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Within the library, Lin Fan opened his eyes instantaneously. The moment they did, a bright golden light shone out across the entire world. His aura was st.u.r.dy and firm, impossible to resist at all. Lin Fan could feel some changes going on throughout his body. This change alluded from his Paradise's attainment of perfection.

"To think that I would level up just by suppressing these Book Spirits… Wow, I did not expect it to be this fast!" Lin Fan chuckled out. He was in an extremely good mood right now.

Lin Fan did not keep track of the number of Book Spirits he had suppressed. However, all of these dense pack of Book Spirits that were suppressed by him in that instant resulted in a relentless amount of notifications from the system. Lin Fan couldn't count how much experience points he had gained at that moment.

However, upon entering divine celestial level 4, Undying state, Lin Fan could feel some changes going through his physical body.

Blood Sea and Eternal G.o.d Body had undergone some changes. Not only was his physical body indestructible, his consciousness was imperishable as well.

It seemed as though every single piece of meat on his body possessed an unbridled amount of power on its own. It was endless and limitless in magnitude.

The moment the guardian of the library caught sight of Lin Fan's aura rising to a higher point than before, his face was ever more astonished. To think that this human would level up his cultivation state just through the process of reading intensively!

Something of this sort was unseen and unheard of throughout all of history!

However, he naturally did not know that Lin Fan was getting experience points through suppressing those Book Spirits.

Within this vast sea of books, the countless Book Spirits that were suppressed by Lin Fan had accorded him a significant amount of experience points. As such, leveling his cultivation state was just an easy task by then.

Right now, the library no longer possessed any use for Lin Fan. Taking a step forth, the next place he appeared at was the entrance of the library.

"Thank you for the care." Right before leaving, Lin Fan turned his body around and waved to the empty void.

'He had noticed my presence!' The moment the guardian heard these words from Lin Fan, his expression changed immediately. To think that this genius of the Human race would have discovered him! 'Incredible! This is way too incredible!'

"I wonder how long I've spent in the library exactly." Looking at the scenery outside, Lin Fan was a little confused.

By the time he came to his residence, his face changed entirely.

The sight that welcomed him wasn't something he had ever expected. The house he was residing in originally had vanished, and in its place was a bunch of debris.

Looking around, Lin Fan discovered some disciples who were pa.s.sing by and exchanging whispers about him behind his back.

"That's Lin Fan there. Why had he vanished for such a long time?"

"Senior Brother Fang would come by here every day. And each time he did so, he would stand before the pile of debris and hurl insults for a period of time."

"I think that he must be really afraid of everything that's happening. Hence, he went into hiding."

The moment Lin Fan heard the topic of discussion amongst the disciples, his expression changed even further. The reason behind the destruction of his residence… Could it have been done by Fang Weifeng?

At this moment, Lin Fan was angered. Truly, he felt that he had been far too forgiving and kind. There had never been anyone who had dared to act so brazenly before him these many times.

Time and time again… By every single possible reason, he should have killed this guy.

At this moment, a killing intent was surging through Lin Fan.

"Brother Lin! You're out!" Tianyun appeared in the distance. When he caught sight of Lin Fan's figure, he headed up to talk to him hurriedly. He knew that Lin Fan had entered the library. But, he had not expected for Lin Fan to stay inside there for an entire month.

"Brother Tianyun, could you explain to me what's going on at my place?" Lin Fan's face was somewhat displeased. His tone was pretty solemn as well.

The moment Tianyun heard these words, his face turned pretty terrible. However, he still told the truth as it was.

"Brother Lin, when you entered the library, Fang Weifeng came forth to seek vengeance with the Big Senior Brother. Upon realizing that you weren't around, Big Senior Brother then destroyed your place."

Lin Fan scoffed coldly, "So, they really take me, Lin Fan, as a pushover now, eh?"

"Brother Lin, please don't be rash!" Looking at how sinisterly grim Lin Fan's face was right now, Tianyun's expression changed.

Lin Fan waved his hands, not wanting to continue with the conversation, "So, where does this Big Senior Brother stay? I hope that you can tell me."

Tianyun looked at the state Lin Fan was in right now. He knew that Lin Fan would definitely be headed over to Big Senior Brother's place for revenge right now. However, the might of Big Senior Brother was clear and evident to everyone. It wasn't that he didn't believe in Lin Fan's strength, but Big Senior Brother was simply way too strong.

In fact, even if Tianyun truly had to compare between their strength, he couldn't deny that Big Senior Brother was still way stronger than Lin Fan.

"Brother Lin, this issue…" Just as Tianyun was about to carry on with it, he was cut abrupt by Lin Fan, "Tell me... Where does Big Senior Brother stay?"

Lin Fan truly did not want to say anything more. The kind would always be bullied. He had been showing mercy all the way till now. To think that his merciful acts would be taken as an act of cowardice instead. Because of that, they were literally climbing all over his head right now.

In his entire life of traversing through the Pugilistic World, there had been no precedence to this audacious behavior.

If Lin Fan had let him off once, it was because he wasn't bothered enough to kill him.

If Lin Fan had let him off twice, it was still because he wasn't bothered to kill him.

But now, it was the third time. Whether or not he was bothered, he would definitely kill this person.

"That mountain peak is where Big Senior Brother resides." Tianyun was petrified by the ominous aura that was being given off by Lin Fan right now. He then pointed at a mountain peak in the distance and replied.

"Hmph! How dare they bully me as such? They are truly taking Lin Fan as a pushover." Lin Fan did not say anything more than that. Leaping off the ground, he flew towards the mountain peak.

"Brother Lin!" Tianyun was stunned. He knew that sh*t was going to hit the roof this time around. Without further ado, he hurried off to look for his Junior Sister Hongyun and Elder Yun He.

They must prevent this tragedy from happening. Nothing serious must happen because of this!

"b.l.o.o.d.y motherfu*kers. How dare these bunch of dogsh*ts take Yours Truly as a pushover? To think that they would dare to b.l.o.o.d.y tear down the house of Yours Truly just because I wasn't around! Today, Yours Truly shall let you guys know of the sort of people you can offend, and of course, the sort of people you definitely f*cking CAN'T." Lin Fan was thoroughly incensed right now. He could no longer bear with this any longer.

Even if the entire Cloud Sect were to hunt him down after killing this bunch of dogsh*ts, he wouldn't regret this in the least bit.

So what, he would just have to fight his way out of it, wouldn't he? b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l. Yours Truly had trodden through the Pugilistic World for such a long time now. Who had he not offended? So what if their cultivation states were higher than his? Yours Truly was going to cross the cultivation state gap and slay down some f*ckers today!

Lin Fan's flight to the mountain peak of Big Senior Brother was witnessed by many disciples. Of course, these disciples could sense that something big was about to happen.

As such, the news spread really quickly like wildfire.

All of the Cloud Sect disciples knew that this human, Lin Fan, whose house was destroyed by the Big Senior Brother, had finally left the library and was headed towards the mountain peak of Big Senior Brother now.

As the news was pa.s.sed on mouth to mouth, eventually the entire Cloud Sect caught wind of this affair.

"That human has gone to find trouble with the Big Senior Brother! Let's go and check it out. I wonder how things will turn out."

"Liu Hen, that fella has never ever given anyone any face just because he thinks that he is really strong. However, I wonder what will happen to the human."

All of those disciples who were engaged in the political fights with Liu Hen began to discuss heatedly.

Of course, with something like this happening, they were just attracted by the spectacle. The best-case scenario was for them to bite at one another's necks.

However, all of them could tell that the human was in deep trouble this time around. After all, there were simply way too many powerful beings who were taking Liu Hen's side.

Despite that, an affair as such was still something that they were all hoping to see.

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