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Bzzz. Bzzz.

Right now, Lin Fan was seated on a stool that was carved out of a piece of rock. He was wielding a metal fork in his hands that he had casually crafted out. However, what he did not expect was that these metal forks that were created from a few pieces of metal were in fact Supreme Graded Human Weapons! This was something that he could never have imagined!

Seemed like his weapon crafting skills were getting stronger with time!

At this moment above a bonfire, a few pieces of dragon meat were being roasted to a beautiful golden-brown shade. By the looks of it, it did seem pretty delicious.

While Lin Fan was waiting for the meat to be cooked, he stretched out his fingers in boredom and poked at the dragon's blood that was spilled on the floor, turning into a mini river by now.

'Ding…Congratulations on discovering Dragon's Blood. Absorb?'


'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience points +1.'

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience points +1.'

"Holy f*ck! This little experience points? That's trashy enough, isn't it?" Lin Fan was completely contemptuous of this and took back his finger.

Based on the books that he had read in the library, the Dragon's Blood was a tonic that could nourish one's body immensely with all sorts of mythical effects. If one were to bathe in a pool of Dragon's Blood, they would definitely be able to strengthen their bodies. In fact, their innate potential might even be increased through that.

Lin Fan shook his head. Seemed like the books had thoroughly exaggerated the effects of the Dragon's Blood. To think that it would truly be this trash now that he had come across it personally. This was pretty disappointing to be honest.

This Dragon's Blood that was highly valued by the beings of the thousands of races was dismissed by Lin Fan just like that and cast aside into the realm of uselessness.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Suddenly, Lin Fan realized that there were a bunch of living beings were rushing towards his direction.

Divine celestial level 1, True state.

Desolate celestial full cultivation state.

Azure celestial upper level state.

"So weak." Lin Fan shook his head and wasn't concerned in the least bit. As long as they didn't bother him, he wouldn't care about them at all.

At this moment, a delicious aroma came at Lin Fan's face. It had been a long time since he had had something to eat. Therefore, his appet.i.te was definitely raring to go right now.

At this moment, somewhere not too far away, a group of figures was fumbling really rapidly. They seemed to be panicking, as though they were hiding from something.

"Those Ancient race beings! What if they were to discover us?"

"Sisters, we've got to hurry up! We must definitely not let those Ancient race beings catch up to us! Otherwise, our outcomes will definitely be catastrophic!"

"d.a.m.n it, I hate this! I hate the fact that I'm this weak and incapable of protecting everyone!"

This group of figures was composed of females. Each one of them was extremely ravishing in looks, absolutely breathtaking. Every single motion and action they made were enough to seduce the hearts of every single living thing in this world.

Within this group of females, there was a particular female disciple who was the prettiest of them all. Her strength was also the strongest amongst them, presumably their leader. However, at this moment, her nerves were pretty much in a wreck as she cast her head back from time to time.

She knew how dire the consequences would be if they were caught by the Ancient race beings. Not only would they be trampled on by those Ancient race beings, they would be devoured eventually as well.

"Hey girls, are y'all smelling this tantalizing aroma?" Suddenly, a girl with a sharp pair of eyes spoke up at this moment.

"Zi Yun! What sort of a time is this for you to still be thinking about food?!" The strongest girl lectured her immediately.

To think that Zi Yun would still be concerned about delicious food at this critical moment!

"Eh? I'm smelling it too!"

"That's right! This aroma is really way too succulent!"

At this moment, this group of females who were in the midst of being chased exchanged glances with one another. They did not know where this aroma was coming from!

"Eh, Elder Sister Piao Piao! Take a look over there! There's someone there!" Zi Yun with the sharp gaze pointed at the distance with her tender fingers. Piao Piao turned her sight over. Indeed, there was a man seated there in the distance.

Lin Fan turned his head around and looked at these approaching girls. His eyes shone with a strange glint.

What the h.e.l.l were a bunch of beautiful women doing in such a dangerous forest?

Lin Fan grabbed on to a piece of dragon meat and chewed it slowly. He then looked over at the ma.s.ses and smiled.

"There's a bunch of Ancient race beings chasing after us! You had better hurry up and run too!" Even though Piao Piao did not know who this person was, she could tell that he should be a being of the thousands of races by the looks of it, hence the careful reminder from her.

"Oh, I see. By the way, do you guys want to eat some dragon meat?" Lin Fan replied indifferently.

The moment Piao Piao heard this, her face changed. She then gritted her teeth and didn't reply. After all, she had said what she had to. Since this guy didn't want to listen, then he couldn't blame them if anything happened to him.

But just at this moment, what Piao Piao had not expected was that her Younger Sister Zi Yun would end up stopping instead and stand before this man!

"I'll eat it!"

Looking at this girl before him, Lin Fan smiled. What a smart la.s.s!

"Zi Yun! What are you doing?" Piao Piao screamed in a frantic tone.

"Elder Sister! That Colossal Dragon ahead of you is way too scary! I'm afraid! I don't dare to head over!" Zi Yun replied with a tone that harbored a hint about something.

"Colossal Dragon? What Colossal Dragon?" Piao Piao was stunned, not understanding what Zi Yun was talking about. However, when she turned her head around and looked ahead of her, she was stumped on the spot.

There was a gigantic carca.s.s of a Colossal Dragon that was split into parts lying right there.

That malevolent head of the Colossal Dragon was extremely imposing. Even if it were dead right now, the aura that was being emanated from it was extremely gut smashing.

Was this truly a Colossal Dragon? Then what was this?

Piao Piao stared at the barbecued meat in the man's hands blankly.

"You guys seem as though you must be really tired from running now. How about coming over to enjoy some meat? That'll help you replenish your energy!" Lin Fan grinned.

Even though he did not know who they were, they were beings of the thousands of races as well. Since he was here, he might as well give them a bit of help as well.

All of these chicks were stunned one by one. After that, they headed over slowly like the first la.s.s.

"H-h.e.l.lo." Piao Piao came before Lin Fan. For a moment, she did not know what to say.

"h.e.l.lo!" Lin Fan smiled casually, "Oh, please have a seat wherever you'd like."

After that, as though they had yet to react to this fact, the group of people circled the bonfire and sat down.

"It's alright! Eat heartily! If the Ancient race beings were to catch up, let them be then! There's no need to be this nervous!" Lin Fan smiled.

Lin Fan was a man after all. Even though he was always chaste usually, how could he allow this bunch of beautiful girls to be scared witless by a bunch of Ancient race beings? That would have them lose all of their aesthetics entirely.

"Yupp! We're not nervous!" Zi Yun was pretty lively as her gaze swept around the surroundings.

She had already realized that that was a true blue Colossal Dragon right there. Furthermore, the shocking thing was that the Dragon's Blood was spilled on the ground so wastefully!

All of those plants and gra.s.s touched by the Dragon's Blood had already started to change, and were now way more flourishing than their counterparts nearby who had not received the nourishment from the Dragon's Blood.

In fact, they could almost be medicinal spirit gra.s.s by now!

"Come, have a piece of dragon meat!" Lin Fan handed over a piece of meat.

"Thank you." Even though Zi Yun was still immersed in the state of being hunted down, she had calmed down by a fair bit now. However, when she touched the metal fork in her hands, she gasped out in exclamation.


Zi Yun looked at Lin Fan with an extremely flabbergasted face. She then stared at the metal fork in her hands with a stoned expression, unable to believe everything before her eyes.

Even though Piao Piao knew what her younger sister was planning, she was still pretty nervous nevertheless. After all, the Ancient race beings were still right behind them.

Even though this man was mysterious and seemed pretty strong, there was still no guarantee that he would definitely be able to take them down.

Just as Piao Piao was contemplating about this issue, she was taken aback by that exclamation from her younger sister.

"Zi Yun, what's with you?" Piao Piao looked at Zi Yun, startled.

The other young ladies in the area were the same. They sat down pretty restlessly, extremely frightened.

"Elder sister, t-this…!" Zi Yun held on to the metal fork in her hands. She wanted to say something, but her throat was stuck in disbelief at this moment.

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