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Luo Yi exchanged glances with the Ancient race being of Undying state. None of them wanted to carry on fighting. After all, Old Demon Kui Sheng was literally throwing his life out right now.

Lin Fan instantly realized that he had been locked on by a strong detecting aura. Even if he were to escape millions of miles away, Old Demon Kui Sheng would be able to hunt him down for sure.

However, why in the world would he run though? If Old Demon Kui Sheng were trying to use up his lifeforce just to fight against him, didn't that just mean that he was afraid of Lin Fan?

Lin Fan tossed his glance over at Luo Yi and the Ancient race being. At this moment, both of those fellas were trying to hide away and reap the rewards of the aftermath. How could Lin Fan allow something like that to happen?

"Luo Yi, Ancient race being! All of you can come at me together!" Lin Fan traversed through the void in all directions, sealing every single possible exit out of this place.

"Paradise, open!"

Lin Fan's aim now was to lock all of these guys within his Paradise.

If he were to be tied down by Old Demon Kui Sheng's frenzy, things would get a little bothersome. However, if he were to drag Luo Yi and the Ancient race being into this, the possibilities would be endless.

"B*stard! This is between you and Old Demon Kui Sheng! What has it got to do with us?" Looking at this, Luo Yi's heart froze up a little. He had wanted to get out of this place, only to find himself being trapped within Lin Fan's Paradise.

Looking at the sight before him, Elder Yun He was starting to get worried as well.

"That Cat Woman was the Old Demon Kui Sheng's other half for a long time now! Since she was killed by Lin Fan, there's no doubt that Old Demon Kui Sheng's going to go at him with his life!" Yun He elaborated.

"An incense's worth of time. If he can survive that long, the aftereffects of Old Demon Kui Sheng's overexertion will start showing up. By then, his body itself will start to destroy him from within. However, why is he keeping Luo Yi and that Ancient race being with him inside the Paradise as well?" Fairy Hongyun could not understand the situation right now.

"Check out his Paradise. It doesn't seem as though it's the same as any other normal ones."

"That seems to be an effect that one can only create after cultivating their Paradise to a certain state!"

'b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! To think that this Old Demon Kui Sheng would want to come at me with his life! How can Yours Truly let him do as he wills?' Lin Fan hid himself somewhere in Stealth mode.

With that, Old Demon Kui Sheng checked out his surroundings and howled in derangement, "LIN FAN! GET THE h.e.l.l OUT!"

Luo Yi felt himself a little rattled just by looking at the Paradise around him. To think that the Paradise of this human could be this strong! The crystal walls of the surroundings sparkled, as though there were no objects that could penetrate these walls.

However, Luo Yi wasn't here to observe the Paradise.

"d.a.m.ned human! You really think you've got the capabilities to trap us within this Paradise?" Luo Yi's eyes shone with a glint as he spread out his hands, causing a spear to appear in his palm.

Even though this spear was only a supreme grade spirit weapon, it possessed an immense amount of strength in the hands of an Undying state being like Luo Yi.

'Coiling Dragon Spear!'

The body of the spear twisted and turned like a gigantic dragon while it's spearhead shone with a luminescent glow. It was as though Luo Yi was wielding a dragon instead of a spear in his hands.

"Coiling Dragon soars into the skies! The fusion of man and spear to create a perfect spear of heavenly harmony!"

Luo Yi bellowed as he churned all the magical powers in his body into the spear, then leaped from the ground. As though he was one with his spear, a roar boomed out as they combined together into a single force, transforming into a huge dragon that slammed out at the walls of the Paradise.

A devastating amount of spear intent exploded out furiously. This was a crippling force that no one could hope to block against at all.


The clash of the spearhead with the walls of the Paradise caused a crisp, clean sound to ring out. The crystal walls of Lin Fan's Paradise were destroyed instantly, turning into crystal shards.

"HAHA! Dumb thing! You must be dreaming if you thought that you could keep us within the confines of your Paradise!" Luo Yi did not hesitate at all as he turned into a streak of light, wanting to escape out of this Paradise.

However, his face changed almost immediately after.

Before he knew it, those shattered shards of the crystal walls regenerated back instantly.

"How could this be?"

Luo Yi's face was in utter disbelief at what just happened. He had clearly pierced a hole through the walls of the Paradise! Why the h.e.l.l did it regenerate this quickly?

Pssssch! Psssssch!

A few cracks of a whip rang out through the void. Initially, Luo Yi thought that the human was trying to sneak an attack in on him. However, when he turned around, he was in for a shock.

A few tree branches were swinging out at him, coiling around the s.p.a.ce of the void in twists and turns like an agile snake.

"Get destroyed!" Luo Yi screamed out as his spear was swung in a circle before him. It was like a ferocious dragon sweeping out his tail as the entire Paradise began to tremble.

However, after some of the branches were destroyed, more of them found their way, diving furiously towards the Coiling Dragon Spear! With that, the Coiling Dragon Spear was in turn overwhelmed by all of these oncoming branches, and found itself being trapped in them before long.

"Just what in the h.e.l.l is this? Loosen up!" Luo Yi churned his magical powers as the Coiling Dragon Spear shone with an unparalleled brilliance. However, the dazzling glow dimmed away immediately. As though they were living beings, the branches sucked out every single bit of essence from the Coiling Dragon Spear.

"What in the…!" Luo Yi's face changed as he tried to struggle out of it. However, the branches were coiled around his Coiling Dragon Spear tightly. No matter how hard he struggled, he could not break free of it at all.

"d.a.m.ned tree branches! How dare you suck up my Coiling Dragon Spear?"

The Coiling Dragon Spear was trembling violently as the Weapon Spirit roared out as well. It was as though the spirit was about to be destroyed by the immense suction of the tree branches!

"B*STARD!" Luo Yi was thoroughly incensed. This was his only supreme graded spirit weapon! How could he allow it to be destroyed by something like this?

However, just as Luo Yi was about to unleash his skills to destroy everything, he realized that the Weapon Spirit within the Coiling Dragon Spear had already died. That gleaming spear was now completely dark, without any l.u.s.ter. It was just a piece of useless metal right now.

"LIN FAN! GET THE F*CK OUT!" Luo Yi was thoroughly deranged right now. To think that his Coiling Dragon Spear would be turned into a piece of junk metal within this Paradise!

Hiding within his Paradise, Lin Fan smirked as he looked at the thee living beings within his Paradise right now.

Within his Paradise, the Qi of Biggra began to erupt. The initially calm mood of the Paradise was now fused together with Biggra into a frenzy. Turning into a series of long dragons, they flew up into the skies and darted down at these three beings.

"What the f*ck are these?" The only thought on Old Demon Kui Sheng's mind right now was to kill Lin Fan. However, no matter how he searched, he could not find any trace of Lin Fan at all! That fact alone caused Old him to be in extreme wrath.

However, he suddenly realized that countless dragons made up of mist were coming at him.

"d.a.m.ned human! Since you do not wish to come out, I shall wreak your Paradise apart!"

Old Demon Kui Sheng spread out his wings and let out a shrill cry. This long, shrill cry was boundless, causing the walls of Lin Fan's Paradise to tremble under the might of its reverberations. As though the crystallized walls of the Paradise could not resist the power of this shrill cry, they began to shatter continuously as.

Meanwhile, a Biggra dragon darted down at the Old Demon Kui Sheng while howling malevolently.

"Go to h.e.l.l!" Old Demon Kui Sheng slapped out with a single palm strike and cried out. Instantly, the Biggra dragon disintegrated. However, at the moment of its destruction, a single spot of light within it grew ever brighter.

"Old Demon Kui Sheng, weren't you looking for me?" Lin Fan had hidden himself within the Biggra dragon. While it was being destroyed, he struck out with a single finger.

As though it could penetrate the Heavens itself, this finger brought with it dozens of G.o.ds of Calamity.

"LIN FAN! I'LL HAVE YOU DEAD!" Old Demon Kui Sheng howled madly.

"Hmph. Have me dead? You've got to be kidding me. Within this place, I am the Heavens and Earth. So what if you can burn up your Essence Blood?" Lin Fan's hands were fanning as changes happened rapidly, while all the Shengyang Pills erupted.


Slapping out with his palm, a boundless amount of energy burst forth, turning Old Demon Kui Sheng into a mess of meat and blood instantly.

"HAHA! YOU'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO KILL ME!" That scattered meat floated around in the sky before squirming around, as though trying to regroup.

"Are you sh*tting me?" Lin Fan laughed indifferently.

Suddenly, the tragic wails of Old Demon Kui Sheng rang out.

The branches of the Mythical Parasol Tree had stuck themselves into each and every one of these pieces of meat, and were sucking out at the Old Demon Kui Sheng's powers.

Divine celestial level 4, Undying state? Honestly, wasn't this just the same effect as when Lin Fan had mastered his Blood Sea, the ability to be reborn through just pieces of meat after an utter destruction of the body?

However, the divine celestial level 4, Undying state was even more mythical and stronger than the effects of Blood Sea.

When Lin Fan underwent his Rebirth through Blood, his body's power limits would dip to a minimum point, and would take him a decent amount of time in order to recover. However, in the Undying state, things would be much easier, and he wouldn't expend up as much energy as before.

However, both skills had their own unique purposes. If Lin Fan could reach the Undying state, his effects of Blood Sea would merge together with it, causing an even greater effect to be born through that.

"I can't accept this…! I'LL NEVER ACCEPT THIS WAY OF DEFEAT…!" Now in a mess of meat and blood, Old Demon Kui Sheng was trying his best to regroup his flesh together. However, under the absorption of the Mythical Parasol Tree, there was nothing he could do about it at all.

His powers were diminishing by the second as the Paradise Shards within his body were being collected by the Mythical Parasol Tree as well.

"Even if you can't accept it, you'll have to. In this place, I am the one and only Heavens." Lin Fan chuckled.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing divine celestial level 4, Undying state Old Demon Kui Sheng.'

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