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However, Lin Fan found out in disappointment that not all of the books were like the Buddha Demon Scriptures and contained the wisdom of the Heavens and Earth.

Seemed like this Buddha Demon Scriptures must have been penned down by a powerful being of a divine celestial level 6, Law state. This was because only a powerful being of such a state could infuse their comprehension of the laws of natural orders within and give birth to living beings.

For example, if Lin Fan were to write a book now, yes, it would possess some sort of a will of its own. However, it would definitely not be able to give birth to a living being.

That was because his power and comprehension levels weren't at that state just yet.

Lin Fan sensed the aura given off by every book carefully. The stronger the aura of the book, the stronger the power of the person who wrote the book must have been.

Even though Lin Fan had the system with him, if he had to flip through the books one by one in this vast sea of texts, even he would definitely take an extremely long time.

'Cloud Seas Bewilderment Steps.'

This was a movement skill. Even though Lin Fan already had a movement skill, So Near, Yet So Far, he knew that there was no harm in learning more about them. He could always learn from their strengths to make up for the shortcomings of others. By the time he was well versed in them to a certain degree, he could probably create a skill of his own.


Without any hesitation, Lin Fan allowed the system to learn it on its own.

However, just at that moment, something jaw-dropping happened. To think that the Skill Spirits within the Paradise would start clamoring!

"Hey, brothers! There's a newcomer! Let's destroy him!"

"Brother So Near, Yet So Far! There's a new movement skill that's trying to vie for affection away from you! Hurry up and devour him so that you can make up for your own shortcomings!"

"Hmph! How dare a small little Spirit of Movement Skill such as yourself try competing with me? Watch how I'll eat you up!"

The newly created Spirit of Movement Skill had not even made out what the situation was in the least bit. But before he knew it, he was already devoured whole by the Spirit of So Near, Yet So Far.

"Holy f*ckamoly! What else is there to play? Isn't this a f*cking dictatorship?" Lin Fan was shocked in utter disbelief.

He had not expected his Skill Spirits to be this strong! Furthermore, their intellects were getting higher as well to understand that they were in danger!

However, the astonishing thing was that after So Near, Yet So Far devoured Cloud Seas Bewilderment Steps, it underwent some changes as though it was taking in the essence of the latter and fusing it within his own body.

"This is a pretty decent outcome as well. Seems like I'm breaking new grounds once more." Lin Fan's heart was elated. To think that his skills would be able to devour other skills and take in their essence.

Each time Lin Fan came to a stop in this vast sea of books, he would read through a few hundred books.

Some of them were useful while others not so.

However, the deeper Lin Fan's personal comprehension became, the more knowledgeable he became about his Paradise.

It was as though there was a pair of eyes that existed within this library from the unknowns, which had been observing Lin Fan's actions keenly. Each time this unknown person caught sight of Lin Fan understanding the true wisdom of every book he read, his eyes were extremely startled.

This was especially the case after he had followed Lin Fan for some time now. The more Lin Fan read, the stronger his aura became, and the more this unknown person was astonished.






All of these auras were changing according to the context of the books. To think that these auras would be intertwining without any sort of obstruction to them!

"He has entered a state of becoming one with the books itself! Just what sort of a demonic being is this person?"

The guardian of the library had been keeping watch over the library for hundreds of years now. However, he had never come across someone as such.

The deeper Lin Fan delved in, the stronger the aura of the books got within the library as well.

At this moment, Lin Fan was holding on to a book. He could sense an extremely sharp Sword Will being emitted out from the book, as though it was bent on slicing his hands off.

"What an overbearing Sword Will!" Lin Fan flipped his palm around to suppress it and checked out the cover.

'Heaven Alarming Sword.'

Lin Fan flipped open to the first page. The words on the text began to twist and contort like dragons and snakes. Eventually, they turned into countless Sword Wills that bolted out towards Lin Fan's eyes.

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt as though he was transported into a World of Swords. His eyes let out a gaze as they converged into a Conqueror's Sword Will that instantly suppressed all of the Sword Wills within the book.

"Living being, your Sword Will is pretty strong indeed. If you're willing to be my Sword Slave, I can impart to you the strongest Dao of the Sword."

Instantly, a white-robed elderly man appeared before Lin Fan. Two extremely long whiskers that looked like sharp blades of their own hung down from his face.

The elderly man was the sword, and likewise, the sword was the elderly man.

The moment this elderly man appeared, there were no more swords in the world any longer. All that existed was this single sword that could battle the Heaven and Earth.

Lin Fan had already understood that these powerful books could bewitch one's hearts. And comparatively, this Heaven Alarming Sword was way stronger than that Buddha Demon Scriptures.

However, none of this mattered to Lin Fan.

"Your sword shall be my sword. While your Sword Will can penetrate the Heaven and Earth, it's far from enough." Pointing out with his finger, Lin Fan's Emptiness Sword sliced through the realm of the elderly man and cut at him.


The elderly man's gaze was extremely ferocious. However, it turned into one of shock right after. Instantly, he was pierced by that tremendous Sword Will and shredded into parts.

'Ding…Congratulations on reading Heaven Alarming Sword. Experience points +80,000'

The moment the entire book was read by Lin Fan, the swords of the Heaven Alarming Sword flew into the air as Sword Wills and were fused within the Dao of his Paradise.


Suddenly, Lin Fan realized that something was happening to his Firmament Sword. The 9th Sword Will was about to be formed! At this moment, Lin Fan entered a state that was more mysterious than mysterious. His essence, spirit, and vitality had reached their peak limit.

Lin Fan recalled all of the memories he had towards the Path of the Sword. The powers within his body were rumbling right now. Within his Paradise, a rain of Sword Wills was beginning to fall.

"Congeal!" Lin Fan closed his eyes shut. A never before experienced Sword Will burst forth from his eyes. Piercing through everything, it traversed through the Heaven and Earth.

'Ding…Congratulations on cultivating the 9th Sword Will of the Firmament Sword.'

'To think that the rewards would be so bountiful! Seems like the library is just a piece of treasure ground for everyone!' At this moment, Lin Fan truly understood the value of this library within the Cloud Sect.

As long as one's mind was resolved and resolute, they would definitely gain a good amount of comprehension from the books here.

'But, why in the world did the Grandmaster of the Cloud Sect allow me to reside within this library without any limits? Could it be because I'm way too handsome?' Lin Fan could not help but think of this good point of his.

Fairy Hongyun had already told him from the start that if the disciples of the Cloud Sect wanted to enter this library, they would have to pay a high price for it. However, not only was he not a disciple of the Cloud Sect, he didn't have to do anything for this privilege!

So, what in the world was the Grandmaster of Cloud Sect thinking?

Lin Fan could not understand it at all. Therefore, he did not wish to harp on this issue, and instead, chose to continue on his path of reading.

Within the library, countless Book Spirits had already known that a living being had entered this place. Furthermore, this was a strong living being they were talking about.

'This pace of reading is pretty slow. Seems like I've got to hasten up the process.'

Lin Fan sat down on the ground cross-legged and expanded his mind. His powers manifested into thin threads that connected onto every book itself.

This sight was something the elderly guardian of the library was watching with open jaws. He could not believe that this human would dare to do that! Didn't he cherish his life any longer?

On the other hand, those powerful Book Spirits started cheering in happiness.

"Everyone, let's go! To think that this human would dare to read us in such a manner! He's definitely contemplating death!"

"Let us all rush forth together to bewitch his heart!"

At this moment, countless Book Spirits were growling out maliciously as they pounced towards those thin threads of Lin Fan's powers.

The elderly guardian's brows creased. If the situation were to go awry, he would step in to suppress these restless Book Spirits.

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