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"Xiaoze and a D cla.s.s teacher are going to compete at the fighting stage. If you don’t want to miss out, hurry up and follow along."

"What? Xiaoze is fighting a teacher again?"

"Why is this D cla.s.s teacher fighting Xiaoze? Isn’t that practically suicidal?"

The Sky Heaven School was currently bustling at the moment. There were two types of matches when competing, one was determined by winning and the other by death.

Whenever Xiaoze had a match with someone, it was always the one determined by death and not by winning.

It seemed that the fate of this D cla.s.s teacher was likely ominous. With Xiaoze’s vengeful personality, this D cla.s.s teacher’s chance of survival was near zero.

Lin Fan stood onstage, his expression calm as he exuded a teacher-like aura.

"Sign this." Xiaoze signed his name onto the life and death declaration, then threw it towards Lin Fan. Lin Fan received the life and death declaration, glanced it over and smiled. It seemed Xiaoze was going to fight him to the death.

Xiaoze looked despisingly at Lin Fan, "If you don’t want to sign it, then scamper offstage. Remember, it’s "scamper" off."

Xiaoze didn’t pay any heed to the D cla.s.s teacher. For him, the D cla.s.s teacher was a mere chicken, and today, he was going to kill this chicken as an example.

Lin Fan laughed, then signed his name on the declaration.

"The Sky Heaven School is the Yan Dynasty’s top school. The strength of the teachers are quite good, but your minds aren’t good enough. They need to be honed a lot more." Lin Fan had a disappointed expression. To Zang Tianhao and Han Mengmeng, senior Lin looked as if he was hurtful.


When Zang Tianhao heard senior Lin’s words, he felt as if he had gained some insight. Recalling how he had previously been unable to withstand the humiliation and not cared about his life, wanting to fight Xiaoze, it was a completely suicidal act.

"Enough nonsense." Xiaoze was taken aback, but then he drew out a pitch-black halberd from his storage bag. Xiaoze held the double-edged halberd with one hand and stood there imposingly like a G.o.d of war.

The spectating students then began gasping, it seemed Xiaoze was going for real.

The halberd was named Heaven Shaking Halberd and was one of the Xiao family’s legendary weapons. Forged from black gold, it was a genuine upper graded weapon, only a bit away from reaching dark cla.s.s legendary weapon.

"Brother Zang, senior Lin will be alright, won’t he?"Han Mengmeng was watching the scene onstage and began worrying. Xiaoze was a level six postcelestial, the skills he cultivated were the Xiao family’s top martial skills, and the halberd was forged from the Xiao family’s master blacksmith. It had the ability to increase the circulation of one’s true energy.

"He will be alright." Zang Tianhao looked unwaveringly at the scene onstage. He didn’t think Xiaoze would be this strong. A level six postcelestial expert, just the momentum alone was enough to make him uncomfortable. If he had really gone onstage, he would’ve likely been killed in one move.

"Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance. Make your move." Xiaoze flourished his halberd, with a momentous force, as it tore through the air with hissing sounds.

Hah, too proud.

Lin Fan shook his head. Xiaoze’s abilities were quite good, but to be able to reach level six postcelestial with this sort of a mentality, it most likely cost the Xiao family many resources.

"You are the junior, I should let you go first. Alright then, for three moves, I will stand here without moving." Lin Fan stood there calmly and said.


The spectating students immediately became noisy. Was this D cla.s.s teacher perhaps really stupid? To stand there without moving for three moves? He was seeking death.

Zang Tianhao eyes flashed in surprise. He didn’t think senior Lin would stand there for three moves, how was this possible?

Xiaoze’s halberd was an upper graded weapon, it could easily slice through steel like nothing. Even without the enhancement of true energy, one attack could slice open the body of a postcelestial.

Xiaoze became livid. This garbage D cla.s.s teacher was looking down on him.

"Alright, since you are seeking death yourself, don’t blame me." At this moment, the halberd in Xiaoze’s hand surged with momentum, and he struck forth with it like an arrow towards Lin Fan’s chest.

Lin Fan was currently motionless as he smiled slightly, not paying any heed towards Xiaoze’s momentous strike.

"Senior…" Han Mengmeng gasped and covered her eyes, afraid to watch any longer.

At the moment the halberd touched Lin Fan, Xiaoze gave off a cry, and his energy circulated rapidly around the halberd’s tip. The s.p.a.ce around the tip looked as if it were warping, as it drew out multiple white air currents.

"Hmph, suicidal." Xiaoze laughed coldly, but his laugh didn’t last long, and his expression instantly changed.

"How is this possible?"

Xiaoze was currently in disbelief, and even the spectating students offstage were the same.

Zang Tianhao had been watching from the start without batting an eye, but upon seeing the current spectacle, he also became surprised.

"That halberd is not bad, just the ferocity isn’t enough." Lin Fan smiled, and gently flicked the halberd’s tip.

"Ding… congratulations "Eternal Demon Body" experience + 4000.’

Currently, leveling Eternal Demon Body was becoming harder and harder. A normal postcelestial in the end would provide far too little experience.

Xiaoze was enraged, "b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I will make you regret this."

Xiaoze roared out and his energy circulated crazily. The pitch-black halberd was covered in a bright light, and his style changed from stabbing to slashing.

"Sweeping Eight Barren."

Xiaoze was hailed as a genius of the Xiao family, and one of the Sky Heaven School’s strongest. He had never faced such a degrading situation before.

He didn’t even look up to A cla.s.s teachers, and now this mere D cla.s.s teacher had dared to act presumptuously in front of him?


The exuberant blow landed on Lin Fan’s shoulder as a strong recoil made Xiaoze flinch.

"Ding… congratulations "Eternal Demon Body" experience + 4000. ‘

"This isn’t possible… I don’t believe it!" Xiaoze roared out angrily, his energy exploding all out. His halberd warped the air as the entire stage became filled with the halberd’s figure.

"Ding… congratulations "Eternal Demon Body" experience + 4000.’

"Ding… congratulations "Eternal Demon Body" experience + 4000.’

The experience wasn’t much, but no matter how small the fly, it was still meat. The future leveling path would likely be even slower than now.

Xiaoze indeed had quite good abilities. To have such a cultivation base at such a young age, if nothing unexpected happened to him, it was very likely he would reach pericelestial stage.

On the path of cultivation, blood energy was the key. The younger one was, the faster could their cultivation base rise, and more open their future paths would be.

But for those with poor abilities, they could only reach postcelestial around their middle ages. If they didn’t have any good fortune, it was unlikely they could go beyond that in their lifetime. It was because the blood energy inside their body would have already precipitated and become cemented.

"I don't believe it…" Xiaoze’s long hair were unkempt, his eyes burning with rage. His previous aura from when he stepped on stage was long gone.

"Halberd." Xiaoze roared out angrily and leaped up, his halberd erupting with a violent momentum.

Lin Fan then shook his head.

"That's enough." Lin Fan sighed lightly and slowly extended his finger.

"Deflowering finger."

As the halberd came crashing down, Lin Fan’s finger traced its blade, and with a gentle stroke, a surge of energy coursed through, causing the halberd to vibrate and hum noisily.

Xiaoze became numb, and in an instant, his halberd ended up in Lin Fan’s hands.

"This…" Xiaoze looked at his empty hands and was overwhelmed.

"Do you realize your wrongs?"Lin Fan was calm. There was no need to act tough, and he had now entered the n.o.ble profession of teacher. If a student ended up going astray, it was up to him as a teacher to properly correct them.

It didn’t matter if other people believed this or not, but Lin Fan surely believed this.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I'm going to…"

"Hah, it seems my teaching isn’t enough." Lin Fan heard Xiaoze’s previous words and knew his teaching still hadn’t broken through. Lin Fan then looked up towards the sky and felt a heavy responsibility.

"Deflowering finger."

Lin Fan then gently stroked Xiaoze’s body.


Xiaoze felt as if all the bones in his body had become loose and he was unable to exert any strength at all.

Lin Fan then took a small stool out of the storage bag senior brother Meng Yangquan had given him, then lifted Xiaoze up and laid him on it.

Lin Fan always remembered this phrase, although a small stool was a simple craftwork, it was an essential home travel equipment. It allowed one to rest anywhere, and it allowed one to spectate a match anywhere.

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