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Lin Fan stopped when the experience of Twisting Heaven and Earth reached about half. Quite some time had pa.s.sed, and he didn’t know when the school princ.i.p.al would come.

The crotch of the Yan Emperor was quite swollen, his pants about to burst.

If it were a normal person, Lin Fan would definitely have found his conscience and stopped. But towards this Emperor, he wouldn’t let him off so easily.

‘Alright, I will put you on hold for now as I butcher your Queen.’

Lin Fan then picked up his Nine-Five Red Brick and smacked it over the two a few times before taking a breath and coming to the Queen.

"Hoho, what a beauty… how could a person like me who admires beauty attack? What a sin, what a sin!" Lin Fan wasn’t blind so he could tell the Queen was a beauty.

Such a beauty like her was quite rare, but a person's inside was the same as their outside, just plain sour. Lin Fan grabbed the queen’s small boneless hand and felt it, her hand was quite thin and smooth.

"Oh, your hands are quite fitting. The Yan Emperor’s small peanut pairs well with your small hands. You two really are made for each other."Lin Fan thought a bit and then smiled.

"As the mother of the country, you must provide milk to the land, but these small meat buns are definitely not enough. But luckily, I am here for you, so allow me to help you rebuild a perfect body and reobtain your womanly charm."

Lin Fan took a deep breath and clenched his hand as he breathed out.


"Black Tiger Steals Heart."

‘Ding… congratulations, "Black Tiger Steals Heart" experience + 80000.’

Upon seeing the experience for "Black Tiger Steals Heart" soar, his heart leaped with joy. Last time Lin Fan had used Ni Mantian to raise his experience, but in the end, she couldn’t provide any more experience, so he was quite troubled.

He thought that the small meat buns of this pericelestial couldn’t provide any more experience for "Black Tiger Steals Heart", but it seemed he was wrong. Then, with his continuous experimentation of "Black Tiger Steals Heart", Lin Fan learned how to attack with both hands.

When he was using this on Ni Mantian, he could only use one hand, so the end result had differing sizes. But now that issue was resolved, so for the Queen, it was another benefit.

"Black Tiger Steals Heart."

‘Ding… congratulations, "Black Tiger Steals Heart" experience + 80000.’

As the queen’s small meat buns became ever larger, Lin Fan naturally had more and more sense of accomplishment.

After all, what master had this way of approach towards gaining experience?

When he became old and secluded himself inside the mountains in the future, Lin Fan wanted to open a clinic.

For the benefit of the public, for the benefit the whole world.

‘Ding… congratulations, "Black Tiger Steals Heart"leveled up.’

‘Ding… "Black Tiger Steals Heart" level 19, experience(0/1500000).’

When Lin fan saw "Black Tiger Steals Heart" was only one level away from twenty, his heart became gleeful. Perhaps he would be able to succeed today.

The Queen’s small meat buns had already reached the status of large meat buns, but it wasn’t enough because "Black Tiger Steals Heart" hadn’t advanced up yet.

"Black Tiger Steals Heart."

‘Ding… congratulations, "Black Tiger Steals Heart" experience + 60000.’

Sure enough, the experience decreased after "Black Tiger Steals Heart" leveled up, but it was fine. As long as there was enough, it was enough to motivate Lin Fan.

Lin Fan then entered crazy mode. Although "Black Tiger Steals Heart" was only one move, Lin Fan was already accustomed to it. After all, two women had already received unbelievable upgrades from him.

‘Ding… congratulations, "Black Tiger Steals Heart" experience + 1.’

But this time, Lin Fan had to suddenly stop his movements. He was shocked as this didn’t make sense.

‘How can this be?’

But now, it was like with Ni Mantian; there was suddenly no more experience.

Lin Fan thought for a moment, looked at the Queen's chest and was enlightened.

It was probably because after a certain point, "Black Tiger Steals Heart" would no longer have any effect. Thus, it wouldn’t give any more experience. It was likely so, otherwise, there wouldn’t be another good reason for this.

"Hehh…" Lin Fan sighed, revealing some frustration. Just a bit more experience and "Black Tiger Steals Heart" would have been able to advance.

After seeing the Queen’s sagging huge weapons, Lin Fan also ran out of ideas. But when he looked towards the Yan Emperor, he had another idea.

Maybe "Black Tiger Steals Heart" would work on the Emperor too.

Lin Fan’s brain was quite good to be able to think of this course of action.

"Black Tiger Steals Heart."

Lin Fan attacked the chest of the Yan Emperor. But unfortunately, "Black Tiger Steals Heart" didn’t gain any experience. But Yan Emperor’s chest slightly swelled up.

It seemed even if there were no experience, the effect would still remain. Then Lin Fan began cackling, ‘today’s your unlucky day.’

Lin Fan stopped to look at the Yan Emperor’s and Queen’s chests and nodded in satisfaction. He felt his work was quite good.

It was effective for both men and women.

Lin Fan checked the time, it was getting late. If he continued playing and someone came, he would be unable to escape.

But before leaving, Lin Fan couldn’t just let the two off so easily. If he didn’t do something fancy, it wouldn’t be worth all the risk.

‘Haha, betraying my Saint Devil sect… I will let you two suffer an eternal shame.’

Then, Lin Fan removed all the clothing of the Yan Emperor and placed him in a position where his b.u.t.tocks pointed up towards the air.

Lin Fan looked at the Yan emperor’s pose and began cackling. The Emperor of the Great Yan Dynasty was now in such an embarra.s.sing pose, it was quite perturbing.

But more exciting was when Lin Fan carried the Queen over right away and had her half-kneel behind the emperor with one hand resting on the emperor’s waist.

This position broke through Lin Fan’s limits as far as imagination was concerned; he had changed male behind female to female behind male.

Lin Fan stepped back a bit and studied the scene as if he were observing art, shaking his head as he felt it was missing something.

‘That’s right,’ Lin Fan’s thoughts were like a fountain. Using his artistic eye, he found that the scene still lacked a wild flavor.

He didn’t dare boast about anything else, but he actually did possess quite an artistic gene. Then, Lin Fan took a lower graded weapon out from his bag and placed it into the queen’s right hand.

This scene was full of beauty, with a sense of riding a galloping horse.

Lin Fan then stepped back again and compared to earlier, felt that the artistic sense was better. But it still seemed to be lacking something, it just wasn’t perfect enough.

Lin Fan lowered his head in thought, recalling an island nation picture he had once seen.

‘‘That’s right!’ the Emperor still lacked some wild flavor, so he must add another item.

Lin Fan checked around and suddenly saw adorning pearls hanging from the ceiling. His heart leaped with joy. He removed thems and focused his energy into a needle as he poked multiple holes through them.

Then he found a string and tied them together.

Observing his handiwork he nodded in satisfaction, it was perfect.

Lin Fan then wound them around the Emperor’s mouth and clapped his hand in satisfaction.

A great masterpiece had finally been completed in this realm. This epic scene would be marveled and spread to thousands.

Lin Fan felt it was getting late and hence decided to retreat. He once again smacked the brick over the two a dozen more times and took a deep breath before entering stealth mode.


Lin Fan gathered up his energy and shouted out.

The day changed at this moment…

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