up with a supremely brilliant plan at the most critical juncture.

At this moment, Lin Fan entrusted all of his hopes onto them.

However, the ensuing discussion left him somewhat speechless and heart wrenched.

"Master, I suggest that we should just go out and f*ck it up with him. What are we afraid of? At the most, we'll just die together with him!" The Big Ancient Demon said.

"Master, I recommend that you let me out to train his heart. See, we're inside his body now. I'm practically right next to his heart. I believe that something like this is way more workable!" The Thunder Trainer King said.

"Master, I agree with Brother Big Demon. Let's just f*ck him up if we're unhappy! What are we afraid of?"

"Brother Long Xuan, what about you?"

"Yes, everyone makes sense."

Looking at the suggestions of everyone, Lin Fan shook his head helplessly. Seemed like this was the only way now.


Suddenly, the Heaven and Earth Smelt rattled.

"Seems like they're already starting to dissolve us." Lin Fan was still filled with confidence towards his Heaven and Earth Smelt. After all, there was no grading to this treasure at all. No one could penetrate its defense.

This was the case even for the Utmost Being of the Ancient race.

Due to the strong strength of the Utmost Being, his cultivating and refining powers were even greater. Be it a Dao Weapon or an Utmost Treasure, as long as it was devoured by the Utmost Being, it would definitely be dissolved till there weren't even any sc.r.a.ps left.

This was the overbearingness of the Utmost Being of the Ancient race.

As long as one was swallowed, it would be practically impossible for him or her to want to continue living on.

After the Heaven and Earth Smelt trembled for a few times, it settled down. Evidently, they had tided through it.

However, there was something that was puzzling Lin Fan right now. Just what kind of sh*t was going on inside this body of the Utmost Being of the Ancient race?

Looking through the Heaven and Earth Smelt, everything outside was pitch black. Within it, there were even stars that were flashing, as though this was a universe of its own.

As for Lin Fan and the others who were in the Heaven and Earth Smelt now, it was like they were riding on a s.p.a.ceship. This s.p.a.ceship did not have any inertia of its own, and was just descending down the endless darkness that stretched infinitely.

Gradually, the darkness started to dissipate. The stars disappeared as well. Replacing it was blood and flesh.

Badump! Badump!

A series of heartbeats sounded over.

Lin Fan looked down from the smelt. This was where the innards of the Utmost Being of the Ancient race were!

"Disembark, disembark. We're here!" Lin Fan waved his hand as he got out of the Heaven and Earth Smelt. Looking at his surroundings, he rubbed his chin. This should be worth a good ruckus.

"Master, take a look! There are a few old fogeys who're caged there!" As though he was Columbus who had just found new ground, the Thunder Trainer King suddenly exclaimed excitedly.

Lin Fan looked over and his face changed immediately. Suddenly, it turned into a look of joy. It wasn't because he had found these living beings. It was because between these living beings, he had caught sight of an endless amount of Shengyang Pills that were dropping and acc.u.mulating into mountains!

"Go, go! Let's go and check out the situation!" At this moment, Lin Fan and the others were carrying out an exploration of the Utmost Being's body. Every single part was filled with surprises!

The discovery of what lied within this first stop had Lin Fan elated beyond words especially.

"This is a formation." Lin Fan had understood this scene before him. There were exactly ten of these old men. They formed a circle with themselves. Each and every one of these living beings were chained with heavy shackles as they continued to cultivate Shengyang Pills tirelessly.

The mountain of Shengyang Pills was vast and boundless. There was even a Shengyang Dragon that was fumbling about this sea of Shengyang Pills.

Just a single look at it and Lin Fan could not even peel his eyes away any longer.

There were so many that it was uncountable. In fact, Lin Fan could only use trillions to describe this number.

If such a large amount of Shengyang Pills were to erupt together, how horrifying would that be? It would probably be enough to even devastate the entire world!

Unimaginable! This was way too unimaginable!

The arrival of Lin Fan attracted the attention of these elderly figures. That never-changing face of theirs suddenly changed at his figure.

"There's a living being who has arrived! A living being has entered!"

Suddenly, the elderly figures began to clamor out with a look of disbelief on their faces.

"Save us! Hurry up and save us!"

Lin Fan had yet to figure out the situation of this place. However, when he caught sight of these elderly figures, he was pretty stumped.

'Scarlet Rainbow Demon. Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state.'

'Yudou Ghost Emperor. Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state.'

'Aeon Fire G.o.d Emperor. Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state.'

"Holy f*ck! Why is each and every one of them are so b.l.o.o.d.y mighty?" Lin Fan was stunned at this moment. To think that these ten old fogeys would be this strong! All of their cultivation states were heaven-defying!

And, by the looks of it, these 10 old fogeys were cultivating the Shengyang Pills for the Utmost Being of the Ancient race!

Lin Fan did not know how long they had been trapped here for. However, by the amount of Shengyang Pills in this place, they should have been here for a really, really long time now.

The moment these ten old fogeys relaxed a little, those shackles that were binding them suddenly shone with a bright light, causing them to wail out in pain because of it.

"No! We mustn't stop! We've got to continue cultivating or we'll die!"

Afterward, these old fogeys resumed cultivating once more. However, their gazes were all fixated on Lin Fan with a look of boundless joy.

Lin Fan on the other hand wasn't all that happy right now. Based on his system checking out these fellas, all of their names were one more imposing than the other! By the looks of it, none of them seemed human at all!

"Who are you guys? Why are you here?" Lin Fan asked suspiciously.

The moment the ten old fogeys heard Lin Fan's question, they exchanged glances with one another. Then, they gave off a polite and amicable response.

The Scarlet Rainbow Demon started.

"Little buddy, hey there! I am the Unparalleled Venerable Scarlet Rainbow! I've been locked up inside this place for tens of thousands of years because I went against the Utmost Being of the Ancient race!"

"I am the Battle G.o.d, Yudou Deity! I'm also caged up here because I went against the Utmost Being of the Ancient race!"

The moment Lin Fan heard the bullsh*t of these old fogeys, he was exasperated.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! All of them were changing their faces entirely! They didn't even bother to use their names any longer! Furthermore, each of these new names sounded one more righteous than the other!

If not for the system's check, he might have been deceived by them!

But at this moment, Lin Fan chuckled in his heart.

Disaster and good luck often came hand in hand.

The legion of Shengyang Pills before his eyes right now was simply way too dazzling!

As for these 10 old fogeys, they were giving Lin Fan a big headache right now as well. If he were to snuff all of them out, how strong would his cultivation state get?

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! Wasn't that just boring?

The end wasn't the most important portion on the path of cultivation. It was the process. If he were to reach the peak directly without even experiencing the process, what other fun would he have left in the future?

'Hais, dilemma. This is truly a dilemma!'

At this moment, Lin Fan's thoughts were starting to go astray once more.

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