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"My fellow junior brothers and sisters! I'm sorry!"


The moment these words came out of Liu Hen's mouth, the disciples collapsed onto the ground one by one, as though they had just received an unbearable blow.

To them, they must truly have been seeing a ghost right now! Otherwise, how else would they explain this behavior of their Big Senior Brother?

All of the other senior disciples who were vying for the seat of the Grandmaster with Liu Hen were incredibly shocked as well, unable to believe this scene before their very eyes.

Just what sort of a being was this human? To think that even Liu Hen would be subjugated beneath him!

"Cough, cough." Lin Fan faked a few coughs, "Now, your Big Senior Brother here has turned over a new leaf. From this day forth, he shall focus all of his efforts against the Ancient race. I hope that all of you guys do not put his past actions to heart and let bygones be bygones."

The disciples around looked at Lin Fan, then at their Big Senior Brother. Eventually, they accepted this as the truth reluctantly.

What else could they do?

As for Fang Weifeng, he was nowhere to be found. The moment the Big Senior Brother knelt down and acknowledged his mistake, Fang Weifeng was scared so sh*tless, as though he had just seen a ghost, that he fled with all he had.

Lin Fan was extremely satisfied with the outcome today. Seemed like it was a pretty decent choice to have this Liu Hen be trained up.

Not only was Liu Hen's strength decent, his potential was pretty decent as well. If he were to kill this man, it'd be quite the pity.

After all, the Ancient Saint World had a shortage of talents. How could he let someone as such die in his hands?

At the same time, Lin Fan reckoned that it should be about time to leave the Cloud Sect now.

After all, his aim wasn't to continue messing around in the Cloud Sect. Now that he had already been to the library of the Cloud Sect, it was time to head out for the Ancient race beings by now.

It was only in the outside world that he could level up his strength in the fastest possible way. Right now, the 8 Utmost Beings of the Ancient race were like tremendous mountains crushing on the back of his mind, suffocating his state of being.

"Grandmaster Yun, I know that you've arrived. Would you please come out?" Lin Fan waved at the void.

"The talent and the pride of the Human race is as claimed indeed. You are definitely extraordinary." At this moment, Grandmaster Yun, who was hidden in the void, walked out briskly.

He was getting more interested in this human by the moment.


The moment the disciples caught sight of who it was, all of them greeted respectfully. At this point, they realized that the Grandmaster had been here the entire time. It was just that he had chosen to be hidden within the void.

Grandmaster Yun nodded to these disciples, then looked at Lin Fan, "Could I borrow you for a talk?"


After Lin Fan left with the Grandmaster, the disciples looked at one another, then at their Big Senior Brother.

They were completely befuddled right now.

Within the Main Hall, a series of objections were coming through.

"This won't do, Grandmaster Yun. I'm long used to being alone. Furthermore, back in the Lower World, I am the Grandmaster of the Saint Devil Sect. The reason why I'm here in the Ancient Saint World is to re-establish my Saint Devil Sect. Therefore, despite your kindness and graciousness, I'm afraid I can only apologize instead of acceding, Grandmaster Yun."

Lin Fan had not expected for Grandmaster Yun to request for him to take on the seat of the next Grandmaster of the Cloud Sect!

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! What kind of a joke was this?

Even though Yours Truly couldn't deny that he was truly awesome, oh, and really handsome too, it was evident to anyone that this Cloud Sect was just like a bad debt to clear!

Now that he had converted one Liu Hen, there were still a bunch of others that were waiting!

At this moment, Lin Fan only had a single thought in his mind. He wanted to raise his power level as quickly as possible and f*ck over the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race. Other than that, he had nothing else on his mind.

Grandmaster Yun had not expected Lin Fan's rejection for his proposal to be so decisive. For a moment, he was at a loss for words.

"Grandmaster Yun, you've got an unparalleled understanding of the Cloud Sect. It is only under your guidance that the Cloud Sect can continue to grow and flourish. As for me, I'm long accustomed to being alone. The reason I agreed to the talk was so that I could convey my thanks and goodbye to you so that I can leave this place." Lin Fan continued.

"Are you truly not going to consider it at all?" Grandmaster Yun was slightly reluctant towards this outcome. Hence, he pressed on once more.

"Nope, not at all. Liu Hen has turned over a new leaf right now. From here on forth, his heart shall be for the beings of the thousands of races. If you truly have to look for a new Grandmaster, he would undoubtedly be the best candidate."

After all, Liu Hen was someone who had been trained up successfully by him. Whether or not the seat of the Grandmaster went to him or Liu Hen, it would still belong to him at the end of the day.

Looking at the resolute face on Lin Fan, Grandmaster Yun eventually sighed and relented. Eventually, this was probably too small for that human's aspirations.

"Grandmaster Yun, I'd like to inquire about the cultivation states of the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race. Are all of them at the divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state?" Lin Fan had not seen any one of the Utmost Beings just yet. As such, he was curious about how their cultivation states would be like.

"Not lower than level 10." Grandmaster Yun replied. At the same time, his expression turned grim.

For the beings of the thousands of races, the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race were like a mountain that could never topple over.

Even if the entire Cloud Sect were to strike out together, they would still come across as nothing but a bunch of ants to the Utmost Being, and would most likely be overwhelmed by him with the back of their palms.

"Not lower than level 10?" Lin Fan's expression changed slightly. He was unable to comprehend this properly for now. However, so be it. No matter how strong the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race were, there would surely come the day where he would overthrow them.

"The Ancient Saint World is divided into 8 districts. As for this district of ours, it's controlled by the Utmost Being under the name of Cruel." Grandmaster Yun replied.

"10,000 years ago, was the Utmost Being of this district the Ancient One?" Lin Fan asked.

"That's right. However, there were five powerful beings of the Human race who had joined forces and lured the Ancient One out of the Ancient Saint World. From there on, no one knew of what happened to them. However, it was these five powerful beings who allowed us the time we have right now. As for the other 7 districts, the beings of the thousands of races are having it way tougher than we ever could have. Under the reign of the Utmost Being of the Ancient race, the suffering they're enduring right now is something that's unimaginable for most people." Grandmaster Yun elaborated.

Lin Fan sighed. Seemed like this district was already considered one of the better ones.

However, at this moment, Lin Fan's thoughts turned to the two consciousness he had met down in the Lower World.

The Namo Saint Emperor and the Female Empress… He wondered where these two fellas were right now.

After, Lin Fan chatted with Grandmaster Yun for quite some time.

"Lin Fan, is there anything you need?" Grandmaster Yun realized that Lin Fan was finding it difficult to say something. Understanding that the other party must definitely have some request to make, Grandmaster Yun took the initiative to ask.

By now, Lin Fan was starting to realize how b.l.o.o.d.y dangerous this Ancient Saint World was. With that, he wanted to gain that bit more survivability.

"Erm, well, this, Grandmaster Yun. I do have a difficult request to make." Lin Fan spoke up.

"It's alright. As long as I can do it, I'll have it done for you." Grandmaster Yun replied. He had really high regards for Lin Fan. After all, this was the pride and savant of the Human race, the hope of the beings of the thousands of races.

Even if it meant sacrificing his own life, he would do it without a thought.

Furthermore, it was beyond rare to have someone like him, who was as comprehensive and understanding of living beings.

"Whack me." Lin Fan said.

"Huh?" Grandmaster Yun was stunned, as though he had misheard Lin Fan, "What? You want me to whack you?"

"That's right." Lin Fan nodded his head affirmatively.

At this point, Lin Fan's physical body state was that of a divine celestial level 4, Undying state being. Other than using the Heaven and Earth Smelt to strengthen his physical body state, the other way was to have a powerful being whack him.

But, if Lin Fan had to make a choice, he would still go for the latter.

After all, that was the most comfortable way of going by it.

"My body type is special. At the same time, I've mastered a physical body skill. However, this physical body skill requires me to come at it with immense external force. Therefore, if Grandmaster Yun is willing to help out with this, I would be immensely grateful to you." Lin Fan had checked Grandmaster Yun through his system and knew that Grandmaster Yun's strength was pretty decent.

"Huh?! Is there truly a body type of that sort?" Grandmaster Yun was apparently taken aback. This was the first time he had heard of something as such!

"Alright, let me know what I should do then. The stronger you get, the more hope we have for the beings of the thousands of races." Grandmaster Yun did not give it any further thoughts as he agreed to it.

Looking at the acceptance of Grandmaster Yun towards his proposal, Lin Fan's body jerked in extreme exhilaration.

He was going to gain big this time around!

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