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"Grandmaster, are we really not going to intervene?" In the depths of the void, Meng Hengtian looked at the Grandmaster and asked.

Grandmaster Yun looked at everything before his very eyes. He was silent for a moment before shaking his head indifferently, "No. No one is to step in."

"However, Liu Hen's cultivation state is way higher than his. If Liu Hen returns to see the state of his mountain peak, things might probably turn sticky." Meng Hengtian added on.

He wasn't worried about Liu Hen. After all, Liu Hen's strength was clear to all of them. On the other hand, while this human's cultivation state was pretty strong, there was still quite a difference when compared to Liu Hen.

"Just watch and see how things go. The hope of the beings of the thousands of races, by right, there should be nothing that's able to stop him in his path. In terms of fortune, someone like him should definitely be mysterious and filled with a marvelous luck as well. Therefore, if you were to consider this man as the hope of the beings of the thousands of races, he would definitely be someone with an immense fortune to his name. There's no way he's going to die this easily." Grandmaster Yun replied.

"Grandmaster, could it be that you've…" Meng Hengtian looked over at the Grandmaster in astonishment, evidently startled.

Grandmaster Yun shook his head while grinning, "Hengtian, would you believe me if I were to claim that even if the both of us were to combine forces against him, we might not be able to kill him? Most likely, he'd be able to escape from our grasp. Not only that, the both of us would definitely die by his hands in the future because of it."

"Grandmaster, how is that possible? Even though he may be pretty strong, if the both of us were to combine our strength, he would be nothing but an ant before us!" At this point, Meng Hengtian doubted these words. How could something like that be possible?

He knew of the Grandmaster's cultivation state. Even if it were a Sovereign King of the Ancient race, they wouldn't be a match for their Grandmaster. Therefore, how could a human that was still in his growth stages possibly escape from the palms of the Grandmaster? Let alone if the both of them were to join forces together!

"Alright, let's just watch and see. You'll know what I mean in the days to come." Grandmaster Yun replied.

At this moment, something was happening at the scene.

"Guys, take a look! That human's going to destroy Big Senior Brother Liu Hen's armory!"

Since Lin Fan said that he was going to take down the entire Heaven Raising Peak, he wasn't going to leave even a single structure in this place.

Stretching out his palm, he grabbed out at everything. There was nothing that could escape his grasp.


Beside the Main Hall, there was a structure that was protected by a strong shield formation. However, that shield formation was disintegrated by a single strike of Lin Fan. It provided zero resistance.

"That's the armory of the Big Senior Brother! There should be countless Spirit Weapons inside! Perhaps even Dao Weapons!"

"This human truly won't rest till he's dead! If he were to destroy the armory, Big Senior Brother would surely go into a frenzy once he's back!"

Lin Fan had not expected there to be these many Spirit Weapons within this armory. There were probably a couple of hundreds within them. Seemed like this Big Senior Brother possessed a rather substantial core to his powers!

But then again, this should be about right. After all, the Cloud Sect had managed to subjugate quite a number of Weaponsmiths to craft weapons for them tirelessly day and night.

Even though their efficiency wasn't that high, they would still be able to craft out Spirit Weapons regardless.

And, as the Big Senior Brother, Liu Hen naturally had no lack of materials.

However, to Lin Fan's surprise, there was even a lower graded Dao Weapon within the armory!

Even though it was only a lower graded Dao Weapon, one would have to remember that most beings of the thousands of races did not even have access to a single Spirit Weapon, let alone a Dao Weapon.

"Hmph. Since this is the case, I'll devour all of them then!" Lin Fan's five fingers began to move, and he instantly crushed the entire structure. With that, all of the Spirit and Dao Weapons within began to float into the sky, gleaming with a mystical glow.

The moment the surrounding disciples caught sight of these weapons, their eyes were filled with greed. However, they understood that this was only a temporary situation right now. Once the Big Senior Brother were to return, things would definitely change.


Lin Fan's Qi was tremendous. Opening his mouth, the currents of the air reversed as the few hundreds of Spirit Weapons and that single Dao Weapon was sucked within his Paradise.

Bang! Bang!

Instantly, these Spirit Weapons exploded into a stream of pure energy that surged into the Paradise. The big ancient demon was excited beyond words. Opening his mouth, he began to take in a share of this pie as well.

As for those disciples who were clutching at their crotches right now, they could feel their entire guts rupturing over this scene before them. To think that this human would have the audacity to destroy their armory as well!

This was the core of the Heaven Raising Peak! Without these Spirit Weapons, what were they to do in the future?

Within the Cloud Sect's secret grounds…

"Bravo, Big Senior Brother! Bravo! To think that this little sc.u.m would be slapped to death by a single strike of our Big Senior Brother!" Fang Weifeng's a*slicking skills were number one in this entire world. As such, Liu Hen was pretty satisfied as well.

Therefore, he brought Fang Weifeng with him along to this expedition of the secret grounds this time around.

In order to buy over the hearts of the disciples, Liu Hen would form groups to enter the secret grounds from time to time, so that the disciples could grind some monsters and whack some BOSSES.

For someone like Liu Hen, secret grounds like this no longer provided him with any benefits. But for these disciples, these places were akin to treasures grounds. Naturally, they were unusually excited that they were able to follow their Big Senior Brother in.

Therefore, it was needless to say that Fang Weifeng was naturally excited beyond words. Now that he was here with his Big Senior Brother, the benefits were endless. If he were to be here alone, he would have to exert a huge amount of effort in order to obtain all these benefits.

However, following the Big Senior Brother, all he had to do was loot the drops easily.

Where else would he head to enjoy days as such?

"Yes. All of you should just follow me obediently. I'll ensure that you guys won't ever lose out on stuff." Liu Hen replied indifferently.

For Liu Hen, this secret ground expedition was extremely easy. He could annihilate everything before his face with the lift of his hand, without any bit of difficulty at all.

"Big Senior Brother! Fang Weifeng is willing to follow you for the rest of my life!" Fang Weifeng replied eagerly.

"We too!"

"With our Big Senior Brother around, all of these secret grounds are nothing but our backyards! We can just come and go as and when we like! It wouldn't be as difficult as the past at all!"

All of those ma.s.ses who were following their Big Senior Brother clamored in glee.

To them, these were simply the days of pleasure.

With their Big Senior Brother paving the way for them, they would only be obtaining more treasures in the days to come.

Stuff like this was known to the Grandmaster from the very beginning. However, he did not say anything much about it at all.

How could disciples like these, who only wanted to leech, grow up mentally? Even if they faced the Ancient race beings, they would be nothing but paper.

But, it was a pity that this was already the culture right now. Even if he wanted to step it, it was all too late.

Just at this moment, Liu Hen's spirit jerked for a moment. Suddenly, his face changed entirely. That indifferent face of his was replaced with endless fury.

"B*STARD! I SWEAR THAT I WON'T STAY ALIVE IF I DON'T KILL YOU. I'LL ABSOLUTELY KILL YOU NO MATTER WHAT!" Fang Weifeng and the others were absolutely befuddled over the changes in their Big Senior Brother's att.i.tude. They could not understand just what was happening right now.

"Big Senior Brother, what's wrong?" Fang Weifeng asked hurriedly.

"All of you, follow me back." Liu Hen tossed his robes and caged Fang Weifeng and the others with him. Instantly, he vanished from the spot.


The moment the Dao Weapon was destroyed, Liu Hen knew of what was going on.

To think that this armory that he had painstakingly built over such a long time was destroyed by that mother*cking b*stard! The happiness in Liu Hen's heart was replaced with wrath and boundless fury.

He swore that he'd never rest until he got his hands on this f*cking human.

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