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"Hongyun does have quite the flair for drawing though."

Lin Fan opened up the leather scroll that Fairy Hongyun had handed him. Looking at the lines that were drawn, Lin Fan smiled cheerily.

Directions, route, and forbidden grounds descriptions, all of these were clearly written and easy to understand.

However, there was something that was troubling Lin Fan. These two forbidden grounds that possessed the Five Elements were in completely opposite directions.

After contemplating for a while, Lin Fan decided that he had better head over to the secret grounds that possessed the connate Element of Metal.

This secret ground was closer to where he was right now. Furthermore, there was something that caused Lin Fan to be happy over this. The lair of Sovereign King Wei wasn't too far from this secret ground.

Once he was done with sweeping this secret ground clean, he would then go over and tear down Sovereign King Wei's house.

Given Sovereign King Wei's position, there should be countless treasures and Shengyang Pills. If he could sweep it clean, it would definitely bring forth a ton of fortune for him.

Half a month later…

Lin Fan was now far from the location of the Cloud Sect, and had arrived at his new turf here.

"This Ancient Saint World is simply way too big." Even though the speed at which Lin Fan traveled through the void was fast, this still took him a good half a month. Even then, he still hadn't arrived at his destination yet.

Lin Fan could not help but regard this as a tragedy entirely.

At this moment, he was pa.s.sing through a flourishing forest. As such, Lin Fan decided to make a stop and walk on the ground. After flying for such a long time, it WAS starting to feel a little tiring. Within this forest, there were also a number of Ancient beasts. It was time to see if there were any strong Ancient beasts around to hunt.

Lin Fan knew that he must be around the center of the area right now. This place was more complicated in its surroundings. Therefore, it wouldn't be really surprising if he were to b.u.mp into any strong Ancient beasts here.


Just then, within the dense forest patch, a loud roar suddenly rang out. This cry was akin to thunder, causing those old trees in the forest to vibrate violently with leaves dropping all over the ground.

"What a strong roar! Since its voice is so loud, its const.i.tution must be pretty good! If that's the case, its strength shouldn't be too far off either! Time to take a look!" Lin Fan was elated right now. With that, he entered Stealth mode and headed into the distance.

When Lin Fan arrived at this destination and checked out the scene before him, something didn't seem too right.

"Old Ancient Beast?"

A gigantic dragon that was around 100 miles long was growling ferociously. It was in a fight with dozens of Ancient beasts. However, there was something that was truly startling for Lin Fan. This gigantic dragon could speak!

"This is definitely not a being of the thousands of races!"

Within the beings of the thousands of races, there was the Dragon race as well. However, compared to those beings of the Dragon race, this dragon was still significantly different in its body.

The scales that lined the body of this dragon were gleaming with a spectral glow. Each scale was similar to a mountain of its own. When it opened its mouth, its sharp teeth were enough to send chills down the back of one's spine.

"How dare you Ancient beasts covet the bloodline of the Colossal Dragons? You're just seeking your own deaths!" The Colossal Dragon growled angrily. Slamming out with a claw that covered the entire sky, it attacked those Ancient beasts before it.

In the eyes of this Colossal Dragon, those Ancient beasts were nothing but ants. With a single swipe of his claw, meat and blood flew all over the place.

"To think that I would meet with one of the Top Ten Old Ancient Beasts, the Colossal Dragon race. This is interesting indeed." Lin Fan let out a cold grin as he smacked his lips.

He hadn't tried eating dragon meat so far. Perhaps he might get the chance to later on.

This Colossal Dragon's cultivation state was only that of a divine celestial level 4, Undying state. For Lin Fan, it was extremely easy to take down something at this level.

However, at this moment, Lin Fan couldn't bear with it any longer.

If he were to allow them to carry on fighting, all of those Ancient beasts would definitely be killed by the Colossal Dragon.

No matter what, those were living experience points!

To think that these free experience points would appear before his very eyes. How could he let them out of his grasp just like that?

"Hold on there!"

Lin Fan came out of his Stealth mode immediately. Taking a step forth, he appeared and stood between the Colossal Dragon and the Ancient beasts.

The eyes of the Colossal Dragon and the Ancient beasts shone with a weird gleam. They could not figure out just what in the world this living being was trying to do.

"Ant-like living being! Go to h.e.l.l!" The Colossal Dragon growled in rage as its aura turned wild, swiping down at Lin Fan's head immediately.

From Lin Fan's point of view, this single swipe was so all-encompa.s.sing that the sky seemed gray right now.


The moment this gigantic claw of the Colossal Dragon landed on Lin Fan's head, it opened his jaws into a wide smile. To it, this living being must definitely have been crushed into a pancake by it.

"Holy f*ck! You d.a.m.ned Colossal Dragon! You're simply way too much!" Lin Fan was pretty exasperated right now. To think that this dragon would strike out just because it was displeased over a single sentence! Did it have any beastly instincts within it at all?

"How is this possible?" At this moment, the Colossal Dragon spoke up in disbelief. To think that this living being would be alright after that single slap by it! It could not help but tense its face up in the face of this situation.

All of those other Ancient beasts started growling madly as well. Along with a low murmur, they seemed to be getting wary of this living being.

They wanted to eat up this Colossal Dragon so that they could steal away its dragon blood. To think that there would be someone from the Human race appearing before their faces at this instant as well.

"Aren't you one of the top ten Old Ancient Beasts, the Colossal Dragon?" Looking at this dragon whose body was so huge it was almost like a gigantic wall of its own, Lin Fan could not help but ask out of curiosity.

"That's right. Your Dragon here is one of the members of the Colossal Dragon race, one of the top ten Old Ancient Beasts. What does a puny living being such as yourself want?" The Colossal Dragon's tone was grand. Like a gigantic clock, it caused one's ears to vibrate immensely. Its voice was simply way too loud!

"Oh, nothing much. All I want to do is to kill you, then barbecue you, that's all! I've truly haven't tried dragon meat for myself yet!" Lin Fan smiled.

The moment the Colossal Dragon heard this, it flew into rage instantly, "Insolent!"

It had not ever expected that a mere puny living being would dare to spout such big words that it was going to devour itself! This guy was definitely just courting death! With that, the Colossal Dragon swung its ma.s.sive tail and swiped out at Lin Fan.

"Heh, heh." Lin Fan chuckled out. He wasn't bothered about this in the least bit. The moment that gigantic tail of the Colossal Dragon swung out, he opened up his hands widely and blocked it with much ease.

"Huh?" The face of the Colossal Dragon changed. It had not expected this living being to be able to defend against its tail with such ease! The scene that followed right after had the Colossal Dragon screaming out in pain.

Lin Fan closed all five of his fingers together and chopped it down like a knife.

"I'll slice…!"

Instantly, the tail of the dragon was sliced into multiple pieces.


A sorrowful wail rang out across the world.

The Ancient beasts who were fighting against the Colossal Dragon earlier on had their eyes filled with fear immediately after this scene. Right now, their limbs were retreating back steadily, all ready to make an escape right now.

"How dare you slap Yours Truly just because you're unhappy over a single sentence, Colossal Dragon? Since that's the case, there's no need for Yours Truly to play nicely with you either!" Lin Fan leaped into the air and slammed out at the Colossal Dragon with a palm strike as well.

"d.a.m.ned fella! How dare you slice off my tail? I'll have you dead!" The Colossal Dragon howled out in anger as his malevolent att.i.tude was shown to the world.

However, under the single fist of Lin Fan, the Colossal Dragon was entirely helpless to resist. His body was cleaved into two immediately, deader than he could have ever been.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Old Ancient Beast Colossal Dragon.'

'Ding…Experience points +100,000'

"Not bad, not bad! To think that this would grant me these many experience points!" Lin Fan was extremely pleased at the experience points brought forth by the Colossal Dragon.

"Eh? Are you guys trying to run?" Lin Fan cast his gaze over and realized that all of these Ancient beasts here were trying to sneak away! Opening his fingers, a gigantic palm opened up and covered the entire sky. He then closed his fingers together.

Bam! Bam!

Explosion sounds boomed out. Instantly, these Ancient beasts were squished into rupturing by this power as their flesh and blood spewed everywhere.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing divine celestial level 4, Undying state Ancient beast.'

'Ding…Congratulations on killing divine celestial level 2, Realm state Ancient beast.'

That was another hundreds of thousands of experience points for Lin Fan. Right now, grinding experience points was something really easy for him.

Even though he was a divine celestial level 4, Undying state being right now, he could easily kill anyone of the same cultivation state as him.

This was the true meaning of bullying through power.

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