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What Lin Fan did not expect was that the Skill and Weapon Spirits would know how to contest over benefits. Seemed like their intellect was pretty decent.

Right now, his Paradise was just like a world of its own. Even though it wasn't that big, it still spanned out for 100,000 miles. While this could only be considered as a miniature world, it possessed everything it should have, without lacking in anything.

Right now, the Eighteen Levels of h.e.l.ls made use of Mu Tian's realm. As such, there was a need to watch over the realm. The Heaven's Will within the Paradise right now required an overseer as well, in order to control over everything.

Within the Paradise, there would naturally be a ton of living beings. The Thunder Trainer King was someone who was skilled in the art of training. Therefore, other than him, there would be no one who was more suited for the role.

"Master, I've been following you from the very beginning. This big piece of rock here has no capabilities at all! The only thing he knows is to eat, eat and eat day and night! If we were to meet any enemies, he wouldn't have any use at all! If we were to let him oversee the Heaven's Will of the Paradise, we might be the ones to be walloped up like dogs by our enemies!" The Spirit of Biggra commented.

"Bullsh*t! I am the big ancient demon! My Bloodline is of the utmost grade, with an unparalleled might that can cause the entire Paradise to shudder! With your dodgy demeanor, how can the ma.s.ses quiver and submit to you?" The big ancient demon retorted.

"Hmph! The Paradise will definitely be filled with living beings in the future! What capabilities do you have to take care of them?" The Spirit of Biggra asked.

"Then, what capabilities do YOU have?" The big ancient demon rebuked immediately.

"Hmph, hmph!" The Spirit of Biggra gave two cold laughs. "What capabilities do I have? Tons. I am the Spirit of Biggra! I can replenish the Spirit Qi of the Paradise itself! Not only that, I can have it pour with Spirit rain, nourishing the living beings! Also, I can…"

The Spirit of Biggra began to rant on and on and on. Even Lin Fan's eyebrows were twitching at his words.

"Lies! Carry on with your exaggerated lies! If you say that you can replenish the Spirit Qi of the Paradise, I'll give you that. But make it pour with Spirit rain? Who do you take yourself to be?" The big ancient demon scoffed.

Looking at the big ancient demon, the eyes of the Spirit of Biggra turned decisive. Pointing out with his finger, the river that was formed from the True Essence of Water rose into the air.

Opening his mouth, the Spirit of Biggra swallowed the entire vast and boundless river into his belly before burping.

"Alright, watch carefully now! I, the Spirit of Biggra, am the best candidate for being the overseer of the Heaven's Will of the Paradise! I shall be the true lord of the void of the Paradise! For my Master, for the sake of the Paradise's progression, I'm willing to make any sacrifices possible!" The Spirit of Biggra chimed loudly. His next course of action had Lin Fan absolutely dumbfounded.

The Spirit of Biggra took down his pants, whipped out his donger, and started p.i.s.sing!

Instantly, the whole sky was filled with Spirit rain that sprayed down onto the world.

"Holy f*ck…!" Lin Fan was completely flabbergasted right now. If he were to f*cking let this Spirit of Biggra take on the seat of the overseer for the Heaven's Will of the Paradise, wouldn't his entire Paradise turn into a public toilet?

"Y-you…you!" The big ancient demon was completely rendered speechless through the actions of the Spirit of Biggra as well. To think that he could be this shameless!

"All of you, shut up!" Lin Fan yelled in a high voice. This was f*cking getting out of hand now.

"Flying Heavens shall oversee the Heaven's Will of the Paradise." Lin Fan waved his hands. Instantly, these gems of words that were spouted out of Lin Fan's mouth seemed to carry a magic to them, as the talisman of the Paradise's Heaven's Will shone brightly.

From the unknowns, a power gushed down and was bestowed upon Long Xuan and Xiguang, covering them with a bright glow.

"The Thunder Trainer King shall be in charge of reforming all the living beings."

"The big ancient demon shall watch over the Eighteen Levels of h.e.l.l."

"The Spirit of Biggra shall be in charge of replenishing the Spirit Qi as well as patrol of the Paradise."

Each time Lin Fan opened his mouth, a beam of light shimmered out. Every single Weapon and Skill Spirit had to obey his orders. Now that the Paradise had undergone a metamorphosis, its achievements from this point forth would be unlimited.

Lin Fan could also sense his own power level rising during the Paradise Thunder Calamity. Right now, it was way stronger compared to before, way, way stronger.

Even though the expedition of the Fire Water Secret Grounds had been extremely treacherous, Lin Fan had honestly made a huge fortune out of this place.

His physical body state had grown, and his Paradise had metamorphosed. At the same time, all of the Weapon and Skill Spirits that he had cultivated out had been buffed and had grown way stronger than before as well.

Furthermore, Lin Fan could sense that a single punch from him seemed to possess the equivalence of an entire world of its own.

Naturally, this wasn't an exact approximation of his true strength; this was just what he felt. However, he still felt that his current strength had grown to a certain extent.

Even if it were a divine celestial level 4, Undying state being, Lin Fan was pretty sure that he could devastate that entire being easily.

At the moment, Fairy Hongyun and the others were looking for Lin Fan frantically. They were hoping to find any signs or traces of him.

Just then, the void vibrated as a figure appeared within it.

"Lin Fan!" The moment everyone caught sight of that figure, they were extremely agitated.

In fact, Fairy Hongyun even came about to Lin Fan's side and checked him from top to toe. She was feeling extremely alarmed right now. Not only had his aura grown stronger, it had also gotten more mysterious along with it.

"The Paradise Thunder Calamity. You've tided through it?" Fairy Hongyun asked.

"Yes. I have." Lin Fan nodded his head without holding back at all.

Actually, Fairy Hongyun knew that he must have tided through it, since he was alive right now. However, Lin Fan's personal affirmation was undoubtedly even more startling.

Elder Yun He and the others could no longer speak at all.

To think that he could even get through such a devastating Paradise Thunder Calamity. What sort of luck and encounters must someone have in order to get through something like this?

From this day forth, it didn't matter how tall the Heavens were or how far the Earth extended. This man was bound to conquer them all.

"Good, good! Indeed, you're undoubtedly the pride of the Human race!" Elder Yun He exclaimed excitedly.

Tianyun and Muqing headed up to congratulate Lin Fan. At the same time, they were filled with a deep fear towards Lin Fan's formidable strength. Standing beside Lin Fan, they were almost getting the feeling that they weren't standing beside a living being, but an entire world of its own.

Weitian was supporting Fang Weifeng by the shoulders. They hid within the crowd, lowering their heads and not daring to make direct eye contact with Lin Fan.

"Lin Fan, my utmost grat.i.tude for the events of this Fire Water Secret Grounds. If it weren't for you, all of us would most definitely have perished within this place." Elder Yun He said.

"Actually, if you guys hadn't given me the treasures of the Fire Water Secret Grounds, I wouldn't have been able to hold out until this point either." Lin Fan was speaking the truth indeed. If not for those Dao and Spirit Weapons, he wouldn't have been able to hold on until he met the Ancient race army.

But of course, Lin Fan was the most grateful towards the Ancient race beings. If not for that Ancient race army, he would truly have been f*cked up big time with this Paradise Thunder Calamity.

Elder Yun He was also feeling exceptionally joyous in his heart right now. Even though the Dao and Spirit Weapons within the Fire Water Secret Grounds were extremely valuable, the fact that they're able to get acquainted with a pride of the Human race who wielded such infinite potential was also a fact worth celebrating.

"Now that the Ancient race army has been thoroughly annihilated, the Ancient race isn't going to let this go that easily. How about you come over to the Cloud Sect as a guest?" Elder Yun He suggested.

Lin Fan pondered for a moment before nodding his head eventually.

"Well, I had the idea of paying you guys a visit as well." Lin Fan wanted to take a look at the ancient records within the Cloud Sect. After this round of events, if there was one thing that Lin Fan truly understood right now, it was the importance of knowledge.

Furthermore, now that his Paradise had already undergone a metamorphosis, he required a large deal of knowledge in order to construct the facilities within it.

By now, Weitian was thoroughly filled with fear towards Lin Fan. On the other hand, Fang Weifeng was filled with hatred. Upon hearing that Lin Fan was headed to the Cloud Sect, the wrath within his heart surged and gushed like the raging waters of a river.

'Alright, once we get to the Cloud Sect, I'll be sure to teach you a lesson!' Fang Weifeng's eyes shone with a nasty glint.

Lin Fan turned around just in time to catch a glimpse of that glint. However, it disappeared almost immediately. But for Lin Fan's current state, he could sense any bit of hostile intent towards himself.

Despite that, Lin Fan did not put it to heart.

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