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Lin Fan looked at Xiaoze. This one was a genius, a true genius in martial arts. He had high abilities, just that his personality was rather arrogant.

"Alright… Shuishui, go get two teacups and boil some tea water."Lin Fan said.

"Yes, teacher." Liu Shuishui looked at Xiaoze, her eyes blinking rapidly. For girls, the handsome Xiaoze was very appealing. The cool and c.o.c.ky face carried a great deal of damage in the eyes of females.

Not long after, Liu Shuishui trotted back carrying two teacups and a kettle.

"Teacher, I brought them."Liu Shuishui placed the items on the podium and silently glanced at Xiaoze, her eyes quietly sparkling.

"Alright, since you two were captured by my personality and seek to become my disciples, naturally I cannot just decline you two. You two should be familiar with the process for discipleship, so I won’t say anything more." Lin Fan pulled out a bench and sat down on it, then beckoned for his students to stand behind him.

This should be proper enough.

For Lin Fan accepting an A cla.s.s genius was a rather impressive matter on his part.

Lin Fan didn’t think he would be so fitting as a teacher. Sometimes, one’s high charismatic skill just cannot be stopped.

"Teacher, please have some tea." Zang Tianhao immediately filled a teacup without any hesitation, then knelt in front of Lin Fan while presenting the tea to him. Zang Tianhao understood that if he wanted to progress further on the path of martial arts, then the person in front of him could definitely lead him forth.

For himself and also for Han Mengmeng, Zang Tianhao had to work hard.

"Good" Lin Fan received the tea and took a small sip while nodding his head.

"Teacher, please have some tea." After a moment’s hesitation, Xiaoze also followed after Zang Tianhao. The reasons Xiaoze was seeking discipleship from Lin Fan were because he accepted his defeat, and secondly, he had this mysterious, budding, and persistent feeling within his heart that kept nagging him, ‘Hurry up and seek discipleship, hurry up and seek discipleship… If you don’t become his disciple, you won’t be able to taste the Ruler of Love in the future.

"Well, I already have thirteen students. They are all seniors for you two. Zang Tianhao, you are my fourteenth student and Xiaoze would be the fifteenth. Lin Fan said.

Xiaoze exploded upon hearing this,"Teacher, why am I the fifteenth? What qualifications does he have to be above me?"

As for the other thirteen, Xiaoze didn’t bother saying anything. It was fine if he was under them, but the critical point was what capabilities did Zang Tianhao have to be above him?

"Because he knelt before you. Also, my words are words of wisdom. As my student, you cannot question my words." Lin Fan said.

Xiaoze didn’t say anything, but he was disgruntled. He had been suppressed by Zang Tianhao, which was unbearable.

"Teacher, didn’t you say last time that not everything a teacher says is correct. If one has doubts, shouldn’t they speak up?"Liu Shuishui said from the side.

Lin Fan froze. Something was off, what had happened to the usually lovable and docile Liu Shuishui? When did she start questioning my words?

Lin Fan glanced left and right and realized Liu Shuishui’s flowery gaze, then secretly cursed. Was it possible she had been ensnarled by Xiaoze?

Traitor, a full blown traitor.

"Ahem…" Lin Fan lightly coughed. How could he refute his own words at this point. Even if he was in the wrong this time, he had to still make it seem like he was right.

"Other teachers can sometimes be wrong, but everything I say is the truth of life. Alright now, today’s discipleship ceremony is now over. Let’s start the lesson."

Lin Fan didn’t want to continue this subject any longer.

Xiaoze had ensnared one of his great disciples right upon his entrance. He would remember this for now, and in the future when Xiaoze messes up, he would punish him with the Ruler of Love.

In the Imperial palace…

The great Yan Dynasty was a subsidiary of the Saint Devil sect, so when Saint Devil sect disciples came to the Yan Dynasty, they naturally would receive the highest treatment. Even if other sects came to the great Yan Dynasty, they would only be able to stay within the imperial city as they didn’t have the rights to live in the imperial palace.

The Yan Emperor sat quietly upon his throne, with his eyes closed and a slight smile on his lips.

The Saint Devil sect, Generational sect, Infinite Devil sect, Lianlong Sword sect, Righteous Path sect…both the righteous and devil sects had sent many over. The lesser celestial medicinal pills surely had quite an alluring effect to be able to attract so many sects over.

The Yan Emperor opened his G.o.d's eyes. They flashed about, but hidden within was an immense amount of anger.

When he recalled the despicable person that had sneak attacked himself and the Queen, and the fact that the person still hadn’t been found, his heart churned with rage.

He had been majestic his entire life. He had never encountered such an incident before, and this was a great shame for him, something he would never be able to wash away.

At this moment, the Yan Emperor submerged himself into the void and then appeared within a dark mysterious place.

The place was like an abandoned area within the world, pitch black as the lamps in the corner shined dimly.

The Yan Emperor walked slowly forth along the dark pa.s.sage.

"Ah…" Bursts of piercing shrieks sounded out from within like demonic screams. When he reached the end, a mixed sour smell of rotten decay entered the Yan Emperor’s nose. The Yan Emperor marveled in this rotten smell, the feeling was incredibly wonderous.

The powerful and dignified Yan Emperor revealed a revolting expression. If this was seen by the citizens, they would surely be shocked.

"Clang, clang…"

Sounds of steel chains colliding with each other rose like a demon’s roar; sinister and terrifying, bringing forth tremendous fear.

Within the very depths was a deep cell surrounded by walls. Numerous glowing hooks penetrated the chests of each prisoner within the cells.

"Death to the Yan Emperor."

Waves of bitter curses echoed deep throughout the dungeon, as if casting forth the feelings of unyielding willpower within the hearts.

"The heavens belong to me, the earth belongs to me… Your hatred will only make me stronger, haha." The Yan Emperor’s eyes became pitch black as if he were possessed by a demon, and his body was enveloped within a light of blood.

"Everything is mine."

The Yan Emperor held out his arms, his long hair flowing wildly. The entire dungeon suddenly burst forth with a frightening wave of suction.

The people imprisoned within the dungeon began shivering. Their blood energy then began surging forth and slowly merged into the Yan Emperor’s body.

"Death to the Yan Emperor." A person within one cell had long been reduced to a bare thin figure due to suffering from a long time of absorption, and at this time, he became even drier and eventually was reduced to a pile of bones.

The Yan Emperor immersed within the marvelous feeling of blood energy.

The blood of the G.o.ds within the Saint Devil sect is mine.

The entire world is mine.

No one can stop me.

"You all should enjoy your last limelight." The Yan Emperor’s pitch black eyes slightly changed, then with a final laugh, he walked through the void and left.

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