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In the district ruled over by the Utmost Being, Cruel, most of the beings of the thousands of races who were living life on their last breaths were forced to hide in really covert places.

"Motherf*cking Human King? Who in the world is this guy? To think that he would dare to face off with the Utmost Being of the Ancient race?"

At this moment, in a really secluded Shangri-La existed a being of the thousands of races who was once rescued by Lin Fan. By chance, he had come across this Shangri-La.

The members of this Shangri-La had kind-heartedly taken him in as well, allowing him to reside at this place and become one of them.

Because his personal strength wasn't all that bad, he thus took on the role of a teacher at this place to impart the ways of the martial arts down to the children who were born here.

At this moment in a wooden hut, he was explaining something with a smile on his face.

"Teacher, is that Motherf*cking Human King truly that strong? We think that our teacher is the strongest!" A child from the Horn race asked innocently.

"Haha, I'm naturally the strongest one in your hearts. However, I'll have you guys know that the Motherf*cking Human King is way stronger than I can ever be."

"Wow! I really want to know how the Motherf*cking Human King looks like!"

Just at this moment, a bright light spot flew over.

The man caught it with his palms. He knew that this was an innate skill of the beings of the Succubus race. Usually, it didn't have much use for it. However, each time the Succubus race conducted a ceremony of their own, they would always transmit these bright light spots so that the beings of the thousands of races could observe and watch.

"Could it be some sort of ceremony once more?"

However, the moment he caught a hold of the bright light spot and watched with his hands, his face changed into a look of respect immediately.

"Guys, look! That's the Motherf*cking Human King, Lin Fan!" He called out excitedly. The surrounding children began to hype up as well as they looked at the light screen curiously.

"To think that he would dare to clash headstrong with the Utmost Being of the Ancient race! This man is indeed my idol!"

At this moment in yet another secluded forest, the Righteous Party was undergoing yet another mission this time around. In order to rescue the beings of the thousands of races, they had spent much effort each time. However, as a result, they had lost quite a number of members as well.

Even though it was pretty heart wrenching, this was a process they couldn't do without.

"Leader, it's him! It's Lin Fan! He's going to go up against an Utmost Being of the Ancient race!"


Everyone from the Righteous Party dropped everything on their hands and encircled over, watching intently without making a single sound.

Within the Cloud Sect…

"Grandmaster, this is bad! Lin Fan is going to meet with an Utmost Being of the Ancient race!" Meng Hengtian exclaimed anxiously. The moment Grandmaster Yun heard these words, his face changed immediately. Wasn't this just courting death?

However, when he caught sight of the figure on the light screen, he could not help but let out a sigh of exasperation.

Lin Fan stood there, his face calm right now.

"You guys should leave first." Staying here at this moment was something that Lin Fan was doing willingly.

Even though coming face to face with an Utmost Being of the Ancient race was undoubtedly an act that was seeking death, he knew that he had to take a look at the Utmost Being once at least to ascertain his strength.

As for that Evil Alliance Prince, Lin Fan wasn't too bothered about that person. All he could say was, tough luck for this guy.

The beings of the Succubus race looked at Lin Fan as a feeling of awe rose within their hearts.

"Actually, we can all leave together." Zi Yun offered.

She knew that this Motherf*cking Human King before her was really strong. However, the Utmost Being of the Ancient race was simply way too strong. This man is definitely no match for him just yet.

"It's alright. The Utmost Being of the Ancient race had always remained secretive all this while. In fact, even the beings of the thousands of races do not know just how strong that Utmost Being is. Ever since I ascended into the Ancient Saint World, I had been bullied by the Ancient race all the time. Naturally, I must stand up against this. Today, I shall take a look at this so-called Utmost Being. Even though I may not be a match for him, he would definitely have to expend some effort if he truly wants to kill me." Lin Fan replied.

"If you know that you're not his match, why do you insist on staying then?" The leader of the Succubus race asked, unable to understand his intents.

If he knew that he was clearly going to lose, why was he so insistent on staying right here?

"That's because I want to identify just how strong this Utmost Being of the Ancient race is. As long as I know his strength, I would then have the hope to know that I can kill this Utmost Being one fine day in the future." Lin Fan replied calmly.

Lin Fan was indignant about all of this. To think that one single Utmost Being of the Ancient race could act so c.o.c.kily about everything. If he could tell just what the other party was made up of along with the help of the system, he would definitely be able to kill the other party through that information.

Furthermore, who knew if something good might come out of the meeting later on. That was not entirely impossible to say either.

Even though the chances were slim, they were not entirely nil.

"Hurry up and leave. Don't stay here any longer. The Evil Alliance Prince is about to reach as well. By the time he's here, I may not be able to hold him back." Lin Fan continued.

"Take care." The beings of the Succubus race did not hesitate. Instantly, they disappeared from where they were and dashed forth into the distance.

At this moment in the far regions of the black cloud palace sat a man draped in red robes, with a high and mighty att.i.tude. He was surrounded by a bevy of ravishing girls. All of these girls were extremely flirtatious, as they fondled every single part of this man's body.

This man let out a nefarious grin. Those clean, white hands of his were fondling the girls that were standing beside him as well. When he exerted a bit more strength, these girls started moaning in low tones all around.

"Prince, the beings of the Succubus race have escaped." An underling reported while prostrated on the ground.

"Hmph? Run? Where can they run off to? To think that those Ancient race beings would dare to steal away the toys of Your Prince here. The reason why Your Prince rushed over here was to have the Ancient race beings hand over my toys. To think that these beings of the Succubus race would have some capabilities to be able to escape on their own. And now, they're thinking of escaping from Your Prince here once more? Do they truly think that Your Prince is someone they can escape from so easily?" The Evil Alliance Prince chuckled.

"Prince! How are those beings of the Succubus race even comparable to us? Who knows? Perhaps, the reason why they were let loose was because the Ancient race beings were tired of playing with them?" A girl beside the Evil Alliance Prince remarked with a tinge of jealousy in her tone.

"Huh?" The moment the Evil Alliance Prince heard this, he let out a weird looking smile, "Are you trying to say that Your Prince here has been made a cuckold?"

"Prince, you're so naughty!" The moment the girl heard this, she let out a look of fright. Immediately, she patted on the prince's chest and tried to giggle this off.

"Huh? What are you laughing at?" The Evil Alliance Prince held out his palm with his fingers outstretched. Instantly, the girl was forced into a kneeling position before his knees. A bright red light flashed out, and she was turned into a dried-up corpse immediately.

"Do you think that you're someone who can take a jab at Your Prince here?" The Evil Alliance Prince disintegrated this corpse as he said in a grim tone.

The surrounding girls broke into a cold shudder. Immediately, they started serving the Evil Alliance Prince with even more fervor.

"Chase after them, chase harder! They want to run? We'll see if they have the capabilities to do so!" The Evil Alliance Prince ordered.

"Yes, prince!" This underling bowed down his head in respect.

However, just at this moment, the entire palace started to tremble. The black clouds that were surrounding the palace were cleaved aside by a single flash of bright light.

"Who is the one who dares to stand in the way of Your Prince here?" At this moment, the face of the Evil Alliance Prince changed immediately as he bolted up from his seat. His face was frosty right now as his eyes were filled with a burning rage.

To think that there would be someone who didn't know what was good for them!

"Prince, there's a living being who's blocking our path!"

"Good, good! Go out there and check out just who is it that has the b.a.l.l.s to hold down the palace of Your Prince here!" The Evil Alliance Prince tossed his robes aside and took a step out.

The moment he stepped out, the girls behind him seemed to have lost every single bit of essence, spirit, and vitality in their bodies as they turned into dried corpses.

His methods were cruel and demonic. His body was replenished by stealing the cores of others he came across…

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