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Eventually, Fairy Hongyun did not object to it. However, she knew that safety would have to come first no matter what. As for Lin Fan, everyone other than people from the Cloud Sect were just experience points.

This was a rare opportunity of a lifetime not to be missed.


Pulling Fairy Hongyun with him, he disappeared from where he was instantly.

Fairy Hongyun's preceptory senses were really accurate. There shouldn't be any mistakes. Upon getting closer to the destination, Lin Fan could sense some disturbances in the voids around him as well.

Several sources of boundless powers were rippling through the void. He could sense a deep feeling of repression pushing towards him.

Just as they both came to a stop, a rainbow cloud suddenly rose far from the distance. Those several sources of powers were cruising through the cloud. A gigantic giant was wearing a rainbow colored armor. Using his enormous arms to rip the rainbow cloud apart, his knife like hands slammed down on an armor plating.

A loud sound rang out through the void, so piercing that one could almost feel their eardrums rupturing.

"Watch out! That is a move that requires one to expend all of their Essence Blood. If anyone could force our elders to that state, they must be definitely far from ordinary." Fairy Hongyun exclaimed in worry.

"Let's check it out for a little bit first to determine the exact situation." For the sake of safety, Lin Fan and Hongyun did not fly across the skies, choosing to tread on the ground instead.

Right now, the scene was in a state of chaos, with fights breaking out amongst a few groups of people. Further down from where the fights were taking place was an altar with a coffin lying on it.

These four groups of people were fighting over this coffin.

One of the groups belonged to the elders of the Cloud Sect. And by the looks of things, it didn't look all too good for them.

Another group consisted of four Ancient race beings. The four of them were really strong, with a thick aura emanating from them. Even though they were filled with wounds on their bodies, they only seemed to be fighting ever fiercer as time went by.

As for the remaining two groups of people, it seemed as though they were lying in wait for something.

"Hey, Old Man Yun He! How about you follow my suggestion of combining forces to take down the four Ancient race beings first? We'll split the fortunes of the Fire Water Emperor evenly then, how about that?" Within the void, a man remarked.

This man was draped in black, with a ghastly tinge to his skin tone. He was scrawny, with his eye sockets sunken in. From top to toe, he gave off a chilly aura, as though he wasn't even a living being at all.

"Old Demon Kui Sheng, you've got to be dreaming if you think that the Cloud Sect would work with people of the evil path such as yourself!" The man who spoke these words was an elder of the Cloud Sect. His long white hair stood upright like sharp swords as his entire body was guarded by a firm aura, causing his robes to float up from time to time.

Behind him were two other elders with an enraged look on their faces as well. At the same time, there was yet another elder whose arms were both surrounded by a black mist. The black mist was corroding into him, causing him to lose his fighting strength.

"Then, we've got a problem over here." Old Demon Kui Sheng sneered, revealing two rows of sharp-edged teeth.

"Since the Cloud Sect refuses to acknowledge the bigger issue we have on hand, let's have them die in battle then. What has this got to do with us?" A woman beside Old Demon Kui Sheng chuckled. Her fingers were extremely sharp, and she had furry ears. Her cat eyes were slit and jade green.

The moment she opened her mouth, the atmosphere became extremely chilling. The portions of her body which were revealed were exceptionally ravishing.

At first glance, one might mistake her as a humble daughter of a distinguished family. But one should not be mistaken, as her aura was unusually frightening.

At this moment, there was yet another group of people waiting in the void. Even though they were not speaking, they were keeping their watchful gazes on the situation, as though they were just waiting for the last moment to strike.

"Life Stealing Scholar, Brother Luo, and Brother Mu Tian, what's up with the three of you? Are you guys just watching there or are you are going to sit this out?" Kui Sheng chuckled at these three. However, his eyes were filled with cautiousness towards them.

"Since the Cloud Sect wishes to fight the Ancient race to their death, we shall fulfill their wish of course. At the end of it all, we'll split the Fire Water Emperor's treasure evenly." Mu Tian replied.

This Mu Tian was none other than the person of the Ghost race who was walloped so hard back in the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm that his parents might not even have been able to recognize his face afterward.

However, he did gain a strain of the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm's Spirit Vein after all. In this short period of time, he had also managed to refine it and retrieve the power from within, making use of it to boost himself up to a divine celestial cultivation state.

Thanks to the Spirit Vein, he skipped up instantly to a divine celestial level 2, Realm state.

With that, he managed to cultivate something that everyone from the Ghost race had always looked forward to: '18 Levels of h.e.l.l'

With just these 18 Levels of h.e.l.l alone, Mu Tian was undefeatable by anyone of the same state. In fact, he could even kill beings of the Paradise state.

"Alright. That's our intentions as well." Kui Sheng naturally did not believe in those words of bullsh*t. He turned around to the Ancient race, "You guys can carry on. Don't worry. We'll definitely not interfere."

"d.a.m.n you sh*ts of the thousands of races! Even if you guys manage to obtain the treasure of the Fire Water Emperor, you'll never get out of this place alive!" The four Ancient race beings huffed heavily. They had not expected things to end up as such.

All of the Ancient race beings who had entered had been killed by everyone else. They were the only four left alive right now.

And, just when they were busy fighting it out with these elders of the Cloud Sect, these two groups of people appeared out of nowhere.

One of the elders of the Cloud Sect was caught in a sneak attack by Mu Tian, causing his arms to be wrapped in a death aura. This death aura was extremely c.u.mbersome to deal with. Even though he was at the Paradise state, he couldn't remove it immediately at this moment.

"The elders, they're in danger!" Looking at the situation up ahead, Fairy Hongyun commented in anxiousness. As for Lin Fan, some thoughts were running through his head right now.

The strongest amongst them was a divine celestial level 4, Undying state being. The weakest was Mu Tian, divine celestial level 2, Realm state. However, compared to before, this guy's strength was significantly different.

In fact, each of his eyes was of different colors, black and white, while emanating a ghostly aura.

Just as Lin Fan was ready to rush forth and settle everything, Fairy Hongyun dashed up suddenly.

"Elders! I'm here to a.s.sist you guys!" Looking at how her elders were being pushed back by the Ancient race beings, Fairy Hongyun's heart was fretting.

Even though it was a three against four, one of the elders had his arms incapacitated from battle due to Mu Tian's sneak attack, and had lost all his fighting strength.

"Hongyun!" The moment Elder Yun He caught sight of the incoming figure, his face changed entirely. Slamming out at an Ancient race being who was closing in on him with a single palm strike, he dashed over to her side.

"Why are you here?" Yun He had not expected Hongyun to come by.

"Elder, I've come to a.s.sist you guys!" Hongyun replied without fear.

"Hais…" Elder Yun He gave off a long sigh. She was practically here to send herself to death! Even if they were to kill off the four Ancient race beings, they still had to contend with the people from the evil path!

Besides, those of the evil path had really sinister and vile methods. Compared to the Ancient race, they were far scarier.

When Fairy Hongyun caught sight of the surrounding ma.s.ses, all the blood drained from her face. She knew who these people were! Each and every one of them was a callous and s.a.d.i.s.tic bad guy!

This was especially the case for that Life Stealing Scholar and Old Demon Kui Sheng! They were extremely infamous! In fact, even the Infinite Bat Old Master was only a candle compared to them!

"To think a little doll of divine celestial level 1, True state would dare to come into the fray without any concerns for her life and death. Since you've come to give your life away, I guess my 18 Levels of h.e.l.l could use yet another Ghost Puppet then." Mu Tian looked at Hongyun sinisterly.

Along his way here, he had already slain quite a number of disciples from the Cloud Sect as well as some Ancient race beings. All of them were cultivated into his Ghost Puppets to bolster the strength of his 18 Levels of h.e.l.l.

This time around, Mu Tian had already intended to kill everyone here to turn them into his Ghost Puppets. With that, he would be able to unlock the third level of the 18 Levels of h.e.l.l, the Door of the Ghost race.

From there, he could summon out the infinite evil ghosts within the abyss of the Ghost race.

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