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Ten Thunder Spirits stood upright within the Paradise. They looked down at the entire world with a cold, merciless gaze, that were fixated at Lin Fan.

"What are you looking at? If you're unhappy, come and f*ck me up! What? Am I going to be afraid of you guys now?" Lin Fan hollered out in rage as the aura of his entire body had reached its peak right now.

The Paradise Thunder Calamity was deeply tied to the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World. There was no way they would let Lin Fan tide through this so easily.

These ten last remaining Thunder Spirits were h.e.l.l-bent on destroying him.

The Thunder Trainer King was caged in an aura of his Buddha nature, with a benevolent look on his face. However, his gaze was extremely ferocious. Both of his arms were coiled with thunder as he followed tightly behind Lin Fan.

As for the Spirit of Biggra, he had retracted that dodgy smile that was usually on his face. However, the dodginess of his aura was still ever so evident, emanating out from time to time.

Long Xuan and Xiguang's hands were locked tightly together, with a grim expression on their faces. They knew that this was the final trial. If they were to tide through this, it would open up another world for them. If not, death would await them as they disintegrated into dust.

"Master, all of our skills shall strike out together. All things can be broken through a single thought, as we remain invincible between the world."

At this moment, Lin Fan's battle intent was high strung. Materializing into a physical state, it manifested into a G.o.d Spirit of his battle intent.

"Come on." Lin Fan's gaze was sharp. He had reached this point from the very bottom. Right now, he was deploying every single skill he had ever learned, as a powerful aura revolved around him.

Right now, Lin Fan was like an unparalleled Battle G.o.d. He could slay any and everything without a single bit of hesitation.


The ten Thunder Spirits howled before fusing together into an extremely thick thunderbolt. This incredibly thick thunderbolt shot down from the Heavens like a ma.s.sive dragon that vociferated in anger continuously.

Lin Fan's domineering aura rose immediately as he stretched out his finger. While this finger might seem to be calm and casual, it encompa.s.sed everything within it. Even though it was just one of his fingers, it possessed every single Skill Spirit within it.

A single strike with all of his powers... A single strike to destroy everything…


The moment the Thunder Spirits and his Skill Spirits clashed, the entire Paradise vibrated immensely. The powerful lightning rippled out in all directions. Through this power of thunder, multiple thin and agile thunder snakes contorted out. Twisting around, they eventually covered Lin Fan like a flower.

The Thunder Trainer King shut his eyes gently as he shrank down in size. Eventually, he turned into a crystal. Within the crystal, the Thunder Trainer King sat down cross-legged, as though he was about to have a breakthrough and be reborn.

The Spirit of Biggra shut his eyes gently as well as his body was destroyed continuously. Eventually, he was covered by a thick mist, before condensing down into a crystal as well.

Under the might of the power of thunder, all the Skill Spirits had reached a state of saturation. They were now undergoing a state of rebirth. Whether or not they lived or died depended on Lin Fan right now.

'The f*ck? F*ck this! Seems like I can only face this all by myself now!' Lin Fan knew that they were evolving right now, and that the success of that evolution depended on him.

If he tided through this, they lived, and if he didn't, everyone would die.

'Roc's Breath!'

In a flash, an illusory figure of a Roc appeared behind Lin Fan. This Roc began to materialize continuously, before it turned into a physical body. Opening its mouth, it was able to take in entire mountains and rivers with a single breath.

All ten Thunder Spirits were absorbed within Lin Fan's tummy.

Suddenly, Lin Fan's face changed. His body was being breached by the thunderbolts as they worked hard at wreaking havoc within.


As though he couldn't endure this terribly mighty strength, Lin Fan's body began to tear apart. Every single wound would flash with lightning and screech loudly.

'Essence Spirit of the Heaven and Earth! Culminate into one!'

With that, a vortex appeared at the head of Lin Fan. A ma.s.sive amount of Spirit Qi was being sucked in as his powers surged up, trying to defend against everything.

Blood Sea was working at its maximum efficiency right now. Destruction and regeneration were working interchangeably at this moment.

However, Lin Fan's expression was gradually turning worse with time. The ten Thunder Spirits were way too strong! They were annihilating all the magical powers within his body! In fact, even the source of Lin Fan's powers in every single cell in his body were being destroyed by them.

If this were to carry on, Rebirth through Blood itself might even be rendered useless!

"SYSTEM! b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! HOW LONG MORE DO YOU WISH TO WAIT BEFORE COMING TO SAVE ME? DO YOU REALLY WANT ME TO DIE RIGHT HERE?" Lin Fan screamed out. He could no longer do anything more.

The Paradise Thunder Calamity that he was going through right now wasn't something that anyone could possibly endure. This could be considered the strongest Paradise Thunder Calamity in the whole of the Ancient Saint World.

Even the eight Utmost Beings of the Ancient race wouldn't have had gone through such an agonizing Paradise Thunder Calamity!

These last ten Thunder Spirits were even stronger than all of the Thunder Calamity strikes that he had experienced from the very beginning added together!

It was as though Lin Fan's scream had broken through something, as all ten Thunder Spirits that were wantonly wreaking havoc in his body began to calm down. Suddenly, they were the ones screaming out in agony, as an unknown energy surged out from within Lin Fan's body towards them.



All of those intrepid Thunder Spirits began to crumble down one after another. Turning into a ball of energy, all of them were fused into the Paradise.

"HAHA! Finally, the system intervenes!" Lin Fan roared out in laughter as his face let out a look of glee.

Lin Fan understood that the reason why the system hadn't intervened earlier on was that it wanted him to face it himself. But now, these ten Thunder Spirits weren't something that anyone could deal with by themselves.


A berserk surge of energy ripped out.

Splitting the entire Heaven and Earth open, everything entered a state of nothingness. Lin Fan's consciousness began to get blurry, as though he was entering another world entirely.


Looking at the dispersion of the Paradise, Fairy Hongyun and the others frowned.

"What's happening? Why is the Paradise dispersing?"

"Does this mean that he had succeeded or…failed?"

Even with her broad knowledge of things, the scene that was happening right here wasn't something that Fairy Hongyun had seen before. In fact, nothing as such was inscribed even within the ancient records.

"Could he have failed?" Yun He's face was terrible right now.

"I don't think so. If he had failed, the Paradise Thunder Calamity would have erupted out undoubtedly. Given how devastating that Paradise Thunder Calamity was, even if we were hidden snugly within the Fire Water Secret Grounds, we would definitely be disintegrated into nothingness." Fairy Hongyun replied.

"Then, what in the world is happening right now? Where has the Paradise gone? Where is HE gone?"

"Let's go and check it out."

Everyone hurried out of the Fire Water Secret Grounds and searched around the vicinity. However, they couldn't find any trace of Lin Fan at all.

A single speck of dust could be considered as a world of its own.

Right now within the void, a speck of dust that couldn't be seen with the naked eye floated gently in the middle of everything.

Lin Fan gradually regained his consciousness. Looking at his surroundings, he grinned. Now that he had tided over the Paradise Thunder Calamity, everything had returned to normalcy.


The sounds of cracking permeated through the void. Lin Fan realized that all of those Skill Spirits who had turned into crystals were shedding their crystal sh.e.l.ls right now. This was a rebirth as a ma.s.sive aura rippled out of them.

Compared to the past, they were stronger by a hundred times.

"I am the big ancient demon. By right, I should be the one who should oversee the Dao of the Paradise."

"I am the Thunder Trainer King. By right, I should be the one to reform all of the beings within the Paradise."

"I am the Spirit of Biggra. By right, I should be the one who should oversee the Dao of the Paradise."

Instantly, the big ancient demon and Spirit of Biggra glared at one another, their sharp gazes filled with battle intent.

"Only the Spirit of Biggra should have the rights to oversee the Dao of the Paradise."

"What are you? I am the big ancient demon! Of course, I should be the one in charge of overseeing the Dao of this place!"

"Dogsh*t! I'm the one who has been with Master for the longest time now! My battle results have been ill.u.s.trious throughout all the fights! How can you compete with me?" The Spirit of Biggra retorted.

The auras of Long Xuan and Xiguang were both extremely mysterious and deep right now. Looking at the squabble between the big ancient demon and the Spirit of Biggra, both of them shrugged their shoulders helplessly.

However, at that moment, Lin Fan pointed out with his fingers and a tower of the Eighteen Levels of h.e.l.ls floated out. This was the Realm that was cultivated out by Mu Tian and forced out by Lin Fan in the end.

With a single palm slap, Lin Fan slammed the Eighteen Levels of h.e.l.ls down into the abyss of his Paradise.

At this moment, Lin Fan's Paradise underwent a change that caused the Heaven and Earth to topple over entirely. Compared to before, this was way more like a Paradise now.

Lin Fan lifted his head over. At the far end of his Paradise, a talisman paper that was changing rapidly floated silently over in the depths.

Right now, the entire Paradise was just like an entire world of its own, with its consciousness metamorphosing into the Dao. From this point forth, it would definitely possess mythical usages.

However, Lin Fan's face changed when he heard the argument that was going on between the big ancient demon and the Spirit of Biggra.

"All of you, argue you're a*s! I shall divide the roles for you guys!"

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