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The next day.

The Great Yan Dynasty entered into high alert. Lin Fan didn’t know what the Yan Emperor had returned to do, and wondered if those golden armored soldiers had been sentenced to death or not.

But Lin Fan felt they likely wouldn’t be any better off either way. The Yan Emperor had a high cultivation base, so he most likely also had ways to see into the human heart. Those golden armored soldiers had seen the Yan Emperor and Queen in indecent postures, so they most likely would be unable to act normally. The Yan emperor was likely to find out sooner or later.

Lin Fan gave a perfect a.n.a.lysis of this incident.

The School entrance…

Lin Fan didn’t dare take out the two rings carelessly. All masters likely had some sort of tracking technique, and if he brought it out. it was all too likely that the Yan Emperor would appear in front of him in a second.

Then, he would be squashed to pieces like an ant.

So, Lin Fan could only dump out all the contents within the ring inside the bag.

Shining golden lights and delicate fragrances a.s.saulted his senses.

The pile of items emitted a strange dazzling light that essentially blinded Lin Fan.

‘I’m rich!’

‘I really struck it rich this time. ‘

Lin Fan had been stuck at level three postcelestial for quite a long time now. He had been focusing on raising his martial skills and not cultivation base, so it was quite vexing.

But now, it was all good, With this amount of resources, leveling up was essentially guaranteed.

‘Ding… congratulations, discovered upper cla.s.s dark medicinal pills, Demon Egg Pills*10.’

‘Demon Egg Pills: Taking the yin of a pregnant women’s child, refined with the combination of a secret method, used for cultivating demonic arts.’

‘Each pill can increase experience by 80000.'

Lin Fan saw the pitch black medicinal pills and his expression changed. What sinister medicinal pills!

These medicinal pills usage method relied on absorbing unborn babies. Why did the supreme Great Yan dynasty’s highest ruler have these kinds of sinister pills? This didn’t make sense.

Lin Fan frowned, his thoughts rushing at light speed. Perhaps the Yan emperor had some sort of problem?

Even the Saint Devil sect didn’t have such a sinister type of medicinal pill. The medicinal pills could increase his experience, but eating one was basically eating a baby, and Lin Fan couldn’t do such a thing.

He had grabbed such a sinister medicinal pill by just casually searching. Lin Fan’s heart darkened, the Yan Emperor and Queen were perhaps psychos. He should probably carefully filter out the pills.

After Lin Fan had sorted out the pills, he looked at a small pile of pills he didn’t want to use and felt a bit pained. These pills were only usable by abnormal people.

They consisted of ones made from babies or made from a female’s yin blood. They were all very sinister, but luckily, some of the pills were normal. So Lin Fan began eating them without any hesitation.

‘Ding… congratulations, consumed lower earth cla.s.s medicinal pills, Energy Pills*10, experience + 1200000.'

‘Ding… congratulations, consumed middle earth cla.s.s medicinal pill, Heaven Breaking Pill, experience + 200000.’

‘Ding… congratulations, consumed lower dark cla.s.s medicinal pills, Cloud Dragon Pills*10, experience + 800000.’

Lin Fan stuffed all the medicinal pills into his mouth, not caring about the effects. He was fine as long as they provided experience.

The Yan Emperor and Queen were masters among masters as expected, having a vast amount of medicinal pills of many different types.

‘Ding… congratulations, leveled up.’

‘Ding… congratulations, leveled up.’

‘Ding… congratulations, leveled up.’

After finishing those medicinal pills, he had risen by three levels, from level three postcelestial to level six postcelestial instantly. Lin Fan knew the medicine he ate were very rare, and if given to ordinary people for cultivation, with these medicinal pills and a bit of talent, even raising a weakling that never cultivated before to pericelestial wouldn’t be a problem.

Lin Fan’s way of eating medicine was very wasteful. The purpose of medicinal pills was to use a combination of them together to produce a rare effect. But Lin Fan was just absorbing the experience from the medicinal pills and completely disregarding the effects of the pills.

‘Ding… congratulations, true energy + 1000.’

‘Ding… congratulations, true energy + 1000.’

‘Ding… congratulations, true energy + 1000.’

Sixth level postcelestial stage.

He could also now be considered a master.

Of course, there was still some distance between him and true masters. But for Lin Fan who had a legendary brick, if given a chance, he would be able to knock them out.

After finishing the medicinal pills, Lin Fan began searching again for other good stuff.

‘Ding… congratulations, lower heaven cla.s.s tactics, Dragon King Hegemony.’


Lin Fan was overjoyed. He didn’t think there would even be tactics in there, Even when he was in the Saint Devil sect, he knew of the value of tactics. Unlike martial skills, every type of tactic had a special effect, and the majority of tactics were all capable of raising the user’s base powers.

The boost was only temporary and consumed a large amount of the user’s true energy. For any sect, cultivating mental skills were important, and tactics were even more so. Inside the sect if one wasn’t at a certain level, they weren’t allowed to learn tactics, because tactics were far more important than mental skills.

‘Dragon King Hegemony: 19 total levels, each level can raise power by 10%.’

‘Dragon King Hegemony level one (0/100000).’

Lin Fan saw the skill’s description and was very pleased. As expected of a powerful master, their tactics were very powerful indeed. If he could raise "Dragon King Hegemony" up another nine levels, his power would be increased by two folds.

Also, the skills he learned could be raised an unlimited amount of times. So, if he were to raise "Dragon King Hegemony" to level 100, his power would increase tenfold.

Just the thought alone was terrifying.

Then, Lin Fan checked through the contents a little more, but couldn’t find any other good stuff. As for the two rings, Lin Fan placed them into his bag so when the time came and his blacksmith profession was high enough, he would reforge them.

A few days later, Lin Fan’s students came back to school. For the students, these past few days had been a great deal to them. This was the first time they were filled with boundless hope for the future.

"Teacher." Inside the cla.s.sroom, this was the first time the thirteen students smiled this excitedly. It was all because, in the past few days, they had finally broken through to the precelestial stage.

They were only level one precelestials, but it was a tremendous occasion for them.

Lin Fan also pondered as he watched these students.

All fresh level one precelestials.

Zhui Mo made Lin Fan even more surprised because, in just this sort amount of time, his cultivation base had already reached level two precelestial.

Everyone else’s "t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body" was still around level one, but Zhui Mo’s "t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body" had reached level two. This was quite surprising.

"Liu Shuishui, you did well. I am very impressed, continue your hard work in the future." Lin Fan stretched out his encouraging hand and patted Liu Shuishui’s head. Her abilities also rose from idiot to mediocre.

"Yes, teacher." Liu Shuishui excitedly said.

She didn’t think she would have been capable of breaking through to the precelestial stage, so she was very excited.

Lin Fan then encouraged each student using his encouraging hand to pat their heads, and when he reached Zhui Mo he nodded.

"Zhui Mo, you are very strong. You are the hardest working student I have ever seen."

To raise"t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body" one needed to endure beatings. Zhui Mo had raised "t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body" to level two in such a short amount of time, clearly because he had received several rounds of beatings.

"Teacher, thank you." Zhui Moi nodded heavily.

"Good, keep up the hard work." Lin Fan smiled and patted his head with encouraging hand.

‘Ding… congratulations on producing a student with genius abilities.’

‘Ding… congratulations, mentor profession, experience + 1000.’

‘Ding… congratulations, mentor upgraded to grand mentor .’

‘Ding… congratulations encouraging hand upgraded, can upgrade abilities to peerless genius.’

‘Ding… unlocking grand mentor exclusive skill…’


Lin Fan instantly froze upon seeing a new skill. Was this perhaps the exclusive skill of those master monks that allowed them to enlighten lost souls?

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