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Following the thin threads of Lin Fan's powers, the powerful Book Spirits leaped forth. Rushing from all directions, their formidable auras flooded into Lin Fan's Paradise.

"Living being, serve under me and I shall guarantee you a lifetime of invincibility!"

"Hand over your body to my care of!"

"Such a tough body you have! If only I could devour this body of yours, I could definitely break free of my book and create a body of my own!"

To all of these Book Spirits, Lin Fan's body was just a steaming delicious piece of meat. All of them wanted a piece of him. However, at that moment, a black of beam of light pierced into the sky. Waving his hand, an elderly draped in black robes with a ghastly aura destroyed countless Book Spirits.

"This living being belongs to this old man here. None of you shall s.n.a.t.c.h him from me."

Looking at this black-robed elderly, the faces of the Book Spirits around turned pale.

"Long live the Black Shadow King! Of course, only someone such as the Black Shadow King is capable of obtaining a living being like this!"

"Given our capabilities, we're only worthy of keeping watch over him for you so that he does not escape!"

Under the pressure of facing such a powerful existence, all the other Book Spirits had no choice but to concede in defeat. Although each of them was angered and filled with indignance, they did not have any choice. The Black Shadow King was simply way too strong. He wasn't someone they could afford to offend.

Lin Fan remained seated cross-legged in his Paradise. His expression was calm and normal, completely unaffected by his nerves in the face of the invasion of all these Book Spirits into his Paradise.

All of this was within Lin Fan's palm of control.

To be honest, Lin Fan had not expected that his link with these Book Spirits would attract forth so many powerful ones. Not bad! This was pretty decent indeed.

"HAHA! To think that this living being's Paradise would be this strong! Seems like you've been through the Paradise Thunder Calamity, and have completed the Dao of your Paradise! If I can obtain your physical body, it'll definitely save this old man of quite a bit of effort!" The Black Shadow King laughed wildly.

All of the other Book Spirits were filled with hatred and envy right now. This was the first time in a few hundred years that they had come across such a powerful living being!

But, even though they had managed to come across him, he was entirely in the hands of the Black Shadow King. To think that they wouldn't be able to get a piece of this pie at all!

At this moment, Lin Fan's eyes finally opened up.

"All of you Book Spirits are bent on getting your hands on my physical body, right?" Lin Fan looked at that densely packed amount of Book Spirits. All of these Book Spirits looked extremely weird and possessed a unique aura of their own. All of them were born from the different books out there.

The words from the book of a powerful being could help one in meditating. Conversely, he could also store his negative emotions within them, converting them into words and dispelling them from his body.

Therefore, most of these Book Spirits were born from such negative emotions and feelings.

"Living being! Hand over your body now! This old man here can help guide you into someone who can dominate over the entire universe!" The Black Shadows King snorted coldly.

Looking at these Book Spirits, Lin Fan shook his head, "All of you better turn back into your knowledge obediently and come into Yours Truly's Paradise."

With that, Lin Fan raised his hand gently and pointed out with a finger. Instantly, the Black Shadow King felt as though he was locked by an aura. In the blink of an eye, he was pierced through by it thoroughly.

'Ding…Congratulations on reading Black Shadows True Sutra. Experience points +150,000'

The moment all of the Book Spirits saw how the horrifyingly strong Black Shadow King was destroyed by a single move, they started clamoring in chaos.

"Everyone, retreat! This living being's strength is way too strong!"

"Spare us, sir! Please spare us! We're only here to observe, that's all! We mean no harm!"

"Hurry up and get out of here! Otherwise, we'll all be destroyed by this living being!"

Lin Fan grinned. These guys were thinking of escaping after entering Yours Truly's Paradise? There wasn't a free lunch in this world.

"Since you're here, all of you shall stay behind then."

Lin Fan grabbed out with his hand. Five fingers that were congealed with his powers appeared like ma.s.sive mountains, which were so st.u.r.dy that one could not possibly dodge them.



His fingers grabbed and pinched out, and the void began to crumble repeatedly. At the same time, these Book Spirits started exploding as well, turning into a long river of knowledge that flowed into the Dao of his Paradise.

'Ding…Congratulations on reading Dao Burial. Experience points +80,000'

'Ding…Congratulations on reading Unparalleled Heaven's Will. Experience points +100,000'

'Ding…Congratulations on reading Happiness Mantra Sutra. Experience points +130,000'

With countless Book Spirits being killed by Lin Fan, this immense amount of wisdom found itself transfusing within his Paradise.

A good way to explain this would be that in the past, the Dao of Lin Fan's Paradise was akin to that of an illiterate. But under Lin Fan's diligent efforts, it had now turned into a scholar who had read intensively. With that, his knowledge was also as vast as the seas.

The Dao now had the gift of gab, while every brandish of the brush was like a dragon's stroke as well. Every single sentence now possessed the wisdom of the Heaven and Earth.

"This human possesses immense powers. To think that he has managed to subdue so many Book Spirits." The guardian of the library's face was shocked. He was extremely astonished on seeing Lin Fan's methods.

At the same time, he understood the intentions of the Grandmaster. This person was definitely a pride of the Human race. He was someone who bore the hopes of the thousands of races.

He had seen far too many beings that were the pride and geniuses of their respective races. However, someone like this was totally unheard of... ever. It was something that was absolutely mindboggling.

Lin Fan was immersed within the vast sea of knowledge, comprehending and absorbing continuously. He knew that this was an encounter of a lifetime. The fact that he was even able to enter the library of the Cloud Sect must have been a result of merits he has acc.u.mulated over multiple past lives.

If he didn't cherish this chance properly, he would definitely regret it in time to come.

Within his Paradise, knowledge swam around like a dragon as it was converted entirely into power for his core.

A single word meant an entire world of its own.

All of these books that were written by powerful beings possessed their personal comprehensions towards the path of martial arts. If one were to comprehend their wisdom, one would definitely raise their own powers to a peak status.

Time pa.s.sed like water, impossible to resist against.

Lin Fan did not know how long he had spent comprehending in the Paradise by now. However, he knew that his personal power level was rising accordingly as well.

"A genius savant such as this man is someone whom you would be hard-pressed to find even in a million years! To think that he would be able to comprehend the books with just a single look! Even if word of this were to get out, who in the right mind would believe something as such?" The guardian of the library gasped in shock.

Immediately after, he reported the entire process back to the Grandmaster.

The moment Grandmaster Yun heard of this news, his expression changed as well. Immediately after, he let out a chuckle. Seemed like everything was as he had thought.

To him, Lin Fan was the embodiment of hope for the beings of the thousands of races. As long as a genius savant such as this man was allowed to continue growing, he would definitely rule unparalleled over the world one day.

Within the Paradise, birds chirped merrily while the flowers exuded a fragrant scent. The ground was filled with golden lotuses, with a heavenly tune resonating across the entire place. Countless wisdom spirits that were born from the comprehension floated gently in the skies while chanting sutras. With a deluge of heavenly flowers, this was an extremely unique sight to perceive.

The big ancient demon, Thunder Trainer King, Long Xuan, and Xiguang, et cetera, all these Skill Spirits had entered a state of comprehension.

Following the increase of the Paradise's strength, their own powers rose gradually together as well.

All of those countless books of the library were comprehended by Lin Fan just like that. This power was equivalent to a torrential gush of water that rumbled relentlessly and endlessly.

'Cultivate! The skill of the Dao!'

Instantly, Lin Fan opened both his eyes while a ma.s.sive aura burst forth from him. At this moment, Lin Fan's aura rose steadily. Within the Dao of the Paradise, all sorts of Dao that were never seen before began to gather.

At this moment, Lin Fan's Dao approached a state of perfection.

'Ding…Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Ding…Cultivation State: Divine celestial level 4, Undying state.'

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