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Old Demon Kui Sheng, Luo Yi, Cat Woman, the four Ancient race beings…These were the only opponents left right now.

At the moment, Old Demon Kui Sheng and Luo Yi were locked in a battle with the Ancient race beings.

Right then, an Ancient race being of Paradise state was sent plummeting down to the ground by Old Demon Kui Sheng. Just as he wanted to send the finishing blow, he was hindered by two other Ancient race beings.

"d.a.m.n it! b.l.o.o.d.y d.a.m.n it!" The Ancient race being suffered considerable wounds. His chest area was a mess of flesh and blood. Furthermore, there was a tuft of black mist coiling around the top of his chest area.

"The Fire Water Secret Grounds has already been surrounded by the great Ancient race army! None of you shall dream of leaving this place today!" The Ancient race being revealed a vicious smirk. To think that these darned living beings could injure himself as such! This was blasphemous!

However, his face changed almost immediately.

"You…!" Before he could even finish his sentence, the Ancient race being was absorbed into Lin Fan's Paradise. Within that Paradise, Lin Fan initiated his powers, engaging in a thorough ma.s.sacre.

"B*stard! How dare you sneak on us?" The Ancient race being hollered. Instantly, he deployed a myriad of skills, having them explode within Lin Fan's Paradise.


Lin Fan did not hesitate at all. With a single flip of his palm, he turned the Ancient race being into dust immediately. The remains of the Ancient race being's body turned into nutrients that were taken in by the Paradise.

Lin Fan swam through the void with ease. However, to Old Demon Kui Sheng and the others, it was as though he had disappeared entirely from the world.

The wounds of the Cat Woman had gotten more severe right now as fresh blood oozed out freely. By now, the Cat Woman's mind was in a state of mess. She could not figure out what in the world was happening at all.

This was definitely not the case earlier on! Evidently, they had the advantage!

But, what in the world was happening right now?

The Cat Woman stood upright in the void. Looking at how Old Demon Kui Sheng and Luo Yi were engaged in a duel with the Ancient race beings, her ravishing features let out an exasperated expression.

However, in that moment of distraction, the void before her started changing as a palm that brought with it a torrent of energy tore out from within.

"So, it's all because of you, d.a.m.ned b.u.g.g.e.r!" Looking at who it was who had arrived, Cat Woman's face turned cold as her fingers were filled with a cold intent.

"That's right! It's all courtesy of Yours Truly! Right now, Yours Truly is going to force himself on you! Wait, no, I mean, kill you forcefully!" Lin Fan was going to seize this chance to kill the Cat Woman.

This was a really rare opportunity not to be missed. After all, Old Demon Kui Sheng and Luo Yi were busy duking it out with the Ancient race beings right now.

However, Lin Fan could tell that the Ancient race beings were going to turn the tables on them any time now.

As the scavenger of the battlefield, Lin Fan would definitely not miss out on any probable source of experience points.

"Just you?" The Cat Woman was also an established being within the Paradise state. The moment she struck, this extremely alluring and bewitching Paradise opened up and caged Lin Fan within.

"Hmph! Now that you're in the Paradise of Your Mother, you had better relish your last taste of pleasure!" The Cat Woman snorted coldly.

The moment Lin Fan entered the Paradise of the Cat Woman, he was greeted by dozens of nude women. Each and every one of them was extremely flirtatious. Within the unknowns, the Cat Woman's Paradise seemed to possess a seductive power that could cause one to lose all their senses.

All of these were to have the male species let down all of their guards and douse themselves within these valleys of l.u.s.t.

Lin Fan did not panic at all. The True Skill seeds within his body churned like a raging sun, shining its radiance in all directions brilliantly.



These two killing techniques split the entire Heavens and Earth apart. The berserk torrent that gushed forth from the void was wreaking havoc within the Paradise of the Cat Woman. Under this violent energy, those flirtatious s.k.a.n.ks were ripped apart.

Every single bit of consciousness within the Paradise of the Cat Woman was instantly disintegrated by Lin Fan's Paradise.

'Paradise... Open!'

Within the Paradise of the Cat Woman, Lin Fan initiated his own Paradise without any bit of hesitation.

The bright, scorching radiant sun in the skies, that gigantic river on the ground… all of them started rumbling instantly. This was especially the case for the True Essence of Fire and Water. They removed everything in their path.

"How in the world could your Paradise be this strong?" The Cat Woman was absolutely flabbergasted. She was realizing in shock that her Paradise was starting to crumble down bit by bit!

"What in the world is this?"

Suddenly, a strange phenomenon occurred. As though it had a will of its own, the Mythical Parasol Tree's branches started dancing around in the sky like tentacles of an octopus. With that, they penetrated the Paradise of the Cat Woman.

"To think that the Mythical Parasol Tree would possess such mysterious uses upon maturation." Lin Fan was elated right now. To think that the Mythical Parasol Tree would be able to absorb the strength out of someone else's' Paradise. Wasn't this sick to the max?

"Absorb!" Lin Fan bellowed. Suppressing down with both palms, that boundless amount of magic powers was like gigantic dragons that forced themselves into the Mythical Parasol Tree.


Sensing the power level within her Paradise dipping, the Cat Woman screamed out in pain.

"Save me, Old Demon Kui Sheng!" The Cat Woman had not expected this being of the Human race to be this strong! Furthermore, that weird looking tree seemed to be able to disregard all defenses while taking in the powers of her Paradise!

The magic powers of the Cat Woman were gushing out like a flood right now, continuously without an end. That initially snow-white complexion of hers was starting to wither.

At the same time, the Paradise of the Cat Woman seemed ever more derelict right now. The void that broke down into crystal shards began to evaporate after being absorbed in by Lin Fan.

This was an absolute destruction of her an*s!

To think that such a ravishing and flirty Cat Woman would fall into the hands of Lin Fan, the an*s destroyer. There was not even a single bit of sympathy she was receiving from Lin Fan right now.

"Human! Stop that right now!" Looking at Cat Woman who was withering non-stop right now, Old Demon Kui Sheng's face froze up. Instantly, he yelled over with a fierce killing intent in his eyes.

"Hoho? Aren't you nervous over there? Seems like she must be your lover then? Don't worry, I'll send you over to join her before long. Don't get overly anxious now, alright?'

Lin Fan showed him a thumbs up and slammed out through the void.

Before she could even scream out her final wail, the Cat Woman exploded into pieces. Opening his ma.s.sive mouth, the big ancient demon sucked in all of the decrepit remnants of the Cat Woman.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing divine celestial level 3, Paradise state Cat Woman.'

'Big time! I've definitely earned big time this time around!'

Yet another powerful being of the Paradise state that was taken down!

Lin Fan's Paradise was growing rapidly right now as the crystallized walls of turned ever st.u.r.dier. The dragon made up of magic powers swam through his Paradise while growing repeatedly as well.

Making use of the strength of others in order to bolster one's own, now that was the true path of cultivation.

"B*STARD!!!" Witnessing the death of the Cat Woman in the hands of Lin Fan, Old Demon Kui Sheng's fury burst through the Heavens.

"LIN FAN OF THE HUMAN RACE! I SWEAR THAT MY SURNAME WILL NO LONGER BE KUI IF I DON'T KILL YOU OFF!" Old Demon Kui Sheng was entirely incensed right now. To think that his companion of 100 years, the Cat Woman, was killed by a human just like that!

"Eternal Emperor of the Skies, burn. BURN!"

Suddenly, something frightening started happening before their very eyes. Old Demon Kui Sheng, who had gone entirely mad, was burning up the Essence Blood within his body relentlessly!

Puff after puff, a black mist rose into the air, encompa.s.sing the skies of the Fire Water Secret Grounds. This black mist was thick and dense, as it spread out everywhere in all directions.

Lin Fan could clearly make out the face of Old Demon Kui Sheng turning paler by the second. Suddenly, two lumps of meat appeared at his back.

With a single squishing sound, both lumps of meat bags burst open. In their place was a pitch black pair of demonic wings that spread out wide open.


Old Demon Kui Sheng's speed was astonishing right now. In the blink of an eye, he appeared behind the Ancient race being whom he was fighting with moments earlier. Using his razor-sharp claws, he dug into the body of that Ancient race being.

The only thing left was a live heart that was still thumping.

Just like that, an Ancient race being of divine celestial level 3, Paradise state was killed in a split second.

'Holy f*ck! That's two bags of my experience points!' Looking at how Old Demon Kui Sheng killed two Ancient race beings viciously, Lin Fan's heart was bleeding as well right now.

To think that they would die just like that!

Luo Yi and the other Ancient race being of Undying state were the only ones left right now. Looking at the frenzied state that Old Demon Kui Sheng was in right now, their hearts could not help but skip a beat as well.

Not only was Old Demon Kui Sheng burning up his Essence Blood, he was doing the same for his Shengyang Pills! Using his body as a vessel, this was a way to bring forth even greater strength right now!

However, at the end of all this, Old Demon Kui Sheng's cultivation state would definitely suffer a drastic dip. In fact, even the Paradise that he had cultivated might fall apart entirely due to this.

By doing this, Old Demon Kui Sheng was practically trading his life in exchange for his opponent's!

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