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'To think that I could enter this place just like that.' Regarding the issue of him being tainted by the Fire Water Emperor, Lin Fan had long tossed it to the back of his head. Not only had that b*tch engaged in a destructive infiltration of his body, she had even trampled on his dignity.

Intolerable. Absolutely intolerable!

After he raised his power level, he would grab her out for a long talk about life and moral values.

At this moment, Lin Fan's mental state delved into his Paradise. Ever since he had created this place with the a.s.sistance of the Fire Water Emperor, he hadn't gotten himself familiarized with it just yet.

Upon entering his own Paradise, Lin Fan was completely startled by everything before his eyes.

'Isn't this Saint Spirit Qi? ' Using his fingers, he grabbed out at a ball of mist that looked similar to Spirit Qi. However, the moment he grabbed it in his hands, he realized that this was Biggra Qi instead!

Within the middle of the Paradise, a flourishing ancient tree had taken root upright. Blossoming brilliantly, its luscious foliage was dazzling to behold.

'If only Chicky were here right now, he would definitely fall in love with this place.' Lin Fan's mind could not help but wander to that Chicky he had left in the Lower World, wondering how he was doing right now.

The Mythical Parasol Tree was the resting ground for the Phoenix. Now that it had received the nourishment of the core of the twin True Essence from the Fire Water Emperor, it had matured.

At the top of the Mythical Parasol Tree was a black hole. Dense Saint Spirit Qi converted into a gigantic dragon and was being sucked in continuously by the Mythical Parasol Tree, before being cultivated into Shengyang Pills.

'As of now, the rate of absorption of the Saint Spirit Qi by the Mythical Parasol Tree, as well as its conversion into Shengyang Pills, is hundreds of, no, thousands of times faster than before! From now on, I shall have access to this endless supply of Shengyang Pills to use! This is simply awesome!' Lin Fan was exhilarated right now. Based on this current speed of cultivation, he would be able to possess 10,000,000 Shengyang Pills in just a month's time!

Unbelievable! This was akin to having ten powerful beings of divine celestial level 5, Undying state taking in Saint Spirit Qi day and night continuously!

Suddenly, Lin Fan realized that his entire Paradise was bright and sunny, with a scorching Sun hanging at the top of it. On the other hand, there was a long flowing river that was gushing on the ground.

Within those fiery flames and the running river were traces of the core of the Fire Water Emperor's True Essence . However, after the cultivation of the system, it was as though they had severed all ties with the Fire Water Emperor. From this day forth, they shall be Lin Fan's personal possessions.

Far in the distance, a city sat still. This was the Demon City. Above it, the big ancient demon was taking in the twin True Essence for his cultivation.

"Master." Long Xuan and Xiguang walked over together briskly, hand in hand.

"And what's this all about?" Lin Fan asked.

"Master, this is a lovely place. From now on, I'll have a good place to reside with Xiguang. The twin cores of the Fire Water Emperor's True Essence would a.s.sist us in our cultivation. At the same time, the Shengyang Pills produced by this mystical tree here would be enough for us to cultivate alongside that piece of rock there." Long Xuan replied.

Lin Fan had not expected a Paradise as such to be created by himself. This place looked exactly just like Heaven on Earth. However, Lin Fan knew that despite its seemingly peaceful outlook, things would get extremely tragic if any enemies were to break in here.

However, this was only the infantile state of the Paradise for now. It still had ways to go before reaching the full cultivation state.

At this moment, there were some disturbances coming from the outside. Hence, Lin Fan exited his Paradise.

Right now, they were at the tomb of the Fire Water Emperor. Piece by piece, gigantic shards of gravel floated in the air. Below them was a pitch-black abyss of h.e.l.l. Even with Lin Fan's current strength, he couldn't even make out the depth of this abyss!

Up in the distance, a stream of light darted, currently being chased in pursuit. When Lin Fan made out the stream of light, he was elated while rushing up to help immediately.

At this moment, Fairy Hongyun was trying her best to evade being hunted down. After she was sucked in by the black hole, she thought that she would be able to seek out the tomb of the Fire Water Emperor really quickly. To think that she would be discovered by the Ancient race the moment she entered the place.

The two Ancient race beings were of divine celestial level 2, Realm state. The both of them were of the tribunus rank, under the direct command of Sovereign King Wei

Even though Fairy Hongyun possessed a pretty decent strength, allowing her to fight beyond her current capabilities, she didn't stand a chance against the both of them.

The only reason why she had survived till now was due to the fact that she was someone of the Cloud race. Because of that, her body naturally possessed an innate talent for being elusive and speedy. Otherwise, she would have been long dead by now.

'Where have the elders gone? Where are my senior brothers and sisters?' Fairy Hongyun was starting to get nervous now. If this were to carry on, she would eventually exhaust all of her strength. By then, the only ending awaiting her would be death at the hands of these two.

'What's this?' Suddenly, an enormous arm tore through the void. This arm had glistening nails while an aura swiveled within them, as though they formed a world of their own.

'It's a powerful being of Paradise state!' The blood drained out of Fairy Hongyun's face. There was no way she could resist this!

An enemy of this level wasn't something she could deal with at all!

However, right at the moment when Fairy Hongyun thought that she was about to be turned into powder dust, she realized that the arm was ignoring her entirely and heading straight for the two Ancient race beings.

Bam! Bam!

This unparalleled might exploded out into the world. As though a tornado was swiveling within the palms of this arm, it squeezed the two Ancient race beings to death instantly.


As though they were thoroughly a.n.a.lyzing the bodies, all five fingers worked hard at pulling out the Paradise Shards within the bodies of the two Ancient race beings. Tossing them within the Paradise as a form of nutrient for the Mythical Parasol Tree, tens of millions of Shengyang Pills were formed immediately.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing divine celestial level 2, Realm state Ancient race being.'

'Ding…Experience Points +30,000'

'Such formidable strength! Who in the world could this be?' Fairy Hongyun turned her head around only to witness these two powerful Ancient race beings being slaughtered helplessly just like that. Not just that, even their Paradise Shards were drawn out of their bodies!

Such methods were earthshattering and absolutely rattled one's mind.

'Fairy Hongyun, why are you alone?' Lin Fan came before Fairy Hongyun, asking. The moment Fairy Honguyn heard this voice, her heart leaped with joy, "Lin Fan! How did you find me?"

"I only just entered this place when I caught sight of you being chased down by those two Ancient race beings. Hence, I came over to a.s.sist you immediately." Lin Fan replied.

Looking at Lin Fan, Fairy Hongyun's eyes sparkled with astonishment. She had suddenly realized that the aura of this man before her was different once again.

"You've broken through?" She asked him, stunned.

"Yup. I got lucky and encountered some things. With that, my Paradise was crafted out." Of course, Lin Fan could not tell her the exact circ.u.mstances in which he was forced into submission by the Fire Water Emperor.

Lin Fan was prepared to store facts as such right into his guts for all eternity without telling anyone else. After all, this was a matter of his chauvinistic ideals. If anyone else were to catch wind of this, how would he continue to keep up with his image in the Ancient Saint World?

Looking at how Lin Fan admitted to her question, Fairy Hongyun had a feeling of defeat in her heart. The time taken for them to raise their power levels was extremely slow. Even if it were the geniuses within the sect, they wouldn't be able to be as sick as this guy here.

"We mustn't overstay at this location lest we fall behind. We've got to seek out the tomb of the Fire Water Emperor." Lin Fan wanted a piece of the pie as well. Even though he had already received plentiful rewards upon his entry into the Fire Water Secret Grounds, if there were more treasures awaiting, why shouldn't he try his luck? Who knew if his luck might just be THAT good for him to get out of this place with a perfect Royal Flush. He would truly have struck gold by then.

"I have already sensed the location of the elders and the others. However, the clashes over there are really intense. I'm afraid that we might be more of a hindrance than a help even if we were to head there." Fairy Hongyun explained. Initially, she had wanted to scout around the fringes for some small encounters here and there. As for the real tomb, she dared not to head within.

With her current strength, if she were to head over, the only thing that would await her was death. There was simply no chance for her.

"It's alright. Trust me. With me around, everything will definitely be fine." If he were still a divine celestial level 2, Realm state being, Lin Fan might have considered for a little while. It'd be better for him to play on the safe side.

However, with the materialization of his Paradise, his power level had spiked up yet again. In fact, he might even be able to give a level 4, Undying state being a run for their money.

Furthermore, the speed at which his Mythical Parasol Tree was collecting the Saint Spirit Qi around was unusually fast. With a ma.s.sive supply of Shengyang Pills in his hands, Lin Fan was confident that he had the capabilities and resources to engage in a big bout with everyone.

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