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Meng Hengtian's heart was bleeding right now. This was a tragedy for their sect! However, now that things had already started being this way, what else could they do about it?

"Grandmaster, just this one time. And, let it be the last as well. I, Meng Hengtian, will not allow you to continue down this path of wrongdoing!" Meng Hengtian already had plans of his own. Since it had already happened, one might as well let it go on then.

It's just that after this was done, he would definitely seek out some talented females amongst the beings of the thousands of races for their Grandmaster to settle down with.

The sounds coming from the Main Hall were relentless. If not for the fact that Meng Hengtian's heart was pretty firm and resolute, he would have definitely spat out a mouthful of blood by now.

Everything that was happening today was far beyond what Meng Hengtian was able to endure. The image of his imagination was piercing to his eyes. And just at this moment, a voice that had Meng Hengtian freeze up in disbelief rang out.

"Ah, Hengtian! What are you doing outside? Hurry up and come in! I'm getting a little tired now. This little friend of ours, Lin Fan, he's too strong! I've been at this for a few days now. Come in and help me take off some of the load!" The voice of Grandmaster Yun rang out from within the house.

Meng Hengtian's face changed immediately.

"G-grandmaster…! You…you…!" Meng Hengtian was entirely speechless right now.

To think that his Grandmaster would spout out such words!

He couldn't take it anymore. He was a little tired. He needed someone to help take the load!

Meng Hengtian reared his head up into the skies, as though he was completely devoid of hope right now.

"No, Grandmaster. I'll just stand guard outside for you and ensure that no one gets close." Meng Hengtian was bleeding in his heart right now. Why had his Grandmaster turned this way? Just what in the world was so good about that human being?

However, the next sentence that followed had Meng Hengtian spitting out his blood.

"It's alright! If there are any strong disciples pa.s.sing by, have them come in as well and join us!"


Meng Hengtian's body jerked involuntarily as he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. Those lost eyes of his turned around and glared at the doors of the Main Hall.

What was this all about!?

Was the Grandmaster possessed and lost?!

"No, I've got to stop this! Even if it costs me my life, I can't let the Grandmaster continue to err in his ways!"

With that, Meng Hengtian took a huge step forth. Even though this was basically a small step in reality, to Meng Hengtian, it was a big leap. It was a mental barrier that he was crossing right now more than anything else.

He had to prevent all of these from happening. This was to ensure that the brilliant radiance of the Cloud Sect would get to shine in every single corner of this place.

Meng Hengtian had already prepared himself mentally. No matter the outcome, he would be able to bear with it.


The door was pushed opened slowly.

"Grandmaster, no…!" Meng Hengtian had already prepared himself mentally for this scene he was about to be faced with. However, the moment he pushed opened the door, something did not seem to be right.

"Grandmaster, what in the world are you doing right now?" He saw his Grandmaster raining fists on the body of Lin Fan. Not only that, the human Lin Fan was letting out a look of pleasure on his face.

"Hengtian, you're here! Our little friend, Lin Fan, has a unique body type. He's able to train it up by being hit by others. I'm helping him right here! I think you should be able to help with your strength as well! Come, let us attack together and increase the speed!" Grandmaster Yun explained in a huff.

He had been going at it for a few days now. No matter how strong one was, it was inevitable for it to be taxing on him physically.

Looking at this, Meng Hengtian heaved a sigh of relief. Seemed like he had been overthinking things. If he had known that this were the case, he wouldn't have reacted the way he did at all.

"Elder Meng, seems like I've got trouble you." Lin Fan chuckled.

This feeling was akin to riding a joy ride on an aeroplane right now. This was way too good and easy!

His physical body state was already pretty strong to a certain extent right now. Every single punch of Grandmaster Yun brought with it an endless amount of strength. The moment it touched his body, it was converted into a warm current that entered his body and boosted his physical body strength from there on.

"Don't worry about it, don't worry." Meng Hengtian laughed awkwardly and switched places with the Grandmaster. With that, Grandmaster Yun stopped his movements and began to recuperate his powers that he had lost through fatigue.

Time pa.s.sed by the seconds and minutes.

Thus, Grandmaster Yun and Elder Meng Hengtian were brought within this loop of whackings.

At the start, Meng Hengtian wasn't feeling anything much emotionally from these whackings. However, the more he whacked, the more he felt as though he was young once again.

This was a feeling of reigning over the world and trampling over the ma.s.ses!

"Elder Meng, does it feel good?" Lin Fan was feeling extremely satisfied right now. Looking at the expression on Elder Meng's face, he knew that the other party must be feeling pretty pleasured doing this as well.

After all, would there be anyone who wouldn't feel good whacking others?

"Yes! This is simply way too good!" Meng Hengtian's hands were like dragons right now, interweaving with one another as he rained fist after fist onto Lin Fan's body.

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience points +15,000.'

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience points +15,000.'

A few days later…

Outside the Main Hall…

The disciple who was chided by Meng Hengtian and forced to leave was now back with a few other disciples.

"This is the place! A few days ago, I heard things that I shouldn't be hearing right at this spot!"

"Are you serious? Don't you lie to us, man! If the Grandmaster were to catch wind of this, we'd all be dead meat!"

"Didn't you say that Elder Meng was keeping watch outside here? Where's the elder then?"

"Eh? That's weird. Could it be that Elder Meng has left this place?"

"Wait up, guys! Listen up! There's some more weird noises coming out right now!"

"HAHA! Grandmaster! This is simply way too comfortable!"

"Elder Meng, your speed is nowhere as fast as the Grandmaster!"

"Alright then! Let me increase my speed now then!"

These disciples looked at one another as fright filled their faces.

"That's the voice of Elder Meng!"

"That's the voice of that human, Lin Fan as well!"

"It can't be, right? It's been so many days now, and they're not done yet?" The disciple did not know what else to say anymore. Everything was way too surreal right now!

But, if this were surreal, what was going on with those voices then?

"Lin Fan, why are you bleeding?!"

"Can I not bleed? You're not controlling your strength well enough!"

All of these disciples were beginning to feel the fear ride up their heads.

Bleed? Was he bleeding because he was being pounded too hard?

A series of filthy images ran through the minds of these disciples like a cinema reel.

"Let's go! If we're discovered, we'll definitely be dead!"

"That's right! It's hard to say that they might not choose to kill us in order to silence us over this!"

At this moment, all of these disciples fled in a flurry. They were in utter disbelief towards this scene right now.

And the moment these disciples got back to their place, they spread out the news of this secretively.

In the blink of an eye, the entire Cloud Sect caught wind of this.

The moment the guardian of the library heard of this event that was described by the disciples, his face changed as he left the library immediately.

As for some of the other elders, they could not believe what they had just heard as well as they made their way over to the Main Hall.

Right now, in the Main Hall…

Lin Fan's gaze was shining with an unparalleled brilliance. It was done! It was finally done!

His physical body state was now a divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state!

After a duration of tens of days, he had finally reached it!

"Grandmaster Yun, Elder Meng, my sincerest thanks." At this moment, Lin Fan's essence, spirit, and vitality were at their peak. His entire body shone like a precious jade that emitted a holy glow consistently.

His body was one with the universe. As long as the universe existed, so would his body.

'No evil shall penetrate this body of his, nor shall anything seek to destroy it.'

This was a great accomplishment of his physical body! From here on forth, within the Ancient Saint World, other than the Utmost Beings, who else could have the strength to kill him?

"Little friend, Lin Fan, we're way too exhausted right now. I've never ever felt fatigued like this." Grandmaster Yun and Elder Meng were huffing heavily right now. They were entirely spent. Even their hands were feeling numb and sore right now.

They couldn't even keep track of the number of punches they had thrown out in this entire period of time.

In any case, it was simply a lot, uncountable.

However, Grandmaster Yun no longer knew what he could say about Lin Fan's physical body state. To think that even a full powered strike from him as a divine celestial level 8, Universe Elixir state being couldn't deal any damage to the other party!

This was simply way too far out of this world!

With just this body alone, he would definitely be able to rule over the Ancient Saint World with overbearingness!

The moment the three of them pushed opened the doors of the Main Hall, they were greeted by a crowd of people.

"What are you guys trying to do?" Grandmaster Yun asked, puzzled.

All the elders glanced at one another, not knowing how they should reply. However, catching sight of the exhausted expressions on Grandmaster Yun and Elder Meng, they found them to be tuckered out entirely.

On the other hand, that human looked especially invigorated and refreshed, with a high tuned aura right now.

"Grandmaster, we've noticed that you hadn't appeared for a few days now. We were just wondering if anything had happened." An elder spoke up.

"Oh, I and Hengtian were just helping our little friend, Lin Fan with a set of skills. Now that it's completed, we were just heading out." Even though Grandmaster Yun was feeling really tired right now, he was really pleased in his heart.

This was because he had just witnessed the rise of the pride of the Human race. From this day forth, there would definitely be hope for the beings of the thousands of races out there.

Since this was the explanation offered by the Grandmaster, all the other elders buried the doubts right into the depths of their hearts. However, this matter would always remain within the Cloud Sect as an unsolvable mystery.

Just what in the world were the three of them engaged in within the Main Hall of the Cloud Sect?

Why did Grandmaster Yun and Elder Meng look so exhausted?

However, Lin Fan on the other hand had a pretty bad feeling as he caught sight of the weird gazes that everyone was casting upon them.

Could there have been some sort of a misunderstanding?

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