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With such a powerful being here whacking himself, wouldn't his physical body state skyrocket into the Heavens?

Lin Fan had always wished to meet with a powerful being who would act according to his whims, starting with low strength before increasing stronger gradually. However, he hadn't come across this chance at all.

Back when Lin Fan first caught sight of Grandmaster Yun in the sect, the idea had already come across his mind at that point of time.

A divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir powerful being… If he were to persevere through all the whacking, his physical body state would definitely soar immensely!

By that time, wouldn't he just tread across the entire Ancient Saint World with overbearingness?

'If I can't beat you, fine. But, at least you're not going to be able to kill Yours Truly!'

Furthermore, once Yours Truly seized the chance, no matter how strong one was, they would definitely quiver under his might eventually.

Grandmaster Yun looked at Lin Fan and realized that this man wasn't joking, just nodding his head earnestly.

"Grandmaster Yun, I'm going to have to trouble you for this then. Please use 1% of your strength to come at me first." After contemplating for a moment, Lin Fan did not dare to take on too much. After all, Grandmaster Yun was really strong. If he were to die under a single punch that he couldn't endure, that would definitely be a true tragedy!

"Are you certain?" Grandmaster Yun asked worriedly.

"Absolutely. Whack me." Lin Fan took in a deep breath.

Grandmaster Yun looked at Lin Fan before throwing out the punch.

The moment the punch was thrown out, Lin Fan realized that there was no way he could dodge it at all! This was the suppression of true power!

Divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state... Even though he toned down his strength, the punch still seemed as though it delved within the Heaven and Earth, slamming down while crushing all the oceans and seas.


Lin Fan could sense an immense amount of power coursing through his body, causing the blood within his entire body to rumble furiously. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

To think that just 1% of his entire strength would be this strong! How frightening was this?

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience points +5,000.'

"Are you alright?" Looking at how Lin Fan was spitting out blood, Grandmaster Yun asked in worry.

"It's alright. Please continue." Lin Fan churned his Blood Sea and repressed that rumbling of his blood immediately. The boundless lifeforce of the Mythical Parasol Tree rummaged and gushed into Lin Fan's body immediately.

"Alright." Grandmaster Yun nodded his head. Through that single punch, he had also realized how strong Lin Fan's physical body was.

"Your physical body is truly strong indeed. If I were to compare with you just based on physical body state, I wouldn't be your match." Grandmaster Yun acknowledged.

It wasn't that there weren't any physical body skills in the Cloud Sect. However, it was an arduous process to train with them, and there weren't many people who could bear with something like this.

Furthermore, as one's cultivation state increased, their defensive capabilities would definitely increase indirectly with their powers and skills as well. Because of that, there weren't that many people who were willing to train up physical body skills.

Lin Fan smiled casually. This was simply the best feeling ever! This was especially the case when he heard the notifications of experience points from the system. This was practically music to his ears!

"Please use 2% of your strength now."


'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience points +6,000.'

With the rise in power level, Lin Fan almost couldn't bear with it. However, this was the fastest way for him to raise his physical body state.

Even if he couldn't bear with it, he had to.

Within this Main Hall, Lin Fan stood there putting on a pained face while enjoying the process immensely. As for Grandmaster Yun, his hands did not stop for even a single moment. The blows punched down like a shower on Lin Fan's body.

"Oose! Awesome! More please!"

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience points +6,000.'

Just like that, a few days had pa.s.sed.

The disciples of the Cloud Sect did not catch sight of their Grandmaster nor that human at all. Fairy Hongyun was a little dejected at this moment. Could Lin Fan have already left? Why hadn't he said anything to her at all?

And indeed, Liu Hen had turned over a new leaf entirely. He was no longer colluding in groups and fighting over politics. He would still bring disciples with him into the secret grounds. However, he would now watch over and instruct them, helping them to train up and boost their own strength.

It had been a few days since Meng Hengtian had caught sight of the Grandmaster as well. However, he was noting the changes in Liu Hen within his heart.

Therefore, he made the trip down to the Main Hall today to find the Grandmaster in order to report this piece of good news.

However, Meng Hengtian slowed down on his footsteps as he came before the Main Hall. That initially heartened smile of his turned extremely strange. This was because he was hearing weird sounds coming from within the Main Hall.

"Good! Pleasurable! This is way too pleasurable! Harder, please!"

"Huff, huff…to think that your body would be this strong! It's been a few days now! In fact, even I'm feeling a little tired!"

"What can this amount to? I'll have you know that we'll keep at this for another ten days and nights!"

"Haha! Good! If you can't endure it any longer, you've got to let me know, alright?"

"How can I possibly not endure it? The only sensation I'm feeling right now is pleasure!"

Standing before the Main Hall, Meng Hengtian's face was extremely alarmed. He was familiar with these voices! One of them was his Grandmaster, while the other belonged to that human!

But, why were the sounds that were coming forth from the Main Hall as such?

Piak! Piak!

"Ahh! That feels good!"

This voice had Meng Hengtian shuddering in cold sweat uncontrollably.

Suddenly, he recalled something extremely horrifying. Back when the Grandmaster was young in his youth, there were female beings of the thousands of races who had professed their affections for him.

However, the Grandmaster had always turned them down flatly.

But, the voices and noises coming from the Main Hall right now were causing Meng Hengtian's imagination to go wild.

"Grandmaster! How can he be doing something as such? What are we to do if the disciples were to catch wind of this?" Meng Hengtian couldn't accept this reality before him. However, he knew that the disciples of the Cloud Sect must never ever find out about this as well. Therefore, he made the preparations to stand guard outside the Main Hall to prevent any disciples from getting close.

"Haha! Grandmaster Yun, this feels too good! How about you? Do you feel good as well?"

"Of course! This is the first time I'm experiencing a feeling as such! Alright, I'm going to increase my speed now, alright?"

"Wow, sure! Come on, I'm prepared for it!"

Meng Hengtian was in such a fl.u.s.ter that he was wriggling his toes with one another now. How could his Grandmaster be like this?

Feel good? Increasing his speed? Prepared?


At this moment, Meng Hengtian's tears streamed down his face continuously. Thinking of how this human was brought back by Yun He, he was already harboring an impulse to chop Yun He to death!

And just at this moment, a disciple came running by.

"Stand right there! The Grandmaster is in the midst of…cultivating! Do not disturb him!" Meng Hengtian scolded.

The disciple was stunned as he stopped in his tracks. He wasn't even here to look for the Grandmaster! He was just pa.s.sing by, that was all!

However, realizing that the person who was speaking was Elder Meng Hengtian, he had no choice but to just leave the area.

However, this particular disciple's hearing was extremely sharp. He picked up those relentless sounds that were emanating from the Main Hall. Momentarily, his face flushed red as he fled the scene, sensing that something strange was going on.

Within the Main Hall, Lin Fan was feeling way too comfortable right now!

Days and nights had pa.s.sed without them taking a break. His physical body state had skyrocketed as well. Right now, it was at the divine celestial level 6, Law state.

If they were to continue at this speed, there was even hope of his physical body state reaching that of a divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state!

He had really struck gold this time around!

Following Elder Yun He back to the Cloud Sect had certainly reaped in big rewards for him! Not only did he manage to read the books within the library entirely, he had managed to raise his physical body state to this extent as well! This was something that Lin Fan would have never expected to happen at all.

Listening to the noises within the Main Hall, Meng Hengtian entire soul felt as though it was crumbling down.

"Grandmaster! I know that you're under much stress! But, you shouldn't choose a man because of that! There are countless admirable females who're in love with you! But, why have things come to this?"

Meng Hengtian could not wait to rush in right now and stop this indecent act that was going on right now. However, if he were to do that, the Grandmaster would definitely be in a bad position to react.

Because of that, Meng Hengtian could only bear with it silently in his heart.

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