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The students offstage were all in shock. They didn’t think that a genius from A cla.s.s, one of the unparalleled thirteen, Xiaoze would be defeated. And it was a complete defeat, an utter defeat; he had been defeated to the point where he couldn’t even retaliate.

Han Mengmeng pulled Zang Tianhao’s sleeves feeling very excited.

"Senior is so strong."Han Mengmeng only had one thought at the moment. Senior was really powerful, and his strength had far exceeded her expectations.

"Pericelestial, senior must be a pericelestial master. In the entire Yan Dynasty, the amount of pericelestials is only a handful."

Lin then asked Xiaoze, who was lying on the stool, again, "Do you admit your wrongs?"

Lin Fan really didn’t want to see this scene, but in order to lead a lost sheep down the right path again, Lin Fan felt it was worth it even if he came to hate himself.

"I, Xiaoze, am a genius… I did nothing wrong."Xiaoze roared out harshly.

"You signed a life and death declaration with me… Are you not afraid of dying?"Lin Fan said.

"Hmph, I am a true man of the Xiao family. I do not fear death, kill me if you dare. If I, Xiaoze, end up flinching, then I am not a Xiao." Xiaoze still continued his resistance.

Lin Fan was distressed at this moment. This was simply just a stubborn child, "Alright, if I don’t make you admit your wrongs today, then I am not fit to be called a teacher."

"Alright… If I, Xiaoze admit I am wrong today, then I will transfer from A cla.s.s to your D cla.s.s, and I will kneel and acknowledge you as my teacher."Xiaoze’s entire body was numb. He didn’t know what this person would do to him.

But to make him, Xiaoze, admit his errors, unless the sun rose from the west…

"What are you doing? What are you doing? Stop right now."At this moment Xiaoze’s expression changed and he shouted out angrily.

The garbage D cla.s.s teacher was removing his pants. The spectating students were all shocked and in disbelief.

The D cla.s.s teacher was currently taking off Xiaoze’s pants.

Some female students screamed in embarra.s.sment but continued looking without turning away, as if they were expecting something.

"Stop right now, I am the son of the Xiao family, a genius of A cla.s.s. You dare to do this to me, I will make you pay."Xiaoze felt his pants slowly slid off as he began shouting out in rage.

"I am a teacher of D cla.s.s, though I am not your teacher, I will represent your teacher and teach you a lesson… I will make you understand what respect is, and how you should treat your juniors."Lin Fan then ripped off Xiaoze’s pants without another word.

The moment the pants were removed, a ray of light reflected off of Xiaoze’s b.u.t.tocks, causing it to shine dazzlingly.

The light of the bottom.

Lin Fan glanced over it and praised,"Not bad, not bad… smooth and glistening… the reflection effect is very strong."

Xiaoze heard Lin Fan’s words and began spitting forth blood, nearly fainting on the spot,"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I, Xiaoze, will fight you to the death."

"Do you realize your wrongs?"Lin Fan asked again.

"Get lost."Xiaoze roared.

Hehh."Lin Fan sighed, shaking his head. He then took a ruler out from his storage bag. As a teacher, Lin Fan naturally carried a ruler. Although he hardly used it, he always carried one to constantly remind himself that he was a teacher.

The students offstage were long shocked stiff by now. They didn’t think the situation would turn into this. Han Mengmeng was long overwhelmed by the current spectacle.

Xiaoze was the son of the Xiao family, unrivaled in combat in the unparalleled thirteen, and greatly favored by the Great Yan Dynasty.

But now he had been stripped off by senior and was about to be punished with a ruler. This situation left Han Mengmeng in disbelief.

She was also worried that the Xiao family wouldn’t let this go if they found out. Xiaoze represented the face of the Xiao family after all, and to be treated like this in broad daylight, they wouldn’t stand this at all.

Lin Fan gently flicked the ruler, and it gave a snapping sound.


Lin Fan had experienced this kind of student spanking before. In the past, he had received this sort of treatment several times in a certain school.

But now that he was a teacher, he wondered how it would feel once he started the spanking.


The sound was clear and loud.

At the same time the ruler was smacked down, Xiaoze’s b.u.t.tocks began shaking, and a red mark was left behind.

This scene made many female students cry out even more, it was just far too dazzling.

Xiaoze, a genius of the unparalleled thirteen, was also very handsome. Although he was a bit haughty and overly proud, to these female students, these were all good points.

"Do you realize your wrongs?"Lin fan asked.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d..."Xiaoze glared angrily at Lin Fan while gritting his teeth. He couldn’t move his body, so he was at Lin Fan’s mercy.

"Hehh…" Lin Fan sighed. It seemed this student was difficult to teach. But for a teacher, there was no unteachable student. He believed that as long as he provided true love, the student would definitely realize his mistakes and repent.

"Bang Bang…" Lin Fan began spanking away with the ruler.

Two more red marks appeared on Xiaoze’s b.u.t.tocks, shining brightly and beautifully under the blaring sun.

‘Ding… congratulations on self-created technique for grand mentor: Ruler of Love."

‘Ding… congratulations grand mentor profession, experience + 5000."

‘Ding… Ruler of Love: deep love, cutting pain, upon your body, but hurts my heart."

Lin Fan began spanking away left and right. As the ruler smacked soundly upon Xiaoze’s b.u.t.t, he also forgot to ask Xiaoze to repent.

As the notification sounded, it woke Lin Fan up. He became filled with a deep remorse. As expected, spanking a student’s b.u.t.t was addictive.

Just what was this new"Ruler of Love"skill? Lin Fan didn’t think much and experimented by giving a spank.


"Do you realize your wrongs?"

Xiaoze initially was about to curse him but at that moment he froze. A surge of mysterious shame had begun slowly rising from the bottom of his heart, as if he had done something terribly bad that disappointed the teacher. This painful feeling made Xiaoze feel as if he wasn’t a good student.

No, how could he feel this sort of shame? Xiaoze clenched his teeth, he would not let this feeling conquer his heart.

Lin Fan was surprised at this time. Xiaoze's facial expressions had changed. When previously asked, Xiaoze would have definitely cursed him, but now, he was totally silent. There was something wrong, definitely wrong.

"Slap..." Lin Fan spanked him again and carefully observed the changes in Xiaoze.

At this time, the turbulence within Xiaoze’s heart became larger, and another sense of shame surged into Xiaoze’s heart. Why, how could he have these sort of thoughts of repentance?

Impossible, this was completely possible.

He was Xiaoze, a genius. He would become a powerful and indomitable person in the future. How could he admit his errors to such a lowlife like this?

"It’s working." Lin Fan’s heart leaped with joy. This new skill was rather strong.

"Ruler of Love."

I wonder if this is the power of love?

"Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap…" Lin Fan then began spanking away happily without asking anything more. With each spank, Lin Fan felt a wonderful sensation throughout his body.

But for Xiaoze, this was a kind of torture. Waves and waves of shame began slowly taking over his heart with each slap. Xiaoze wanted to resist, but with each wave, the amount of shame began intoxicating him.

"Do you realize your wrongs?"Lin Fan returned to himself, feeling as if his punishment should have taken effect.

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