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The Heaven and Earth commerce market was located in the southeast of the city, and was the sole commerce market within the Great Yan Dynasty. The Heaven and Earth commerce market would represent their clients and sell their items while also looking for any treasures they could sell themselves. But within this realm, the items sold by common commerce markets usually only attracted normal martial artist. Martial artists with high cultivation bases would usually consider the items sold at commerce markets to be useless after all.

But now, the item the commerce market was selling had attracted so many people, so it was rather shocking.

There were countless people forming a huge crowd at the Heaven and Earth commerce market. Lin Fan was stunned from the scene, which seemed far too crazy.

Lin Fan glanced around, just the people on the outer edges all had cultivation bases within the postcelestial stage. They were obviously not from the Yan Dynasty, and it was likely they really did come from far off.

Lin Fan was curious now, just what was the Heaven and Earth commerce market selling that could attract this may people.

"My friends from all over the world, welcome to the Heaven and Earth commerce market. The commerce market is planning to sell a rare treasure here three days later, lesser celestial medicinal pills."

"Some people may still be thinking just what are these "lesser celestial medicinal pills". So the commerce market will now again tell everyone, these "lesser celestial medicinal pills" can raise one into the lesser celestial stage after consumption."

After the people of the Heaven and Earth commerce market had explained the effects of the lesser celestial medicinal pills, the surrounding people became noisy, clearly in disbelief.

Lesser celestial medicinal pills? Anyone who consumes these can reach lesser celestial stage? This…how can this be?

Everyone had this thought in their hearts… It was impossible!

In the precelestial stage, one could still be considered human; one could be considered a super human in postcelestial, but upon reaching pericelestial, one could be considered a G.o.d. And lesser celestial stage was a G.o.d among G.o.ds.

Flipping mountains and seas, changing fate itself… anything could be done.

Those who reached the lesser celestial stage were essentially all supremely talented, superior in energy circulation, having faced countless dangers and adventures to attain that stage.

But now, the Heaven and Earth commerce market was saying one could instantly attain the lesser celestial stage, this was completely impossible.

"Everyone settle down… the lesser celestial medicinal pills are genuine. The auction for the pills will start three days later, and the admission fee is 100,000 black gold coins. The auction will be done with black gold coins.

Lin Fan was listening, and his expression slightly changed.

There was definitely something wrong here. The black gold coin was unique to this realm, a type of ore that was deep within the earth. Black gold ore was forged from the energy of the Heaven and Earth and used as a common currency.

The black gold coin contained true energy. This was a valuable item for any person, it could be used for cultivation after all. But the true energy within the black gold coins couldn’t be absorbed. Even greater celestials had tried before but the true energy within the black gold couldn’t be drawn out.

Thus, the black gold coin ended up becoming a national currency.

For those with high cultivation bases, the black gold coins were essentially useless.

And now, these "lesser celestial medicinal pills" were being sold for black gold coins. To Lin Fan, something was definitely up.

If these "lesser celestial medicinal pills" really could boost one to a lesser celestial stage, then unless the person selling these "lesser celestial medicinal pills" was stupid, there would be no way he would actually sell them.

If they were trading it for other valuables, Lin Fan would’ve still believed it. But selling it for black gold coins, there was no way Lin Fan was going to fall for it.

A bunch of morons.

Then, Lin Fan left without bothering to check them out.

These "lesser celestial medicinal pills", just let the morons fight for them.

‘Cheap stuff always has bad quality, cookies don’t just drop from the heavens… Let’s just continue on with what I need to do.’

Three days later, he would come again and see if he can find his Saint Devil sect brothers, He had to relay the Yan Dynasty’s betrayal to the sect after all and have them make preparations.

The next day.

Lin Fan got out of bed and washed up, then walked merrily towards his D cla.s.s. Within the school, Lin Fan was now a celebrity teacher. He would catch the attention of others wherever he walked.

Being too strong was sometimes also a bad thing.

Lin Fan walked slowly along the way. The main reason was so he could hear how others were talking about him.

"Look, that is the D cla.s.s teacher from yesterday who brutally taught Xiaoze a lesson in the fighting stage."

"For real? Hah, I had something to do yesterday so I missed out on that match. It’s one of the greatest disappointments in my life."

Lin Fan heard the surrounding students whispering about him and was pleased. This was the feeling of attracting the attention of thousands.

When he arrived in cla.s.s, Lin Fan was expecting to receive the warm greeting of his students. But instead, he froze seeing that there were three uninvited guests.

Lin Fan was extremely confused, why were these three here?

The thirteen students in cla.s.s were looking a bit nervously at one of the people.

Xiaoze was very famous in the school, and even they had heard of him before.

They didn’t know what Xiaoze was doing here in D cla.s.s, did he perhaps have some business?

"Teacher, good morning." When the thirteen students saw their teacher, they let out a sigh of relief, then stood up respectfully for their greeting.

"Good" Lin Fan nodded, then looked towards the three to ask what they needed.

"Senior, please accept me as your disciple." Zang Tianhao instantly knelt down to ask Lin Fan to accept him as a disciple.

When he saw Xiaoze also here, Zang Tianhao and Han Mengmeng were all startled. But seeing that Xiaoze hadn’t said anything, Zang Tianhao just decided to stay wary of him.

He didn’t know what the other party wanted after all.

Lin Fan froze, looking at the kneeling Zang Tianhao. He wanted to become his disciple?


"What are you here for?"Lin Fan asked while looking at Xiaoze.

Xiaoze looked at Lin Fan, his heart turbulent. Yesterday, after returning home, the people within his house all looked at him strangely after finding out what had occurred at school.

At the same time, when his father wanted to bring a group of people to school to seek out Lin Fan, he had stopped them.

At night, when Xiaoze removed his clothes and saw the red marks on his b.u.t.t, the sense of shame once again welled up.

And even more unbearable was when Xiaoze lied down on his bed, he somehow felt as if had developed some sort of aftertaste for the ruler.

"I concede defeat… I, Xiaoze, can afford a loss… I will now become your disciple." Xiaoze said.

"Haha." Lin Fan shook his head, "Let’s just forget that. You are a genius of A cla.s.s, it would be pointless to enter my D cla.s.s."

"I, Xiaoze, am a man of my words. A loss is a loss."

"What about you?"Lin Fan looked towards Han Mengmeng and asked.

"Senior, I just came with brother Zang to look." Han Mengmeng said.

Han Mengmeng was really surprised this time. Xiaoze had actually come to concede defeat instead of bringing people to bother senior. This was unexpected for Han Mengmeng. For an arrogant person like him to step down a notch, it was simply incredible.

The thirteen students were all in amazement and their minds rather confused. Xiaoze actually wanted to become their teacher’s disciple, what was going on?

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