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"It's over. It's truly over now!"

"If our Big Senior Brother were to come back to see this situation, I wonder what he would do!"

"What else? He'll definitely fight it out with this guy! This was the core that our Big Senior Brother had built up painstakingly! To think that it would all disappear in the blink of an eye! If Big Senior Brother would still talk this out with him nicely, it would only be because he's been possessed by a ghost!"

"This is such a big affair here! Why hasn't the Grandmaster and the elders stepped in to intervene yet?"

Looking at the Heaven Raising Peak which was like a ruined wasteland right now, all of the disciples were completely befuddled.

However, they were even more bewildered over another fact. The Heaven Raising Peak was a place that had a pretty high status within the Cloud Sect. Now that something so big had happened, why hadn't the Grandmaster or elders appeared at all?

Could they truly not know about this?

But, that shouldn't be right either. Back when that human was pulling out the Main Hall, the shockwave that was created by that tremendous force should have been heard and sensed by anyone as long as they weren't deaf.

At this moment, Grandmaster Yun and Meng Hengtian were hidden in the void, observing the situation silently.

At first, some of the other powerful elders of the Cloud Sect had wanted to step in to prevent this sort of an event from taking place. However, after receiving a telepathic message from the Grandmaster, they remained where they were, as though they were just here for a good show.

At the start, they too could not understand why the Grandmaster would allow an outsider to act so brazenly within the Cloud Sect. However, after giving some thought to about it, they were starting to realize what was happening.

Looking at the Heaven Raising Peak which was akin to a ruined wasteland, Lin Fan let out a smile. Naturally, the anger within his belly had started to diffuse.

'You'll tear down the house of Yours Truly? Then Yours Truly shall tear down your entire base. How dare anyone pit themselves sideways against Yours Truly? When Yours Truly stands up, even Yours Truly is afraid of Yours Truly!'

All of those tormented disciples of the Heaven Raising Peak were starting to feel fear right now. They did not know what their Big Senior Brother would do upon coming back to a scene as such. However, they knew that their Big Senior Brother would definitely fly into a rage.

Lin Fan came down from the void and landed onto that steady ground. He did not have the intention to leave at all. However, there was one thing he could not figure out.

Now that he had created such a big ruckus, why hadn't anyone appeared to stop him at all? Could it be that the Grandmaster and the elders of the Cloud Sect were all hard of hearing?

However, if this were truly the case, this would be for the better as well. If no one were to step in, he'd just have fun going on a rampage then.

At this moment, Fairy Hongyun, Tianyun, and Elder Yun He hurried over from the distance.

They were at a place far away. Upon sensing the vibration caused by the destruction of the Heaven Raising Peak, their faces changed immediately. This was breaking a hole through the Heavens!

Given their knowledge of Liu Hen's character, he was someone who would definitely seek revenge for any bit of displeasure he had. This would absolutely end in a relentless fight!

"Tianyun! Why didn't you try to stop him?" Elder Yun He lectured.

"I-I…!" Tianyun's face was stumped right now. Stop? What did he have to stop him? However, Tianyun naturally did not dare to rebuke the words of Elder Yun He at this moment. He could only bear with it silently.

The moment the surrounding disciples caught sight of Elder Yun He and the others arriving, they made way for a path to walk.

"Elder Yun He and the others are here! However, this is all too late. Once Big Senior Brother goes into a frenzy, it doesn't matter even if you're his relative!"

"That's right. Even though Elder Yun He has the position of an elder, he is still unable to compare with Big Senior Brother's position in the sect! If Big Senior Brother were to give up on fighting for the seat of the Grandmaster and convert into an elder, his position would definitely be way, way higher than that of Elder Yun He's right now!"

"Also, Senior Sister Hongyun is so pretty! Seems like only someone like our Big Senior Brother is capable of having a beauty such as her!"

"Why the h.e.l.l are you still discussing about Senior Sister Hongyun at a time like this? Once Big Senior Brother is back and starts going into a rage, things would definitely go crazy!"

At this moment, Lin Fan stood before the ruined wastelands calmly, patting off the dust and dirt from his robes. When he turned around and caught sight of Fairy Hongyun and the others, he let out a smile.

"Oh, you guys are here!" Lin Fan wasn't bothered about the situation right now in the slightest bit. Today, he was going to wait right here for this so-called Big Senior Brother to come back so that he could wallop that guy into a pig's head.

Even though Lin Fan was this composed, the same couldn't be said for Elder Yun He and the others.

"Lin Fan! You've really caused a big trouble this time around!" Elder Yun He did not know what else he could say anymore.

Right now, he had an impulse to toss Lin Fan out of this sect first. Otherwise, when Liu Hen got back, a big war would definitely break out. By that time, there would be no one who could stop that tragedy, unless it was the Grandmaster himself who stepped in.

As for Tianyun, he was just staring at the situation with a flabbergasted look. Wasn't this way too crazy?

To think that there wouldn't be a single complete structure left within the Heaven Raising Peak! All of them were derelict and broken!

If not for the fact that Elder Yun He was here right now, Tianyun would definitely raise his thumb and congratulate Lin Fan for the job well done. How b.l.o.o.d.y awesome was this?

"Elder Yun He, how is this big trouble? He wrecked my house, so I wrecked his mountain peak. That's pretty fair to me." Lin Fan chuckled.

"Go, let's go. Follow me." Elder Yun He gripped onto Lin Fan's wrist and wanted to walk away.

"What are you trying to do?" Looking at that haggard and exasperated look on Elder Yun He's face, Lin Fan chuckled once more. Seemed like Elder Yun He had truly been scared out of his wits.

"I'll escort you out of the Cloud Sect. You must never ever come back here! Once Liu Hen comes back, I'll try to hold him back as well. However far you can manage to escape, just run." This man was brought back by Elder Yun He himself. No matter what, Elder Yun He felt the responsibility to keep him safe.

This man was the pride of the Human race! Furthermore, he was still in the process of growing. How could he allow someone as such to perish just like this?

Given Liu Hen's personality, he would definitely try to get at Lin Fan's throat. Elder Yun He could tell that Lin Fan's potential was strong. In fact, his potential was way stronger than Liu Hen's himself. However, at the end of the day, that was just potential after all. It hadn't materialized into true strength just yet.

If the two of them were to clash, Lin Fan might very well fall at this very place.

"Elder Yun He." At this moment, Fairy Hongyun looked over at Elder Yun He and whispered in a low voice.

"What?" Elder Yun He looked over at Fairy Hongyun and pondered for a moment. Suddenly, as though he had suddenly recalled something, he released his grip on Lin Fan's wrist.

For such a big event to have happened, the Grandmaster must have been the first to sense it. However, despite the pa.s.sing of all this time, the Grandmaster hadn't stepped in to intervene at all.

There was only a single possibility for this… This was an event that was acknowledged by the Grandmaster.

"Seems like the perpetrator has returned." Lin Fan raised his head into the distance. He could sense Liu Hen's aura.

Elder Yun He raised his head into the distance as well.

The only thing that had appeared in the horizon was a patch of redness. It seemed as though the sky was burning with the flames of rage.

Fang Weifeng could not understand why his Big Senior Brother's face would suddenly turn so terrible. Could it be that the Ancient race had invaded the Cloud Sect?

However, on second thought, that wasn't possible either.

He had wanted to inquire more about this, but the look on his Big Senior Brother's face had him so frightened he couldn't speak even a single word more.

The ominous aura that was emanated by the Big Senior Brother was like a ma.s.sive mountain right now. It clamped down onto their hearts, turning their faces pale with fright.

"B*stard!" Liu Hen's speed was getting faster by the moment. He had not expected that human to turn up at the Heaven Raising Peak and cause trouble! This guy must truly be tired of living!

However, when Liu Hen finally caught sight of the situation at the Heaven Raising Peak right now, his face turned even more terrible.

"How could this be?!" Looking at the state that the Heaven Raising Peak was in, Fang Weifeng's entire face was filled with disbelief. That once golden and shiny Heaven Raising Peak was no longer existent. Replacing it was a ruined wasteland.

Just what in the world happened here? Who in the world would have the guts to do something as such?

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