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"Who? Who was the one who has destroyed by Heaven Raising Peak?"

Before he even arrived, his voice arrived first. This voice was filled with a boundless fury. All of the surrounding disciples who were spectating were rattled just by hearing the voice alone.

"This is bad! Big Senior Brother is back!"

"Seems like bad luck is about to befall this human!"

"I wonder how Big Senior Brother is going to deal with him! I think this human is definitely in for a tragedy!"

"Let us hurry up and make way! If we were the ones who were caught in the collateral damage caused by Big Senior Brother's frenzy, that would be really sad!"

Liu Hen was staring at his Heaven Raising Peak blankly. The rage that was burning within his heart was so intense that it was even about to materialize into a physical state.

It was gone. The Heaven Raising Peak was gone!

"I was the one who destroyed it." Lin Fan looked up at Liu Hen in the void and replied.

At this point, Liu Hen was thoroughly enraged. His gaze turned and swept over to Lin Fan. Beside him, Fang Weifeng cried out loudly.

"Big Senior Brother! That's him! He's Lin Fan!"

The moment Fang Weifeng saw that someone had attacked the Heaven Raising Peak, his entire heart was going berserk. Just what sort of an a*shole would have such guts to attack the mountain peak of the Big Senior Brother? If he weren't courting death, what was he doing?

However, once he caught sight of Lin Fan, his entire face changed into one of wrath.

"I'll. Kill. You." Liu Hen seethed out these words while grinding his teeth together nastily.

"Liu Hen! What are you trying to do?" Elder Yun He spoke up.

Liu Hen turned his gaze over to Elder Yun He. His face was as terrible as ever, "Yun He, I gave you face at the start and did not head down to kill him. To think that he would dare to lay waste to my Heaven Raising Peak? No matter who it is today, no one shall be able to intervene for him. If you want to protect him, we'll just have to see whether you've got what it takes."

"You…!" Even though Elder Yun He was trying to stay calm despite the situation, he was actually in a flurry within his heart. Just what was the Grandmaster planning with this?

"Alright! All of you make way. The reason why I'm here today is to make certain a single fact. I want to know whether it's because my temper is too good that everyone's trampling on my toes.' Lin Fan pried away Elder Yun He and the others and glared straight at Liu Hen.

"Good... Very good!" Liu Hen's anger was bursting through the roof right now. He looked at Fairy Hongyun who was standing at the side, "Junior Sister Hongyun, make way."

"Hongyun, do make way. Trust me." Lin Fan's expression was calm.

Hongyun looked at Lin Fan before nodding her head, "You take care."


Fairy Hongyun knew that this matter was unavoidable. However, she believed that Lin Fan wouldn't take part in something he didn't have the confidence in.

Lin Fan's speed of cultivation could only be described by alarming. Compared to just a month earlier, he had undergone a crazy change. His aura was getting more mysterious and deeper than ever.

"What's the relationship between Senior Sister Hongyun and this man?"

"Who knows? But take a look! Big Senior Brother is getting even more aggravated!"

Liu Hen realized that his Junior Sister Hongyun did not make way even after his request. However, to think that a single sentence from this man would have Junior Sister Hongyun listening to him! Not only that, she had even dropped him a reply of concern!

Right now, Liu Hen was boiling.

Not only had this man destroyed his Heaven Raising Peak, he was even flirting with Junior Sister Hongyun before his very eyes! d.a.m.n it! G.o.d d.a.m.n it!

"You're Big Senior Brother Liu Hen?" Lin Fan grinned at Liu Hen. He wasn't fearful of this person in the least bit.

"Hmph! Are you begging for my mercy now? It's too late. The moment you destroyed my mountain peak, the date of your death had already been determined!" Liu Hen barked.

"Actually, the one who should beg for mercy is you. The moment you destroyed my house, your outcome has already been determined." Lin Fan smiled indifferently.

"Hmph, human! You're really way too brazen! The Heaven Raising Peak you've destroyed today belongs to Big Senior Brother! No one will be able to save you!" Fang Weifeng lashed out in rage. To think that this guy would dare to tear down Big Senior Brother's mountain peak. Since that was the case, he could complain to no one if he died here.

There was no way this fella could be a match for their Big Senior Brother.

All of the other senior disciples who were vying for the Grandmaster seat with Liu Hen stood nearby and watched keenly.

"Well, who do you guys think will win?"

"Honestly, I'm hoping that it's the human. But of course, there's basically no chance of that happening. Liu Hen's cultivation speed is insane. He has long broken through the bottleneck into a brand-new state by now. No matter how strong this human is, there's no way he's a match for Liu Hen."

"It no longer matters who's the winner, to be honest. That human has destroyed the Heaven Raising Peak and devoured countless treasures. Liu Hen has lost all of his supplies and core. What does he have to compete with us in the future?"

"That's true as well. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. If this human manages to survive, I guess it's time for us to treat him to a drink."


With the situation right now, there were many people gloating over Liu Hen's misfortune. As for Lin Fan's life or death, they couldn't be bothered in the least bit.

"Grandmaster, are we truly going to let them go at it?" Meng Hengtian could tell that this great battle was practically inevitable right now.

"Initially, I had intended to step in only at this moment. But just take a look at how fearless that human is? He's a man with guts. I do want to see how this turns out. If things truly turn bad, we'll step in by then." Grandmaster Yun replied.

Meng Hengtian nodded his head in agreement. He too had noticed that this human seemed to be pretty confident in his odds.

Right now, Liu Hen was already a divine celestial level 6, Law state being. Even some of the elders weren't a match for him. Just what sort of a background did this human have such to be able to claim victory over Liu Hen?

According to the report of Hongyun, this human had tided through his Paradise Thunder Calamity within the Fire Water Secret Grounds.

By right, he should be a divine celestial level 3, Paradise state being. Even if he were truly that incredible that he could break through his cultivation state in a single month, that'd put him as a divine celestial level 4, Undying state being at best.

In the divine celestial cultivation state, each state represented an insurmountable gap in strength. Even if one could fight above their levels, that was something that was beyond rare to begin with.

Could this human have more up his sleeves?

"Come on, strike then. Today, I shall have you know that no one messes with Lin Fan." Lin Fan's aura changed all of a sudden.

Divine celestial level 6, Law state.

Even though this person was two states higher than him, Lin Fan was still devoid of fear right now.

Right now, his Paradise was pretty strong. Furthermore, ever since he had entered the Undying state, his Blood Sea and Eternal G.o.d Body were mutually inclusive, raising his physical body state to a maximum peak status.

"Since you're courting death, I shall grant that to you." Liu Hen roared as he pushed Fang Weifeng and the others aside. He disappeared instantly, and the next time he appeared, he was right before Lin Fan's face.

"GO TO h.e.l.l!"

Instantly, Liu Hen's gigantic palm opened up. His fingers were connected to the Heaven and Earth, bringing for him an infinite amount of power as he sealed up every single one of Lin Fan's escape paths.

He wanted to seize Lin Fan's life with this single move.

"To think that Liu Hen would turn this strong! Seems like he's connected to the Laws of the Heaven and Earth with that single move! Who knew that he's entered a divine celestial level 6, Law state right now!"

All of the disciples who were vying for power with Liu Hen were incredibly shocked right now. They had not realized that Liu Hen's powers had grown to this extent!

Grandmaster Yun and Meng Hengtian nodded their heads. Indeed, Liu Hen was someone with a really high innate potential. If not for his character flaws, he would undoubtedly be the best candidate for the next Grandmaster.

They wondered how that human was going to defend against this.

"Hmph! You really think you can kill me with a single slap? You're looking down on me way too much." Lin Fan pointed out with his finger. His finger was shining with the Ninth Sword Will of the Firmament Sword.

On that finger, the Sword Will was overbearing, manifesting into a world of Sword Will on its own as it slashed down at everything before it.


That was a surprisingly simple looking finger that didn't seem as though it wielded any power to it. However, the power that it contained would be enough to devastate the entire world.

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