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Personally, Zhang Wenzhuang had never been concerned with Fang Weifeng in the least bit. The only reason he was here this time around was that it was an order from his Big Senior Brother. As to why his Big Senior Brother would be keen on helping this piece of trash here, Zhang Wenzhuang understood very well.

The Cloud Sect was a big sect. Even though he was the Big Senior Brother, the other senior brothers within the sect were really helpful and kind as well.

This was because if one wanted to attain the seat of the Grandmaster, strength wasn't the only criteria. It also depended on how caring the senior disciples were towards their fellow disciples.

Zhang Wenzhuang's aura was mysteriously deep as he stood firmly at the entrance. He was feeling a little contemptuous in his heart while looking at how Fang Weifeng was hooting at the other fella.

To think that he would dare to kick at others without any concrete strength himself. If not for the fact that death duels weren't allowed within the Cloud Sect, Fang Weifeng would have been killed dozens of times over given his temper.

"Lin Fan! Scram the h.e.l.l out for Your Father here! Weren't you really c.o.c.ky earlier on? What happened? Acting like a cowardly tortoise now, eh?" Now that he had his Big Senior Brother as his backing, Fang Weifeng was naturally filled with confidence.

Even Senior Brother Zhang's strength was extremely mighty. It wasn't something that a human like this could hope to compete against.

He knew that Lin Fan's strength was only that of a divine celestial level 3, Paradise state. However, Senior Brother Zhang was at the divine celestial level 4, Undying state.

A single glance was enough to tell who was the stronger one of the two.

However, if Fang Weifeng were there to see how Lin Fan had slain 3 divine celestial level 4, Undying state beings on his own, how was he to think?

Zhang Wenzhuang was frowning right now. Why wasn't this human out yet? He took a step forth. Instantly, a tremendous amount of energy converged into a single point and bolted towards the door.

However, just as that point of aura was about to reach the door, the doors slammed open.

Instantly, it seemed as though that point of aura had dove straight into the ocean and disappeared without a trace.

"What? Is there a dog that has appeared to disturb my rest?" Lin Fan strode out of his house with an extremely casual manner. He was getting a little irked over it the endless provocations of Fang Weifeng.

Seemed like if he didn't teach this person a good lesson this time around, things wouldn't do at all.

However, Fang Weifeng was a disciple of the Cloud Sect. No matter what, Lin Fan would have to give the Cloud Sect some face.

But, he knew that Fang Weifeng was nothing but an ant this time around. The question was, who was the true bigshot that Fang Weifeng had brought over?

"Is this the reinforcement that you have sought out?" Lin Fan tossed a side-glance at the man standing beside Fang Weifeng.

Divine celestial level 4, Undying state!

What?! How boring was this! If this were in the past, someone with this cultivation state might be pretty decent for Lin Fan. However, to the current Lin Fan, this was a character he could take down with the flip of his palm!

"Hmph! Lin Fan, I know that you're a guest that was invited back by Elder Yun He. However, I've got to get some justice for this palm of mine that you've severed." Looking at the relaxed disposition Lin Fan was in right now, Fang Weifeng was so angry he was flushed red. Both of his eyes seemed as though a volcano was about to erupt from them.

"You're Lin Fan, the human who injured Junior Brother Fang?" Zhang Wenzhuang, who had remained silent all the while, finally spoke up.

"That's right, that's me alright. What now? You're here to stand up for him?" Lin Fan stood at his doorway and stared at Zhang Wenzhuang.

"Lin Fan, this is Senior Brother Zhang here! Even though your cultivation state is higher than mine, you're way too weak compared to my Senior Brother Fang here! I'd advice you to apologize obediently to Your Father here. Otherwise, once Senior Brother Fang has to step in, things would definitely turn nasty." Fang Weifeng vociferated.

The disciples that were surrounding them began to discuss in hushed whispers.

"So, he's the human, Lin Fan? How come he doesn't look as strong as described by Senior Brother Tianyun?"

"Who knows whether Senior Brother Tianyun has been scamming us? Senior Brother Zhang here is someone who is always by the side of Big Senior Brother. He is really strong for sure."

"I heard that Senior Brother Zhang had once slain an Ancient race being of an Undying state back when he had gone out for an expedition training!"

Zhang Wenzhuang's expression was calm right now. Upon hearing the topic of discussion amongst the disciples, he could not stop that bubbling feeling of pride in his heart.

"Zhang Wenzhuang, Senior Brother Zhang… I see… Divine celestial level 4, Undying state." Lin Fan grinned and mumbled indifferently.

"So, you're the guest that Elder Yun He has invited over. Our Big Senior Brother has spoken. We don't expect much from you. As long as you're willing to pay an apology to Junior Brother Fang as compensation, we'll be done with this matter." Zhang Wenzhuang lifted his chin slightly with an overbearing aura.

"Hmph. It's your lucky stars shining on you that Elder Yun He has brought you back to the sect as a guest. Otherwise, I'd definitely have you kneel before me and kowtow in apology!" Now that Senior Brother Zhang was backing him from the side, Fang Weifeng wasn't afraid in the least bit that Lin Fan might strike out.

As long as Senior Brother Zhang was around, who in the sect would dare to act so brazenly before him? Furthermore, the true backing behind Senior Brother Zhang was Big Senior Brother!

Big Senior Brother was a man of an unparalleled standing in the sect.

Lin Fan could not help but chuckle out as he waved his hand dismissively, "Divine celestial level 4, Undying state? That's not enough. If you want to have me apologize, I'm afraid that Big Senior Brother of yours would have to come before me himself. Even then, we'll have to see if he's got the capabilities to have me make an apology."

"INSOLENT!" The moment Zhang Wenzhuang heard this, he was incensed. To think that this fella would dare to ask for the Big Senior Brother to come without knowing his place! He was definitely courting death!


Just as Zhang Wenzhuang was about to strike out, Fairy Hongyun hurried over from the distance.

"Fang Weifeng, what are you trying to do here?" Fairy Hongyun came in between all three of them and asked, slightly sullen.

"Junior Sister Hongyun, this has got nothing to do with you. The grudge of my severed hand has to be paid back!" Fang Weifeng spoke up.

"Junior Sister Hongyun, this is the order of the Big Senior Brother. We do not wish to take his life. As long as he offers an apology to Junior Brother Fang, we would let this matter go." Zhang Wenzhuang added on.

"He is a guest invited by Elder Yun He. Are you guys not going to give Elder Yun He any face now?" Fairy Hongyun asked.

"Of course we've got to give Elder Yun He some face. However, even Elder Yun He has to give Big Senior Brother some face as well. Therefore, Junior Sister Hongyun, I implore you to best give way and have him apologize. Otherwise, even Elder Yun He will not be able to intercede into this matter any longer." Zhang Wenzhuang replied without changing his expression at all.

Even though Yun He was an elder, his cultivation state wasn't that high. Therefore, he did not contest for the seat of the Grandmaster after entering divine celestial cultivation state, and chose to be an elder from there on.

If Big Senior Brother were to not vie for the seat of the Grandmaster and convert into an elder, his position would then be even higher than Elder Yun He's.

Therefore, even if this were a guest of Elder Yun He, Zhang Wenzhuang wasn't going to give him much face.

"Don't worry, Junior Sister Hongyun. I'm only going to have him apologize to me. Rest a.s.sured that I wouldn't whack him to death." Fang Weifeng chimed in overbearingly.

"You…!" Fairy Hongyun glared at Fang Weifeng in rage.

"I think you guys are getting it all wrong. The reason why Hongyun is stopping you guys isn't because she's afraid that I might be whacked to death by you guys. She's afraid that I might get careless and kill off all of you instead." Standing beside Fairy Hongyun, Lin Fan chuckled out.

"d.a.m.n it! To think that you would dare to act so impertinently even at this moment? Senior Brother Zhang, this person here isn't giving any respect to our Big Senior Brother at all!" Fang Weifeng had not expected Lin Fan to dare to spout such big words even at this juncture. His heart was burning with fury, as he couldn't wait to trample on this guy before his feet right now.

"Brother Lin, this is the Cloud Sect here! Please have mercy in your attacks! You definitely mustn't kill them at all costs!" Tianyun was hurrying over from the distance. Catching sight of the situation before him, he knew that a fight was going to break out soon. As such, he could not help but cry out immediately.

He was truly afraid that Lin Fan might not be able to hold it in and end up killing these two people. By then, things would truly go South.

The moment Lin Fan heard the words of Tianyun, he couldn't help but chuckle once more. After which, he nodded his head.

"Relax, relax. I'll just carry out a casual punishment for them. I won't take their lives."

"Tianyun! Once Senior Brother Zhang is done with him, we'll then spend some time taking care of you, b.l.o.o.d.y fella!" Looking at how Tianyun would dare to stand on the side of the human so recklessly, Fang Weifeng was entirely furious right now.

"Hongyun, please make way. Don't worry. I know my limits." Lin Fan pulled Hongyun aside. He then turned around to the two other people, "I've told you guys. An Undying state being such as yourself has no right to talk to me about such stuff. If you truly want to talk to me, get your Big Senior Brother here."


This time around, Zhang Wenzhuang was truly enraged. His eyes shone with a vicious glint. Instantly, he disappeared from where he was and threw a punch towards Lin Fan.

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