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Within the sect…

Ever since Tianyun had returned from the Fire Water Secret Grounds, he had evidently turned into Mr. Storyteller for some of the disciples.

These disciples did not have a high cultivation state. Some of them were utmost celestials, while others were azure celestials. With regards to something as dangerous as the Ancient race, they could only take down some of the weaker Ancient race beings. If they were to come face to face with the stronger ones, they would definitely have to bow down against them.

As such, a large portion of the Cloud Sect disciples had never once left the sect. Even if they had, they would only have explored the regions nearby, and that was it.

In order to familiarize these disciples with the mentality and experience to engage in combat, several secret grounds were established by the Cloud Sect itself within the Paradise. While they possessed treasures within, dangers were accompanying them in the secret grounds as well.

Even though there might not be any risk of losing their lives, it was common for the disciples to lose their limbs and stuff within the secret grounds.

Perhaps, it would be more appropriate to say that these secret grounds were places where the Cloud Sect disciples would self-entertain themselves.

"An Ancient race army of 1,000,000 beings? How ma.s.sive must that have been? Isn't that way too dangerous? Senior brother, you're not trying to scam us, are you?"

A disciple asked with a shocked expression, evidently doubting these words.

He was someone who was born in the Ancient Saint World. Under a fated occurrence, he had managed to enter the Cloud Sect. Ever since then, he had been cultivating within the Cloud Sect.

At the same time, he had always enjoyed listening to the knowledge that was shared by Senior Brother Tianyun.

As for those disciples of similar status as him, he did not like some of them that much, which was because they were beings who had ascended from the Lower Worlds. All of them only knew how to cultivate and train in the secret grounds. They did not know how to have fun in life at all.

"Scam? Does your senior brother look like he's someone who would scam you guys? I'll tell you guys this… The only reason why your senior brothers and sisters could have made it back this time around was all thanks to that being of the Human race. If not for his presence, we would have all died within the Fire Water Secret Grounds."

The moment Tianyun got to Lin Fan, his face was filled with admiration.

This was the fate of powerful beings. They were ever so popular.

"Senior brother, now THIS is something I don't think I can believe. You're telling me that a single person could have exterminated that entire Ancient race army? Senior brother, even though I haven't been out and about, you can't exaggerate your story like that, you know?"

The surrounding disciples nodded their heads in agreement.

1,000,000 Ancient race beings? What sort of a concept was that? If they were to be surrounded by an Ancient race army that size, they wouldn't even have a single sc.r.a.p remaining of their bodies!

"Oh, you frogs in a well… You're all truly frogs in a well! Your senior brother here has witnessed it for himself! Do you think I could possibly make something like this up?" Tianyun was exasperated right now. However, he knew that if he hadn't seen this with his very own eyes, he too wouldn't have believed in his own words.

"Alright, let's leave this be for now. How about we change the subject a little? Fang Weifeng, you guys know of him, right? Do you know what happened when someone as haughty and arrogant as him tried to go against the human? That's right. His palm was severed instantly by that human!" Tianyun continued.

"Ah! So, that's the reason! Holy sh*t! When Senior Brother Fang came back, I asked him about his palm out of concern. He told me that it was severed by an Ancient race being. So, he was lying to me!"

"Eh? Senior Brother Tianyun! Take a look over there! Senior Brother Fang's headed in this direction!" Another disciple whispered softly.

Tianyun turned his head around. When he saw how terrible Fang Weifeng looked, he sn.i.g.g.e.red in his heart. However, when he caught sight of the person beside Fang Weifeng, his face froze up.

Well, others might not know who this person was, but could he not know? Wasn't this Senior Brother Zhang Wenzhuang who was always by the side of the Big Senior Brother?

The moment Tianyun caught sight of the gloating expression on Fang Weifeng's face, his heart groaned for a moment.

This fella must have gone over and complained to the Big Senior Brother! And now, he was going to seek trouble with Lin Fan with reinforcements!

"Alright, you guys just carry on chatting over here, eh? I've got something on, so I'll be leaving first." Tianyun whispered gently before retreating into the distance immediately.

"Senior brother, where are you off to? You've yet to finish your stories!"

"Senior brother…senior brother!"

"What are you guys up to over here?" Coming before these disciples, Fang Weifeng asked in a pompous manner.

"Senior brother Fang! We were just listening to Senior Brother Tianyun telling us about what happened in the Fire Water Secret Grounds!"

"Hmph!' Fang Weifeng snorted coldly. 'All of you, follow me!"

This was the day that Fang Weifeng wanted to regain his pride. The moment he saw Tianyun mixing with these disciples in a discussion, he knew that his plight must have been leaked out.

Now, he was going to have everyone know what the consequences of messing with him were. As for that lad, Tianyun? Once he was done with that human, he would take care of Tianyun properly.

The moment these disciples heard the orders of Senior Brother Fang, they followed behind him, not daring to disobey his words.

"To think that my Paradise would reach such a degree of power! Indeed, one must never look at a genius the same way they view commoners."

Lin Fan had been immersed within his Paradise the entire time, sensing the power that was brought forth by it.

Initially, Lin Fan was somewhat heartbroken that his Nine Five Legendary Brick and Eternal Axe were damaged by the Paradise Thunder Calamity. However, both of these legendary weapons were instantly repaired the moment he tided through the Paradise Thunder Calamity.

At the same time, Lin Fan was certain of a fact now. These two legendary weapons weren't invincible.

The damage to the Eternal Axe was something Lin Fan did not put to his heart. Even if it were destroyed, he would at most feel crestfallen for a while. However, it wouldn't affect him that much.

However, if the Nine Five Legendary Brick was destroyed, Lin Fan would probably feel like committing suicide.

This was a G.o.dly object! A natural order defying object that could render one unconscious regardless of defense! If this object were to be gone, he would truly be dead meat!

Lin Fan had wanted to improve on the Nine Five Legendary Brick. This was a thought that he had pondered over for a long time now. However, he was afraid that the original effect of the Nine Five Legendary Brick might be lost under this brash decision of his.

Compared to other legendary weapons, the Nine Five Legendary Brick did not possess any magical powers or Weapon Spirit within it. Even if Lin Fan wanted to give it an upgrade, he had yet to think up of a good way to do so.

However, the fact remained that the Cloud Sect was a good place for him to take a rest.

As such, Lin Fan had the intentions of crafting a new weapon once more. This time around, Lin Fan did not want to craft any Dao Weapon or whatsoever. He wanted to try his luck and randomly create a legendary weapon that was similar to the Nine Five Legendary Brick.

Even though the chances were really slim, he had to give it a shot no matter what. Who knew when Lady Luck might be shining on him and something pops out of his tries. That was not entirely impossible either.

"Lin Fan! Scram out here to Your Granddaddy!"

Right at this moment, a roar came from outside his house. This roar was filled with boundless rage and indignity.

"This voice is pretty familiar. Who could it be?" Lin Fan was in the midst of contemplating about a major event in his life. To think that someone would come knocking on his door at this moment.

Well, there should only be those two who had a grudge against him in the Cloud Sect. By the sound of this voice, this should be Fang Weifeng.

It wasn't that Lin Fan hadn't considered the possibility of Fang Weifeng seeking trouble for himself upon arriving at the sect. However, what Lin Fan had not expected was that things would come by this quickly.

Goodness, this guy just couldn't wait even a single night for revenge.

But, fair enough! Since this was the case, it was time to see just what sort of help this Fang Weifeng had managed to obtain.

Lin Fan believed that he wouldn't have this sort of guts if it were just him alone.

Outside the house…

Fang Weifeng stood with an overbearing demeanor, looking down at the rest of the world. He had sworn to get his revenge today. It was time to let this d.a.m.ned human know that Fang Weifeng wasn't a pushover!

At another corner of the sect, Tianyun had finally found his Junior Sister Hongyun. He told her about the issue of Fang Weifeng seeking Lin Fan to trash things out.

The moment Fairy Hongyun heard this, her eyelids twitched instantly. She wasn't worried that anything would happen to Lin Fan at all. She was more worried that her fellow sect member may be smashed to a pulp by Lin Fan!

"Junior sister, slow down a little! Given Lin Fan's strength, I'm sure he'll be alright!" Looking at how worried his Junior Sister Hongyun was, Tianyun felt a weird stir in his heart. To think that his junior sister would already be so attached to this man after knowing him for such a short period of time.

At this moment, Tianyun was once again thoroughly impressed by Lin Fan. Seemed like he was too good at bagging chicks as well!

"I'm not worried about him! I'm just worried that he might end up killing Fang Weifeng instead!"


The moment Tianyun heard this, his face changed slightly.

Wait a minute. This seemed about right!

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