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'With a long whip in hand, the world shall bow before me.'

This was especially the case for this long whip which was transformed from the Thunder Trainer King. Its might was exceptionally earthshattering. There was nothing in this world it couldn't tame.

Furthermore, the berserk look on Liu Hen's face had Lin Fan even more excited.

The more the opponent resisted, the more turned on he was.

At this moment, the Thunder Trainer King was especially excited as well. It had been such a long time, and he finally had the chance to train up a truly powerful being!


Liu Hen howled out in rage. His heart was beyond anguished right now. To think that he would be treated by this human in such a humiliating manner right now!

As the Big Senior Brother of the Cloud Sect, he was the idol in the hearts of so many Cloud Sect disciples! Furthermore, he was the best candidate as the next Grandmaster of the sect! How could he die right here in the arms of a human?

He wanted to resist. However, his body betrayed his intentions. Furthermore, he was especially ashamed of the fact that his body was secretly feeling sensations of pleasure along with his actions right now!

'B*stard! F*CKING B*STARD!'

Lin Fan's wrist jerked a little. The whip in his hand was like a torrential wave that surged up into the skies, creating a ma.s.sive amount of energy reverberations. The whip seemed as though it had a life of its own. It was sharp like a snake, filled with an immense strength to it.


Liu Hen was utterly shocked right now! To think that this fella would be tearing off his pants!

"Oh, not too bad eh? This is some snow white skin you've got! Seems like it's pretty bouncy too!" Stuff like this was something Lin Fan had seen way too many times by now. But this little a.s.s of Liu Hen was one he could not help but praise a little.


The moment the whip lashed out on the b.u.m of Liu Hen, its imprint appeared immediately. That red mark was stretched across the width of Liu Hen's b.u.m.


Liu Hen cried out tragically. Pain was not the only feeling he was having. There was an additional sense of shame to it!

"Do you submit? Do you acknowledge your wrongdoings by now?"

"KILL ME IF YOU'VE GOT THE GUTS! I'LL NEVER SUBMIT TO YOU!" Liu Hen yelled out loudly. His eyes were wide open right now as though they were filled with disbelief.

He could not believe that this human would truly dare to do it!

How could he even do something so shameless as such? What sort of a pervert was he?

"Aiyo! You still wanna talk back, eh? However, every single person I've ever trained up was always indignant as well. But, at the end of the day, the outcome was always the same. Since that's the case, I'll have to go serious with you then." Lin Fan chuckled out.

In a jiffy, his essence, spirit and vitality reached its maximum point.

The Ultimate Move of Training was unleashed.

With a single whip up, Liu Hen was rendered floating in the skies.

Air Flower Style Whipping.

360 Degrees No Dead Angle Whipping.

The skies were filled with shadows of the whips as his aura expanded out rapidly. The entire scene was unbearable to watch.

"Do you submit?"

"YOU…YOU…!" Liu Hen's inner heart was surging like flooding rivers right now, slamming at his doors continuously. He wanted to howl out in rage, but he couldn't bear to open his mouth.

This was because he had suddenly realised that his heart was beginning to change.

There was a weird sensation that was embedded within the depths of his heart. In fact, Liu Hen could tell that it was pleasure that was coursing through him.

'How could this be? Impossible! There's no way I could be having feelings like these!'

'But, why does it feel so good that I want it to continue?

Each time he trained, Lin Fan would console himself a little. This was all for the sake of rescuing the lost sheep instead of fulfilling this perverse satisfaction in his heart.

Of course, it was a heavy responsibility one had to bear if they wanted to guide the lost ones. And, he would be the one to bear this.


All of the Cloud Sect disciples were glancing at one another. They did not know what was going on inside right now. This Paradise encompa.s.sed everything, causing them to be blinded to the happenings within.

What was going on with the Big Senior Brother and that human within at this moment?

Even though they were extremely bewildered, there was nothing they could do.

"Grandmaster, this Paradise is really unique. To think that it could even block out our detection." Meng Hengtian exclaimed in astonishment.

The cultivation state of that human was nowhere as strong as theirs. But, to think that his Paradise could isolate everything away from it. That was incredible to say the least.

Grandmaster Yun was indifferent, "The Paradise Thunder Calamity that it thing went through was extremely strong. Even the Dao of my own Paradise is nothing compared to his. Therefore, it's extremely normal that it would elude our detection."

"Ah! Grandmaster! Your Paradise is something that had gone through 188 Spirit Qi Cyclones!" Meng Hengtian gasped in disbelief.

How could he believe that this human's Paradise could be stronger than their Grandmaster's?

Grandmaster Yun smiled without replying. All he did was glare at that Paradise before him. He wanted to see just how strong this Paradise could get.

Everyone was waiting patiently.

They did not know what the outcome would be like, nor did they know what their Big Senior Brother and the human were doing within. However, if they were to know that the Big Senior Brother that they respected and revered was suffering a world of humiliation within, their eyeb.a.l.l.s would definitely pop right out of their sockets.


A gigantic vibration rang out as the Paradise dispersed.

Everyone opened their eyes widely, curious beyond words in their hearts.

The moment the Paradise dispersed, Grandmaster Yun could sense two distinct auras emanating from it. With that, he smiled out.

"Both of them are fine!" All of the disciples exclaimed.

Two figures stood there without budging a single inch.

Lin Fan smiled indifferently. Hands behind his back, his eyes shone with a brilliant gleam. As for Liu Hen, he just stood there expressionlessly. He did not know what had just happened.

"What's going on?"

"Why is Big Senior Brother just standing there with that human?"

"Aiyah! This is really wrecking my nerves! Just what in the world happened within that Paradise?"

Grandmaster Yun was pretty puzzled right now as well.

"Liu Hen! For the seat of the Grandmaster, you colluded within the sect and bribed your fellow disciples! In order to vie for the seat of the Grandmaster, you chose to forget all about the sufferings of the beings of the thousands of races out there who are being oppressed tragically by the Ancient race! Do you acknowledge your sins!" Lin Fan opened his mouth casually, asking a question that had everyone's jaws dropping apart.

"Holy f*ck! Has this human been whacked silly by our Big Senior Brother? To think that he would continue with these questions at a time like this!"

"Who knows? Also, what's up with Big Senior Brother?"

Within the Paradise, Lin Fan was really pleased with the results of this round of training. As for the Thunder Trainer King, he was so satisfied that he was practically bouncing around with every step right now.

This was an absolutely magical feeling for the Thunder Trainer King, the feeling of the body of a powerful being pa.s.sing through his hands. Amazing! Marvelous!

At this moment, something that had everyone shocked happened.

Liu Hen dropped to his knees with a thud. His face was filled with tears. Burying his head deep into the ground, he cried out in anguish.

"I was wrong!"

These three words were like surging waves for everyone from the Cloud Sect.

"How could this be?! To think that Big Senior Brother would bow down for his mistakes!"

"Am I going blind right now? Big Senior Brother is an unparalleled genius! He's never bowed down to anyone, ever!"

"Just what has this human said to our Big Senior Brother within the place?"

The disciples weren't the only shocked ones right now. Even Grandmaster Yun's face was entirely stunned. If not for the fact that Liu Hen's aura had not changed, he might have thought that this was all fake!

"Grandmaster! T-this…!" Meng Hengtian stared at the Grandmaster blankly.

"I'm afraid Liu Hen must have undergone some sort of trial within the Paradise. But, this is all for the best as well. This is the Liu Hen that we had known from the start!" Even though it would cause the Cloud Sect to lose some face by having the Big Senior Brother of their sect kneeling down in acknowledgment of his wrongdoings, this was something that the Grandmaster had always wanted to see!

"Yes, you were wrong. However, you've also hurt all of these disciples who had always admired you. So, turn around and apologize to them as well. From this day forth, you must turn over a new leaf and be a good person, alright?" Lin Fan was like a respectable elder at this moment. Revealing a concerned smile, he seemed really heartened.

Liu Hen then stood up and faced all the other disciples.

The disciples stared at this Big Senior Brother of theirs with a dazed look on their faces. They had realized that the world seemed to have changed. It changed so much that they were in disbelief right now.

What the h.e.l.l is going on with their Big Senior Brother…?

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