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'True Origins Crushing Kick!'

Lin Fan did not want to waste time pondering too much over this as he unleashed his ultimate move straight up. If he were to allow this Ancient race being to self-detonate, who knew what sort of a cataclysmic effect it would produce?

The Paradise trembled as the sky was filled with a foot imprint that flew out towards the Ancient race being.

"HAHA! Your legatus here isn't even afraid of death. Do you think he would be afraid of something like this?" The Ancient race legatus' laugh was chilling. That death stare of his emitted a red glow, as though he wouldn't rest in peace until Lin Fan was killed by him.

However, it didn't take long before the expression of the Ancient race legatus changed. He screamed at the top of his lungs, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?"

The strength of the Ancient race legatus' Paradise was wild right now, as though it could explode out at any moment. But upon receiving that kick, he realized that the power within his Paradise were dispelled immediately, as an uncontrollable pain surged through his head. It was so dreadful that he couldn't pull himself away from it at all.

"I haven't done anything to you at all. If there's anything wrong, we should talk things out! Don't casually resort to stuff like detonating yourself up!" Lin Fan smiled indifferently. Immediately after, he couldn't care less about the Ancient race legatus; the Paradise Thunder Calamity was starting to go rampant once more.

It was as though the Paradise Thunder Calamity itself was getting fed up with being unable to smite Lin Fan to death.

"MOTHERF*CKING HUMAN KING! YOU'RE DESPICABLE AND VILE!" The Ancient race legatus was clutching at his crotch in unbearable pain, as sweat dripped down furiously from his forehead.

Lin Fan ignored him entirely. His gaze was focused right now. There was a strange phenomenon going on in his Paradise Thunder Calamity.

Two gigantic thunderbolts fused together, before splitting out into multiple portions.


The lightning flashed. Once more, Lin Fan's Paradise was turned into a world of thunder.

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience Points +1,500'

Even though these thunderbolts were virtually nothing for Lin Fan, it was a wave of destruction for the Ancient race beings, resulting in death and injuries. Under the might of the thunderbolts, dust flew everywhere before evaporating into nothingness.

Lin Fan swept his robes and tossed out a great number of healing pills. They exploded out, turning into a thick medicinal mist that covered the bodies of those injured Ancient race beings.

As for the Ancient race legatus who was struck by Lin Fan's True Origins Crushing Kick, his entire body was pitch black right now. While it didn't amount to much, he was enduring an insufferable pain through his entire body, rendering him unable to resist at all.

Therefore, Lin Fan could only heal him with all he had in order to have him hold on to the very end.

Fire Water Secret Grounds…

Fairy Hongyun and the others were dumbfounded right now.

Lin Fan's Paradise repeatedly flashed with lightning. Even though they weren't inside it, they could still sense the berserk energy that was flowing within it. In fact, they could feel that if this power of thunder were to even spread out a little from within, it would be enough to annihilate all of them present right now.

"It seems as though the Ancient race beings have done a good deed this time around." Yun He gasped in astonishment.

"T-too strong! The might of those Ancient race legatus is too much! Even if you were to cage them within a Paradise, they should definitely be able to break out of it with pure brute force! To think that Lin Fan could sustain the Paradise and have it intact till now! Just how in the world could he have done it?"

"He is the utmost pride of the Human race! Even those five powerful legendary beings of the Human race from 10,000 years ago may not have been able to conduct this feat!"

Weitian's face was paler than anyone present right now. To think that this being of the Human race would be this strong! Right now, a sense of chill and regret was bubbling within his heart.

If he had known that the other party would be this strong, he wouldn't have offended this guy from the start!

Initially, he was still gloating slightly seeing how the other party might not be able to get through the Paradise Thunder Calamity. However, it seemed as though that horrifying being of the Human race was managing to hold out against this!

Terrifying… This is way too terrifying!

Within the Paradise…

Lin Fan's expression was changing.

It had already been over 2,000 thunderbolt strikes by now. As such, his physical body state had grown to that of a divine celestial level 4, Undying state.

However, the number of Ancient race beings that were still alive to share the burden of the Paradise Thunder Calamity was getting less and less by the wave. There were practically none of them left by now.

In fact, there were already two of the Ancient race legatus who had died out of the original ten.

Those two were the ones who had wanted to detonate their own Paradises, but were suppressed down by Lin Fan's True Origins Crushing Kick. However, because of that suppression of Lin Fan, they were unable to use their own powers to defend against the Paradise Thunder Calamity, and could only take on the thunderbolts with their physical body states.

Eventually, the acc.u.mulation of the power of destruction caused them to explode out from within.


At this moment, the Paradise Thunder Calamity was getting ever more maniacal. Within the void, the lightning bolts lined the entire sky densely like a nest of agile snakes. Distorted and convoluted, they appeared from time to time in flashes.

A gigantic thunderbolt that was the size of five men huddled together slammed down from the sky.

"Good one! Come at me, then! Now that things have come to this, Yours Truly isn't going to bow down!" Lin Fan hollered. Pushing out with his palm, his energy traveled out, colliding with that crazed dragon of thunder intensely.


"HUMAN! THE ANCIENT RACE WILL NEVER LET YOU OFF!" One of the Ancient race legatus was on the brink of death right now. Under the might of the next thunderbolt, he was disintegrated into dust without any chance at all.

To be honest, the deaths of these Ancient race legatus were way too dishonorable for them. All of them were divine celestial level 5, Essence Spirit state beings! Which one of them wasn't a powerful being to begin with?

Even amongst the Ancient race beings, they were of a legatus status, and commandeered 1,000,000 troops of their own! To think that they were to be used as shields for someone of the Human race in order for him to tide through his Paradise Thunder Calamity!

How could any Ancient race legatus get through such a humiliation?

However, there was nothing they could do at all.

This human was way too despicable!

Even though he wasn't their match at all, his skills were extremely sketchy. Coupled with the fact that he was extremely stealthy, there was no way anyone could track him down!

To think that he could even prevent the detonation of one's own Paradise!

"I'm indignant about this! Heaven's Will! Please bestow strength upon me!" An Ancient race legatus screamed with an extremely spiteful look.

In this world, there should only be grounds for the Ancient race to trample upon all the others beings of the thousands of races. How could the tables be turned upon them?

The speed of the Paradise Thunder Calamity was getting faster, and it was getting harder for anyone to react by now. Right after a single Thunder Calamity rained down, the next wave would follow closely behind.

As time went by, Lin Fan's physical body was undergoing a state of ripping and regenerating rapidly as well.


Looking at their Ancient race beings dying repeatedly one after another, the Ancient race legatus were thoroughly anguished right now.

"I'LL HAVE YOU DEAD!" Suddenly, one of the Ancient race legatus howled out wildly as he appeared straight in the face of Lin Fan. Disregarding the formidable power of thunder above him, he sent a punch pummelling straight at Lin Fan's face.

Lin Fan did not turn around to face him. Instead, his gaze was still on the lightning flashes in the Heaven.


Two thunderbolts flashed by Lin Fan's side.

At this moment, Lin Fan was like a man made up of thunder. With loud screeches and cracks, his entire body was wrapped up with multiple lightning snakes, as though they were about to devour Lin Fan entirely.

At the side, the Ancient race legatus who was about to fight it out with Lin Fan was wailing dreadfully as he was ripped apart endlessly.


The death of this Ancient race legatus had no effect on Lin Fan at all.

However, Lin Fan realized that the thunderbolts were not raining down right now. It was as though they were gathering up instead. By the time he looked around at his surroundings, he heaved in a cold breath of air.

The entire Ancient race army had been annihilated without a single survivor. That Ancient race legatus happened to be the last Ancient race being standing.

All of the Dao and Spirit Weapons from the bodies of the Ancient race legatus had played a part in helping Lin Fan defend up until this moment. He could not deny that he wouldn't be standing here right now if not for the presence of the ten Ancient race legatus.

"Whether I die or live depends on this final moment." Lin Fan's heart was starting to come to peace. He then shut his eyes gently and focused his spirit, essence, and vitality.

When he next opened his eyes, his hands danced around in the air with different stances.

A fist.

A palm strike.

A sword.

It was as though he had uncovered every single logic and wisdom within the Heaven and Earth.

A series of Skill G.o.ds floated gently behind Lin Fan.

The three-headed and six-armed Faceless Sky Demon was slowly evolving as well, as its aura grew stronger than ever at this moment.

"It's up to us now." Lin Fan spoke up.

"Yes, Master!"

Lin Fan took a step forth, as his aura ascended to the peak point right now.

"Come on! I must definitely tide over this Paradise Thunder Calamity! Even if it's Buddha himself, he shall not hinder my path forward!" Lin Fan's aura was domineering akin to a blade that was just unsheathed.

If he were to meet with a G.o.d right now, he would kill the G.o.d. If a Buddha appeared, he would kill the Buddha.

Right now, he was ready to slay everything before him.

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