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"Senior Brother Zhang has gone for it now! Look at how much vim and vigor he has! He is like an unsheathed blade right now!"

The moment Zhang Wenzhuang struck out, lightning crackled through the air as typhoons erupted out. Looking at this tremendous force that was slamming forth, all of the surrounding disciples were extremely taken aback.

They knew that their Senior Brother Zhang was very strong. But, to think that he was THIS strong! Even G.o.ds and ghosts might be unable to defend against this single move of his!

The air was filled with everyone's continuous exclamations.

n.o.body saw Lin Fan as the favorite in this matchup. After all, all of them clearly knew of Senior Brother Zhang's might in their hearts. He was an extremely strong existence!

However, there were two people on the scene who did not have the looks of worry on their faces.

One of them was Fairy Hongyun, and the other was Tianyun.

They were the ones who had witnessed how strong Lin Fan's might was. Hongyun was especially clearer than anyone else about this fact.

Within the tomb of the Fire Water Empress, Lin Fan had single-handedly fought against three divine celestial level 4, Undying state beings.

Back then, he was already handling the situation relatively easily. And that was even before him tiding over the Paradise Thunder Calamity. Needless to say, his power level must have risen up tremendously once more.

Even though Zhang Wenzhuang was a divine celestial level 4, Undying state being, he was probably no match for Lin Fan at all.

"Your punch is pretty decent. Your Paradise is pretty decent too! But, what a pity! It just isn't enough." Lin Fan commented indifferently. He wasn't bothered by it in the least bit.

"Hmph!" Zhang Wenzhuang snorted coldly. The glint in his eye seemed to possess some concrete truth to it, as though he could see through everything in this world. To think that this human before him would dare to act so insolently even at this point. Did he really think that he could go lawlessly just because he had the backing of Elder Yun He behind him?

Lin Fan chuckled gently as he stood on the spot without budging an inch.

Zhang Wenzhuang's fist was increasing in size as it got closer to Lin Fan. At the same time, the exploding sounds from this attack boomed ever louder as his aura grew even stronger.

"What's that human doing? Why is he not even trying to dodge this?" All of the surrounding disciples were bewildered by this human that was standing there rooted right now. They wondered what in the world he was up to.

"Could he have been scared silly by that punch of Senior Brother Zhang?"

Even though Tianyun knew how strong Lin Fan was, he could not figure out what he was doing right now. Was it really a good move to act so dramatically right now?

Zhang Wenzhuang's punch came straight at Lin Fan. At the same time, the strong gale that was created by this immense force caused Lin Fan's long locks to dance in the sky.


The punch had struck its mark. With Lin Fan as the center, a series of ripple lines fluctuated out into all directions. This mighty force was transmitted out. All of the surrounding disciples who were observing this could feel their feet wavering due to shockwave.

"It's done!" Looking at how Lin Fan took the punch of Senior Brother Zhang, Fang Weifeng was overwhelmed with joy in his heart.

The punch of a divine celestial level 4, Undying state being wasn't something that was to be underestimated.

Even if he weren't dead, he would at least be crippled.

"The strength of your punch is pretty decent. However, it neither stings nor itches. To me, this is simply way too weak." Lin Fan was dandy and fine as he smiled at Zhang Wenzhuang.

"How could this be?" Zhang Wenzhuang tossed his head up and stared straight at Lin Fan in disbelief. He could not believe that this man could be standing alright after taking a punch of his!

Furthermore, Zhang Wenzhuang felt as though he had just punched into quicksand! The moment all of his force came into contact with the body of this human, it was as though it was absorbed by some invisible power!

As of now, Lin Fan's physical body state was that of a divine celestial level 4, Undying state.

Not only did it neither sting nor itch, it could still bring forth some experience points for him.

"I've told you… you're not qualified. If you want to regain some dignity for this piece of trash, you've got to get your Big Senior Brother here." Lin Fan spoke in a relaxed manner.

Even though Lin Fan had spoken out these words in a calm tone, they permeated the ears of the surrounding disciples like raging tsunamis.

These disciples could not believe that the single punch of their Senior Brother Zhang to be entirely useless! How ridiculous could this be?

Was this human truly that strong?

"d.a.m.n it! You've asked for this!" Zhang Wenzhuang retreated furiously. With that, he started gathering all his aura to the peak status as his powers within his body rumbled.

Instantly, the figure of a giant appeared above his head.

The moment all the disciples that were surrounding caught sight of this scene, they cried out immediately.

"This is Senior Brother Zhang's Heaven and Earth's Law! The powers of this Heaven and Earth's Law are infinite! A single punch of it would be akin to multiple divine celestial level 4, Undying state beings striking out with all of their might!"

"Power be to Senior Brother Zhang!" The moment Fang Weifeng caught sight of his Senior Brother Zhang going deadly with his a.s.saults, Fang Weifeng cheered with a flushed face.

If he could kill this human right now, that would be for the best!

That punch previously must have been reserved in strength because Senior Brother Zhang did not want to kill this person by accident! Now that the other party has successfully riled Senior Brother Zhang, it was no doubt that Senior Brother Zhang would go all out with this!

"Human! You've asked for this yourself! If you die in the Cloud Sect, you should not begrudge me!" Senior Brother Zhang roared in anger. His powers were like stormy waves that were going to crash down on Lin Fan right now.

He punched out once more.

This time around, the punch was way stronger than before, way more ferocious.

This bold, invincible power that could overturn mountains and topple the seas was contained within that single fist. It was so strong that it caused the void before it to contort in distortion.

Yet, Lin Fan stood there all the same with a grin.

"Oh, this punch looks pretty decent now. But, it's a pity that you're still way too far from the home run." Lin Fan shook his head disappointedly.

"SHUT UP!" Zhang Wenzhuang howled as his entire body turned into a single straight line.

Lin Fan pointed out his finger and tapped the void gently.


A vibrating sound was slowly spreading out. As though the void was the surface of a water body with Zhang Wenzhuang's fist as its core, a series of energy ripples began to transmit out.


Zhang Wenzhuang's face changed immediately. He could not believe this! He could feel his power being dispersed by this single finger!

Nirvana Finger!

Ever since the Paradise Thunder Calamity, its powers had multiplied by many folds.

If he were to point it at the void, the void itself would cease to exist. If he were to point it at an incoming force, the force would break down.

"Indeed, having a cultivation state divine celestial level 4, Undying state is something to be proud of. However, in my eyes, a divine celestial level 4, Undying state being is nothing but an ant for me to crush. Head back and tell your Big Senior Brother… If he truly wants to get back your pride, come at me himself." Lin Fan placed his finger on the fist of Zhang Wenzhuang. With a gentle flick, a ma.s.sive amount of energy was reflected out.

Instantly, Zhang Wenzhuang felt as though mountains were crushing down on his entire body. Like a bullet, he ricocheted into the distance.

Zhang Wenzhuang's eyes were filled with fright as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

To think that he would lose just like that!

He didn't even have a chance to retaliate. He didn't even know how he had lost!

"How could this be…?" The scene right now had Fang Weifeng's face entirely pale, as though he had just seen a ghost. The moment he caught sight of Lin Fan's gaze, he could feel his entire guts sinking, as though they were going to implode from within.

The surrounding disciples had not expected things to turn out so dramatically either. As such, they could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Some of the disciples who had not trusted in Tianyun's words were now utterly convinced.

This human was way too strong!

To think that Senior Brother Zhang at the divine celestial level 4, Undying state was taken down by a single move of the enemy! Right now, he was just tossed onto the ground mercilessly!

What sort of strength was that?

"Lin Fan, thank you for showing mercy." Fairy Hongyun said gratefully.

"If one does not exterminate the roots of the weed, it will grow again as the spring breeze pa.s.ses by. However, on your account, I shall let this go. How about you take me around the sect for a tour now?" Lin Fan replied, ignoring the two hostiles entirely.

"Alright." Fairy Hongyun nodded her head.

The moment Fang Weifeng heard these words, he felt as though his heart was dunked into an ice cave. He could feel an aura of death wrapping itself around his body.

He truly believed that he had felt the killing intent locking onto him from that human.

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