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By now, Lin Fan was about to flip entirely. This Fire Water Emperor must be one h.e.l.l of a f*cking con artist! If he didn't want anyone to enter his tomb, why the h.e.l.l would he leave all those Directional Talismans around? Wasn't that all just to scam people with?

Right now, Lin Fan was entirely p.i.s.sed off with this Fire Water Emperor. If he were still alive right now, Lin Fan would definitely punch his face so badly that his parents wouldn't be able to recognize him anymore.

And just as Lin Fan was brooding in his heart, the void began to tremble gently.

Lin Fan focused up instinctively, wondering what sort of bullsh*t was about to happen right now. Since those stone giants couldn't kill Yours Truly, there should be something even more vicious appearing right now.

But, when Lin Fan caught sight of the figure that appeared out of thin air, he frowned.

"Who are you?" He asked warily.

The person before him was indistinguishable between male and female. Wearing a mask, the figure of this person was hidden beneath a long robe.

"You've entered my tomb, yet you do not know who I am?" A voice that was gender neutral rang out from beneath the mask.

"Fire Water Emperor?" Lin Fan could not help but feel some gooseb.u.mps in his heart. This couldn't be, could it? Since those stone giants couldn't kill Yours Truly, this person was going to come at him personally now?

But, that was not right either. Hadn't the Fire Water Emperor already fallen? Why the h.e.l.l would he/ she appear right now?

"Who in the world are you? The Fire Water Emperor has long fallen. You can't be him." Lin Fan remarked cautiously. At the same time, he was sneakily preparing a plan within his mind.

This would undoubtedly lead to a battle later on. Furthermore, this fella's aura was really extraordinary. It was unusually scary.

The Fire Water Emperor did not speak as it floated gently in the skies, looking at Lin Fan and feeling a little startled within his/ her heart as well.

Even though the stone giants possessed nothing but brute strength, there had never been anyone who could surpa.s.s so many levels of the challenges. This was pretty incredible indeed. However, the more this was the case, the better it was. After all, only a person of extraordinary caliber was befitting of inheriting his/ her legacy.

And perhaps, there would be then a chance of someone rescuing him/ her out.

"This is only a single strain of Your Majesty's Essence Spirit that has manifested into a physical state. You have already earned the right to enter my tomb. There is no need to resist. Your Majesty shall send you right over." The Fire Water Emperor spoke up.

Lin Fan was starting to curse at this person's mother right now. No need to resist? Did he think that Yours Truly was a fool?

"Alright, send me over then." Even though Lin Fan agreed with the arrangements verbally, he was secretly building up his realm. Biggra was something that had neither a color nor a smell. It was without a form or body, or any vibrations.

This was the holy grail of all sneak attacks.

The Fire Water Emperor came before Lin Fan slowly. From beneath the robes, he/ she stretched out a hand that caused Lin Fan to cringe.

This hand was tender and silky smooth. Pale like a piece of jade, its fingers were extremely long with glistening nails. This wasn't the hands that a man should have!

"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! F*cking tranny!" Lin Fan cussed in his head.

At the moment when the Fire Water Emperor approached, Lin Fan's body flashed, "Hmph! Trying to trick Yours Truly? You're way too naïve!"

Instantly, Lin Fan disappeared from where he was. The surrounding air was suddenly covered up by a ball of mist.


Just as the Fire Water Emperor was still surprised, the realm opened up and swallowed him in within.

"And to think that you dare to call yourself the Fire Water Emperor? Yours Truly here shall whack a pig's head out of you today!" Lin Fan suddenly went wild and burst forth at the Fire Water Emperor.

"You…!" The Fire Water Emperor had not expected this fella to distrust him/ herself right from the beginning! However, with this, the Fire Water Emperor was pretty impressed as well. Since this was the case, it was time to test out the potential of this fella.

Even though this was just a single strain of the Fire Water Emperor's Essence Spirit, the amount of power that he possessed was something that Lin Fan couldn't deal with nevertheless.

Despite that, the Fire Water Emperor had the intention of checking out this man's latent potential. For that, he/ she curbed back on his true strength.

As the both of them exchanged blows, the void began to break apart continuously before regenerating rapidly.

The Fire Water Emperor had not expected this fella to be this strong. Even though he was just a divine celestial level 2, Realm state being, his magical powers were extremely profound. He was definitely undefeatable by anyone of the same state. In fact, even Paradise state powerful beings might not be a match for this man.

The mist revolved continuously, wrapping the Fire Water Emperor in even tighter.

Seeing this, Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. Once this person's heart was taken over by the Biggra, Yours Truly would then show him who was the boss!

'Alright.' Suddenly, the expression of the Fire Water Emperor beneath his/ her mask took a turn, feeling a warm sensation within his/ her body.

'There's something wrong with this mist!' Suddenly, the Fire Water Emperor started to react to the situation. Using a strong burst of energy, he/ she repelled Lin Fan away and channeled the energy inwards, trying to suppress that building restlessness within his/ her body.

However, to the Fire Water Emperor's shock, the restless fervent energy broke through his/ her suppression methods, and was beginning to spread out.

'How could this be?' At this moment, the Fire Water Emperor thought in absolute disbelief. Just what in the world was going on with this guy's realm?

Even though this was only a single strain of Essence Spirit, it shouldn't be something that the other party could deal with given his current strength level!

"Hmph! Trying to scam Yours Truly? Do you know of Yours Truly's true powers right now? Since you're keeping yourself hidden so secretively, Yours Truly shall expose your true self right now!" Looking at the quivering body of this masked person, Lin Fan was extremely ecstatic. Shifting his body nimbly, he darted towards the masked person.

'Bare Nudeness!'

With that, Lin Fan deployed that G.o.dly skill of his. He had to just see just who in the world was beneath this secretive mask and robes!

The consciousness of the Fire Water Emperor was starting to get fuzzy. Just as he/ she was distracted, a bright flash shone over.

Lin Fan's strike had succeeded, piercing through everything. His lips curled into a grin.

'Whether you're a human or a ghost, there's nowhere for you to hide in the hands of Yours Truly!' Lin Fan turned his head around, intent on finding out who this person before him was.

'How could this be…!'

But, Lin Fan was petrified right now as he glared in disbelief.

The mask had fallen, revealing a face of absolute gorgeousness that was unable to be described with mere words. This face was filled with a disposition of royalty, holiness, and superiority. A long, silky head of hair laid on those snow white smooth shoulders.

But, the most jaw-dropping of it all for Lin Fan was that stark naked body of incomparable beauty, which stood right before his very eyes.

Light bounced off the flawless, porcelain skin of hers. In fact, there were even two stunningly perky mountain peaks that were topped off with two cute red dots, displaying their brilliance to the world.

The moment this perfect body appeared, the entire world dimmed equivalently, as though it's color was drained in comparison to the dazzling beauty of this work of art.

'Holy f*ck…!' Lin Fan was completely confounded by now.

To think that this was a female!

In this instance where Lin Fan was momentarily distracted, that jade-like hand gripped on Lin Fan's wrist tightly.

"What are you trying to do?" Lin Fan was starting to panic. This was the first time something as such has happened to him after his usage of Biggra.

And right in this instance where Lin Fan was momentarily panicking, that peerlessly gorgeous face was separated from Lin Fan's cheeks by only a hair's breadth.

At this moment, the ravishing features of the Fire Water Emperor were flushed red. Those sparkling eyes of hers seemed to be burning with twin raging flames.

"What in the h.e.l.l is this? Hurry up and release me from it!" The Fire Water Emperor gasped out in a slight moan, feeling frightened in her heart. However, she was unable to control her body as it pounced out at Lin Fan.

"I can't release this at all! Hurry up and let go of me! I'm someone with a wife!" Lin Fan struggled. However, her vice-like grip was like a nail that was pinned tightly onto Lin Fan.

Before he knew it, her thighs moved like agile snakes and wrapped themselves around his neck.

"I want it!" The Fire Water Emperor's consciousness was entirely controlled by Biggra at this moment. The only thing on her mind were primordial carnal instincts.

"BUT I DON'T WANT IT!!!" Lin Fan screamed out anxiously.


Lin Fan's mouth was clamped shut.


She was forcing herself onto Yours Truly!

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