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The Great Yan Dynasty soldiers were proud of their duties. It was their lifelong honor to be able to protect the Yan Emperor and Queen.

The Yan Emperor was the strongest within the Great Yan Dynasty. Even those mighty sect elders had to pay their respects to the Emperor when they came to the Great Yan Dynasty. This type of honor was something other dynasties didn’t have.

All because the great Yan dynasty had definite power.

They believed that under the lead of the Yan Emperor, the Great Yan dynasty would be taken to an even higher peak. Even though they were currently subsidiaries of a sect, they believed that one day, the emperor would lead them out of this dilemma and restore their former glory.


At this moment, a cry sounded out from the place their "G.o.d" was currently resting, surprising them completely.

"There are intruders, protect the Yan Emperor and Queen." The golden armored soldiers came to their senses and instantly rushed towards the Emperor’s resting area.


For the protection of the Emperor, they couldn’t mind about formalities anymore. They had to capture and kill the intruder who dared to attack their beloved Emperor.

The moment they pushed open the doors, Lin Fan took the opportunity and ran off without any hesitation. The golden armored soldiers saw the situation in the room, and their initial tense expression became stunned.

The sky was ever so blue, but clouds began forming overhead.

"Ah…this, my eyes."

The golden armored soldiers felt their hearts crash, and the supreme G.o.d within their hearts fall down from the high pedestal upon seeing the Emperor and Queen engaging in such shameful acts.

Especially the Emperor’s mouth, why was there crystal clear water dripping from the strange spheres within his mouth.


The golden armored soldiers gulped, and one of them came to and realized that the Emperor and Queen weren’t moving, which was strange.

They knew that the Emperor and Queen had high cultivation bases, so it was impossible that an intruder could escape from them. So perhaps they had misheard earlier.

And the Emperor and Queen still hadn’t moved from that position, so perhaps they were cultivating some sort of technique?

"Hurry, close the doors and return to your positions. Just pretend nothing happened." A golden armored guard hastily said. If the Emperor were to detect them, they would be dead before they would even know it.

Although this had nothing to do with them, the Emperor would definitely not allow anyone to see this kind of thing.

The golden armored soldiers returned to their positions, but everyone just kept looking at each other. What they all saw today had left a great impact on them.

For the Emperor and Queen to make such indecent poses…No, the emperor and queen must be cultivating some sort of advance technique. That was why they were like that.

The golden armored soldiers began forcing their brains to accept any reasonable excuse for what they just saw. They couldn’t stand their beloved G.o.d to become like this.

Lin Fan had used Psychedelic Body while he was in stealth mode and crazily ran back to his own house. He then directly laid on the bed, pulled up his covers and went to sleep.

Today’s actions were far too exciting. He still hadn’t checked the two storage rings yet as he wanted to calm his pounding heart first.

Inside the house where the Yan Emperor was resting.

The two people were still maintaining that shameful posture when a minute quickly pa.s.sed.

"Hm?" The Queen stirred and felt a strange feeling.

When the Queen opened her eyes, she was shocked and the sword in her hand dropped to the ground.

"My Emperor…" The Queen didn’t know what happened, then she suddenly felt continuous pain wash over her. Her previous red face became incredibly pale.

"This…" The Queen saw her chest and was in disarray as a spurt of blood sprayed forth from her mouth.

The Yan Emperor also had awakened, but when he saw himself crouched on the ground, his face turned livid. Just as he was about to speak up, he realized his crotch was incredibly swollen, and a pain directly a.s.saulted his mind.

The Yan Emperor’s mouth was blocked by some mysterious item as he knelt on the ground. The veins in his forehead pulsed as he endured the br.i.m.m.i.n.g sense of pain.

What was this, what had happened? How did he become like this?

Did some powerful master perhaps come by?

No, impossible! He was a level seven lesser celestial, and even if a greater celestial had come by, it wouldn’t be enough to make him completely unable to retaliate.

So who was it?

"Ah…" At this moment, the Queen couldn’t stand the pain any longer and cried out.

"My Queen, you…" The Yan Emperor saw that the queen’s clothes were disheveled, especially around the chest area and was shocked.

What was going on?

The golden armored soldiers outside heard the Queen’s cries and looked at each other for a few moments before nodding, then immediately rushed forth.

"No need to come in… withdraw." The Yan Emperor didn’t know that the golden armored soldiers had already entered before, but of course, they weren’t going to let him know.

"Yes." The golden armored soldiers nodded and returned to their positions.

"My Queen, stay with me." The Yan Emperor said while trembling. He had tried circulating his true energy to block out the pain but to no avail.

He didn’t think that the pain could ignore true energy, but it seemed that he needed to rely on his own willpower. The time pa.s.sed by but to the Emperor and Queen, it felt like many years had pa.s.sed as the pain a.s.saulted their bodies like a tide wave after wave.

What kind of technique was capable of doing this? Just what kind of master was capable of breaking through his imperial dragon body.

"My Emperor, my phoenix ring is missing." After the Queen endured through the pain, she then realized her ring was missing and became alarmed.

"What?"The Yan Emperor froze, the Phoenix ring was a pair with the dragon ring, and both were national treasures of the Great Yan dynasty, but it had been lost, so that meant the items inside were also gone.

"Where’s my dragon ring?"The Yan Emperor then realized that his dragon ring was missing from his finger, and his face became ever so pale.

"Who in the world dares to steal my dragon ring?" The Yan Emperor’s heart was dripping blood. The dragon ring wasn’t that important, but the collection inside it was another matter. They were rare treasures he had worked hard to gather over many years, but now they were all gone.

The Yan Emperor was totally enraged. He wanted to bring forth his powerful detection skills to search for clues, but when he stood up, an acidic pain came gushing out from within his swollen crotch.

The pain made even a master like the Yan Emperor feel it would just be better if he were dead.

"My Queen, let’s return back to the palace for now. I will definitely use my supreme skills to catch this person." The Yan Emperor’s body began trembling, his hands empty as he pulled the Queen within.

"We are returning to the palace"

Worrying voices traveled throughout the school as the emperor left.

As the school princ.i.p.al had been dedicatedly preparing the later events for the day, the Emperor and Queen had come to him and announced their departure, which made him freeze on the spot. Why was the Yan Emperor returning? Was there perhaps something wrong with the Sky Heaven School?

Lin Fan, who was inside his small house and cast aside the covers, then sighed in relief. It seemed the Yan Emperor was unable to find him. Then, he could happily continue his merry life, but in the future, it would be best if he were more careful.

A level seven lesser celestial master wasn’t easy to deal with, and he didn’t know just what would happen, so he should be careful.

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