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But, even if there truly were a misunderstanding, so be it then.

Now that his physical body state was already that of a divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state, the feeling was enough to have him floating on cloud nine.

From here on forth, he would slay everyone he came across with ease, be it a G.o.d or Buddha. This feeling of dominance resurged through him once more.

Back when Lin Fan had just arrived in the Ancient Saint World and was getting more involved in it, he had realized just how difficult it was for powerful beings of the Ancient Saint World to act out extravagantly in this place.

However, things were going to be different now. His physical body state was that of a divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state right now. From here on forth, his path of acting bullsh*t would be more a.s.sured than ever.

He no longer had any use of staying within the Cloud Sect any longer. He might as well start taking a walk outside and slaying some powerful beings of the Ancient race in order to boost his own cultivation state.

Even if he were to meet the Sovereign King Wei of the Ancient race once more, he wasn't afraid anymore. So what? The most they could do was to fight. And, who was afraid of that?

Grandmaster Yun and Elder Meng had headed back to take a rest. In this period of time, they had completely exhausted themselves in order to achieve Lin Fan's goal.

Hongyun's residence…

Lin Fan was prepared to bid farewell to Hongyun. At the same time, he would inquire about where to find the remaining connate Five Elements.

Right now, he had already gathered three of the connate Five Elements. There were still two more left in order for him to complete his collection. Once all of them were gathered, the Demon City would be able to evolve with the fulfillment of the Five Elements. By then, the power of the Demon City was truly going to go berserk.

"You're here." A voice rang out from within Hongyun's house.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded.

"When are you planning to leave?"

"In a little while."

The noises within the house quieted down. With a creak, the door of the house opened up, and Fairy Hongyun walked out from the house briskly, holding onto a scroll in her hands.

"This is where the connate Elements of Wood and Metal resides. However, the place is fraught with dangers. If you're headed there, you must absolutely be careful." Fairy Hongyun handed over the scroll to Lin Fan and added with a tone of concern.

Lin Fan took the scroll from her and kept it within his storage. He then waved over to Fairy Hongyun, "Many thanks."

"Yes." Fairy Hongyun replied casually. It was as though she didn't really want to see Lin Fan right now.

At this moment, Lin Fan felt the awkwardness in the air. He then turned around to leave. Looking at the back view of Lin Fan, Fairy Hongyun let out a really weird gaze in her eyes. She seemed pretty dejected at this moment.

Lin Fan had been thinking about this the entire time. Was Yours Truly really born with a really charismatic face? Was this the reason why chicks would always feel an uncontrollable sense of liking towards him when they caught sight of his peerless features and disposition?

"Once I overthrow the Ancient race, I'll come back for you." Lin Fan did not turn back as he commented resolutely.


With a single leap from the ground, Lin Fan disappeared from Hongyun's point of vision. The next time he appeared, he was already at the boundaries of the Cloud Sect.

Lin Fan wanted to point out with his finger to rip a hole in the void using a special power. However, just at that moment, a figure appeared before his face.

Lin Fan looked at this man before him and frowned, "You are?"

The man before him had the face of a youth. His was exceptionally elegant with an extraordinary disposition. However, this wasn't his actual body.

"Hi there, little buddy! I'm Yun Zhongyun." The young man smiled casually, revealing his red lips and pearly white teeth. He looked extremely scholarly and weak. However, every single smile and action of his was fused together with the Heaven and Earth into one.

The moment Lin Fan heard this name, his expression changed a little as he spouted out, "You're the Founder Ancestor of the Cloud Sect!"

Lin Fan had not expected this young man to be the Founder Ancestor of the Cloud Sect!

Yun Zhongyun grinned a little. His eyes brought with him a heartened look. Grabbing out into the void, a single golden shining imprint broke through the void and was sucked over. Within the void, it was changing rapidly. A moment and it was a dragon, a snake, an eagle, a G.o.d, a Demon.

"Here's a gift for you. I hope that you'll use it well."

"Founder Ancestor Yun, what's this?" Lin Fan asked hurriedly.

However, Founder Ancestor Yun only smiled indifferently as he gradually dissipated. The Heaven and Earth returned to normalcy as though nothing has happened at all.

The only thing remaining was that golden imprint that floated in the void.

Lin Fan could not figure out just what this Founder Ancestor Yun was trying to do. However, he stretched out his hands and grabbed the imprint nevertheless.

'Ding…Congratulations on discovering Connate Paradise Imprint. Do you wish to absorb it?'

"Eh?" The moment Lin Fan heard the notifications from the system, he was stunned momentarily, "Holy f*ck! To think that I could still receive something so good before I leave! Could this truly be real?"

Lin Fan was somewhat in disbelief right now. However, there was no need to hesitate right now. This was something that was checked through by the system. Therefore, there could naturally be no risks to it.


Instantly, the imprint seeped into Lin Fan's body and fused into his Paradise. Within his Paradise, the imprint was emanating a G.o.dly might. Countless tiny rays of light were emitted from the body of this imprint.

These thin threads of light increased in quant.i.ty. Eventually, they began to construct all sorts of living beings within the void.

Just at this moment, a dragon's roar rang through the entire world.

These threads of light started dancing like a dragon and slowly, they took on the shapes of gigantic dragons.

The moment these gigantic dragons were formed, the character for the word 'Dragon' floated into the sky gently and imprinted itself into the Dao of his Paradise.

A fragrant floral scent blew across the entire place as Flower Spirits danced. They waved their gleaming wings and sang a series of melodious tunes.

With that, the character for the word 'Flower' began to float up gently, and just like that 'Dragon' word from before, it fused into the Dao of the Paradise.

Just as Lin Fan thought that there would be more changes to come, he realized that there was no longer any Spirit Qi within his Paradise. It had all been used up.

And at the same time, Lin Fan was realizing that a ma.s.sive change was happening within his Paradise. The crystallized walls were being refined once more. In fact, Lin Fan could even feel his own power level rising at the same time. It was way stronger than before now.

"This is the Paradise Imprint. The Founder Ancestor must have given me this in order to help me complete my Paradise even further. This is to build up towards creating a world within!"

However, the amount of resources required was simply way too much. Lin Fan's Paradise was something that had gone through thousands of Spirit Qi Cyclones. As such, the amount of Spirit Qi that this place possessed was as vast as the boundless seas. There was so much that there could be no possible way to extinguish it all. To think that it would be completely empty just after creating two living beings! How scary was this?

This was especially the case when the Dragon was created. Lin Fan realized that that had taken up most of the Spirit Qi within his Paradise. It seemed like the stronger the living being created, the more the Spirit Qi that was required.

"I'm still way too poor."

Lin Fan was exasperated right now. If only he had sufficient Shengyang Pills to burst open into a Spirit Qi river. With that, he could definitely cultivate this entire imprint in one go. How strong would his Paradise be by then?

At this moment, the imprint seeped itself into Lin Fan's consciousness, floating and revolving without moving anywhere else.

However, a single notion of Lin Fan's thoughts could activate this imprint. This was a pretty interesting thing to deal with as well.


'Slay the Ancient race!'

'Raid the grounds of bad people!'

These were the three true paths of getting rich!

Even though the speed at which the Mythical Parasol Tree produced Shengyang Pills was incredibly fast, it was still unable to keep up with the way Lin Fan was expending them.

After keeping his Paradise, Lin Fan carved open an entrance on the Paradise of the Cloud Sect and vanished from where he was.

On a mountain peak in the depths of the Cloud Sect, Grandmaster Yun looked at the spot where Lin Fan had vanished and sighed eventually.

They had given this lad the greatest core of the Cloud Sect.

That imprint was a priceless treasure. Even if an Utmost Being of the Ancient race were to catch sight of it, it would trigger a feeling of greed over this item in him.

He could only hope that this lad would be able to grow strong enough.

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