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While others might not be able to make out Lin Fan's strength, it was definitely evident for Liu Hen who was engaging with him right now.

'What a sharp Sword Will!'

Liu Hen had not expected this human to be this strong! That single finger seemed to possess a heavy load on its own! To think that a single flash would seem to chop down everything before it, blocking out that palm of his!

But even if that were the case, so what? No matter what, he would definitely have the human lay down his life right here today!

Even though Lin Fan was only a divine celestial level 4, Undying state being, his powers were steady and boundless like the vast seas. If it were compared to this Liu Hen, the difference wouldn't be that much at all.

Lin Fan's left hand was hidden behind his back at this moment. He had the intention of slamming the other party into oblivion with his brick.

Or perhaps he should make use of his Biggra to turn this person into the perverted demon of the Cloud Sect.

Lin Fan's figure flashed left and right momentarily as he strode through the sky. The Spirit of the Doomsday G.o.d howled out, bringing with it it's apocalyptic powers down at Liu Hen.

"To think that this human isn't losing to Liu Hen at all! This is way too incredible!" The surrounding disciples were exclaiming in shock. They were starting to realize that this human was actually matching up with Liu Hen!

Indeed, this strength that he possessed must have been the reason why he had dared to go against the Big Senior Brother so arrogantly!

Within the library, Lin Fan had read intensively. With that, he was able to comprehend a lot of things that he had never once understood.

Because of that, all of his skills received a big booster. Every strike he made caused the entire Heavens and Earth to tremble under its extraordinary might. Even if Liu Hen's cultivation state was higher than Lin Fan's, so what?

However, there was something that was troubling Lin Fan right now. Well, it WAS pretty troublesome that Liu Hen had comprehended the Law state.

He had wanted to take down Liu Hen with pure brute strength. But, it didn't seem like this was possible anymore. With that being the case, he could only go with the devious and sneaky path then.

"Hmph! Liu Hen, seems like that's all you can amount to after all. So what if my cultivation state is lower than yours? You're a flower within a greenhouse. The only thing you know of is to kickback and enjoy life." Right now, Lin Fan was going to start on his life philosophies.

"Courting death!" Liu Hen's face turned extremely grim. He had not expected this human to be this strong. To think that he couldn't even take down the other party within this short period of time!

At this moment, Lin Fan was flashing and appearing randomly in all directions around Liu Hen. A fist, a palm strike, a sword… All of them possessed a Skill G.o.d of their own that lashed out each time he struck.

"Big Senior Brother? So, you mean that the other disciples are calling you the Big Senior Brother even with such standards of yours? This Paradise was a place that was created by your Founder Ancestor for you guys to have a place to train up and prepare yourselves for the war against the Ancient race. To think that as a Big Senior Brother, you would spend lavishly to turn your Heaven Raising Peak into such an extravagant playground! Even the Main Hall of the Grandmaster isn't as grand as yours!"

"Look at all of these disciples! What have they entered this sect to learn? Naturally, they're here to learn how to kill the Ancient race beings and protect their loved ones! But look at you, you're just pampering them all for your selfish dreams of wanting to be the Grandmaster yourself!"

Even though Lin Fan did not know of the true facts behind Liu Hen's life, this was practically the same case for every sect out there.

Furthermore, by the looks of the Heaven Raising Peak, Lin Fan could easily harbor a guess.

But honestly, everything aside, Lin Fan's blind guess had really hit the mark. The moment the surrounding disciples heard these words, their faces changed gradually. Suddenly, they were recalling the true purpose and motives as to why they had entered the sect.

Firstly, it was to protect their own lives. Secondly, it was to learn how to slay the Ancient race beings.

However, they had changed bit by bit after all sorts of experiences without even realizing it. In fact, there was even a lingering feeling of wanting to stay within the Cloud Sect for the rest of their lives. After all, this place was really safe, freeing them from any burdens and troubles.

"You trash talking piece of sh*t! Today, I must definitely kill you!" Liu Hen had not expected this man to spill out the thoughts within his mind! Because of that, he growled out in anger.

"Why? You're turning your embarra.s.sment into rage now that I have hit it on the bullseye eh? Oh, right then! How about let us take a look at our rankings on the fugitive list then?"

"Hmph! As a divine celestial level 6, Law state being, your ranking on the fugitive list is only around the range of 300,000? Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

"Even though I'm only a divine celestial level 4, Undying state being, my ranking on the fugitive list is more than enough to drag you around by the feet for a few streets now!"

The moment the surrounding disciples heard these words, they were suddenly startled. Even though their Big Senior Brother's cultivation state was pretty high, he had rarely exited the sect to kill Ancient race beings. Therefore, his ranking on the fugitive list must definitely not be that high either.

However, since this human said that his ranking was pretty high, they were pretty curious to see just how high his ranking was.

Immediately, the surrounding disciples who were spectating took out their fugitive lists and checked.

Suddenly, a disciple who was checking on the fugitive list yelled out in shock.

"WHAT?! To think that this human is 200 on the list!"

The moment these words were spoken, everyone was completely stumped. All of the disciples who hadn't checked the fugitive list began to fumble for their fugitive list immediately.

After keying in Lin Fan's name, they were all shocked silly by those blood red words.

Just how many Ancient race beings had this guy killed!?


Upon hearing this ranking, Lin Fan was stunned as well. To think that his ranking would jump forth again.

Seemed like that entire Ancient race army which was tricked to death by him had caused his ranking to bolt up the entire list as though it was seated on a rocket for the moon.

This fugitive list was something that was created by the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World. Even though he wasn't the one who had killed that Ancient race army, they were tricked to death by him nevertheless. Seemed like the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World had decided to throw this entire debt on his head.

"How? Did you hear that? Look at your ranking again. And you're truly not embarra.s.sed to call yourself the Big Senior Brother of the Cloud Sect? In my opinion, you're thoroughly lost within the world of enjoyment right now. In fact, if the Ancient race were to infiltrate and attack the Cloud Sect, I've no doubt that you'd definitely be the first to run!"

To be honest, Lin Fan truly had a flair for speaking. He could turn any lies into truths immediately.

Even though Liu Hen wasn't much of a man, he still wasn't as bad as what Lin Fan was making him out to be.

"Shut up! How dare you smear my reputation as such?" Liu Hen's face was getting worse by the moment. His entire face was practically white with rage at this moment.

"Whether or not I'm smearing, you know it best in your heart. Look at all your surrounding disciples! Even though their cultivation states aren't that high, at least they're not trying to vie for some powerful position such as the seat of the Grandmaster. Their hearts are intent on taking down the Ancient race and rescuing the beings of the thousands of races. How about you guys tell me then? Is that the type of people you guys are in your hearts?" Lin Fan avoided Liu Hen's reb.u.t.tal and turned around, shouting at all of the spectating disciples.

Right now, the expressions of all the disciples were stunned. Especially on hearing such words, there was no way they could refute this!

Then it was settled! This WAS the way they were!

Even though this human had a grudge with their Big Senior Brother, his words were truly resonating at the bottom of their hearts.

"Yes! The reason for me entering the Cloud Sect is just so that I can raise my cultivation state and take down the Ancient race and rescue the beings of the thousands of races!"

Suddenly, a disciple burst out yelling. His entire neck was red right now.

"That's right! The reason why we came over to the Cloud Sect was so that we could help the beings of the thousands of races from the suppression of the Ancient race!"

"Me too! Even though my cultivation state is only that of a divine celestial level 2, Realm state being, the number of Ancient race beings that died in my hands are numerous! On the fugitive list, my ranking is in the 230,000s! I'm even higher than our Big Senior Brother!"

"My ranking is in the 280,000s! I'm higher than our Big Senior Brother too!"

"I'm higher than our Big Senior Brother too!"

All of these disciples were shouting out with pride after checking their own names on the fugitive list. The fact that they were higher than their Big Senior Brother on the fugitive list was a form of pride in its own.

Grandmaster Yun looked down at the invigorated and hyped tone of his disciples and nodded his head, heartened.

However, there was something that's wrong with the situation right now.

"Liu Hen! Take a look! Look at the achievements of these disciples whom you had always looked down on! Their achievements surpa.s.s yours even! Are you ashamed just yet?"

"But that's about right as well. My cultivation state is lower than yours, yet you're having such troubles killing me. Seems like you're just a pansy flower in a greenhouse. Good to see, but barely functional."


At this moment, Lin Fan had not expected this. To think that Liu Hen would spit out a mouthful of blood over his words!

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