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This thousand feet tall giant had an extremely imposing aura as he wielded a long axe, cleaving through the void down at Lin Fan.


Shifting his body nimbly, Lin Fan stared at the destructive powers of the giant with an utterly stupefied gaze.

'Such strength!' To think that the surface of the Fire Water Secret Grounds would be cleaved into a chasm so deep that one could not even make out the bottom of it all, with just that one single slam of the axe!

Lin Fan's body was like an agile snake right now as he dodged to the side of the giant. Twirling his finger to create a light spot, he struck out with this single point and tapped on the head of the giant.

Withering everything present, this destructive power surged through the entire body of the giant, disintegrating it into dust immediately.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing divine celestial level 2, Realm state Puppet Giant.'

'Ding…Experience Points +50,000'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Puppet Giant Talisman x 1'

'Puppet Giant Talisman: Able to summon 1 x Puppet Giant of divine celestial level 2, Realm state to engage in combat for you.'

Lin Fan toyed around with this dusky talisman paper in his hands while his mind was pondering over it.

Even though these Puppet Giants were of divine celestial level 2, Realm state, they had not managed to cultivate any realms for themselves. All they possessed were the strength of someone of that level.

Thump. Thump.

Suddenly, a series of sounds rang out in Lin Fan's ears. Another stone giant up ahead was starting to stir as multiple rocks fell onto the ground from its body.

'What in the world is going on here right now?' Lin Fan was astonished, unable to comprehend the situation of this place.

'No, I can't continue to play around with these stone giants. Time to get the h.e.l.l out of this place.' With a whim of his mind, Lin Fan activated So Near, Yet So Far. However, suddenly, Lin Fan appeared right where he was once more.

There was an invisible force blocking Lin Fan's path forward. This force was calm as water, yet it was as more resolute than anything else.

Lin Fan slammed his fist into this invisible force. Instantly, a few ripples spread out across the barrier. However, it returned to normalcy thereafter, without any motion once more.

The situation before Lin Fan had him utterly stumped. He was the clearest about the strength level of his fist. However, to think that all it created was some ripples on the barrier! What in the world was up with this thing?

With that, the newly created stone giant pounced out at Lin Fan.

Divine celestial level 3, Paradise state.

Looking at the giant, Lin Fan frowned. Was this tomb of the Fire Water Emperor bent on killing everyone entirely?

However, the moment the stone giant struck out, Lin Fan was elated. Even though this was a divine celestial level 3, Paradise state being, it hadn't cultivated out its Paradise at all.

At this moment, Lin Fan chuckled. Pure brute strength without a Paradise? This was as good as a paper tiger.

Shifting his body once more, Lin Fan's speed was exceptionally fast. Surpa.s.sing everything, he slammed out with the Doomsday Calamity G.o.d Fist. Bringing with it an endless might, that force that seemingly brought down the entire doomsday itself landed on the body of the stone giant.


'Ding…Congratulations on killing divine celestial level 3, Paradise state Puppet Giant.'

'Ding…Experience Points +100,000'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Puppet Giant Talisman x 1'

'To think that the experience points gained would be this limited by the absence of his Paradise. That's a pity indeed.' Lin Fan was pretty exasperated right now. However, he still had no idea what he was going to do.

All of this was stuff created by the Fire Water Emperor. Did this b.l.o.o.d.y Fire Water Emperor have too much time on his hands? Why the h.e.l.l would he create all of these stone giants for no reason at all?

In another isolated s.p.a.ce…

At this moment, the divine celestial level 1, True state Tianyun had just killed a stone giant.

'What in the world is this place? To think that these stone giants would possess such strength!' Checking out the situation around him, Tianyun's heart could not help but be filled with worries.

He wondered how everyone else was right now.

But, just as Tianyun was looking for a way out of this, yet another stone giant appeared.

'Divine celestial level 2, Realm state?' Sensing the power level of this stone giant, Tianyun's face changed immediately. Wasn't this just pushing him to his death?

But, at this point in time, there was nothing else he could do except engage it in battle.

Even though this stone giant did not have a cultivated realm of its own, it was still a really formidable opponent for Tianyun nevertheless.

When the stone giant landed a punch against Tianyun, his face changed immediately. He knew that he wasn't far from death's door right now. However, just as the punch made contact with him, a gigantic black hole appeared behind his back immediately!

Feeling the immense energy coursing through his entire body, it caused his body to turn upside down as his brain was muddled up like glue right now.

"You have no rights to enter the tomb of the Fire Water Emperor. Return." The giant retracted his fist and stood back where he was originally, entering a deep slumber once more.

"I'll return once more!" Upon hearing the words of the stone giant, Tianyun could feel a wrench in his heart. To think that he would be forced to leave so soon after his entry to this place.

At this moment, the entire region returned to its eerily silent mood.

'The utmost supreme skill to demolish the voids. Emptiness Sword Will!' Lin Fan stuck up his thumb. Using his palm as an embodiment of the sword itself, he pierced through everything and slashed out at the giant.

These never-ending giants were causing Lin Fan to feel somewhat exasperated.

Each time he defeated a single giant, another stronger one would sp.a.w.n.

However, the only thing to rejoice about was the fact that these stone giants were mere brute strength, without anything else. This single fact allowed Lin Fan to deal with them with relative ease for now, without much pressure on his hands.

However, the cultivation states of the stone giants were getting stronger each time. Even without the exact strength of their corresponding cultivation states, they were still getting more difficult to deal with each time.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing divine celestial level 4, Undying state Puppet Giant.'

'Ding…Experience Points +150,000'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Puppet Giant Talisman x 1'

By the time he was done killing this stone giant, Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, he was starting to get a little p.i.s.sed off by these giants. He just had to see what other bullsh*t this Fire Water Secret Grounds could come up with.

Grind. Grind.

The sound of the stone giant stirring up rang through the void once more. At this point, Lin Fan was starting to curse their mothers. Was this ever going to be done? One should not try their luck thrice. Right now, this was the fourth stone giant! One mustn't go so overboard with their sh*t!

Did they really take Yours Truly as a superhuman?

"F*ck! This is too much!" Lin Fan hollered out. Without waiting for the stone giant to strike out, he made the first move.

Two Dao Weapons flew out in an arc from Lin Fan's hands, swinging down at the stone giant in fury.

Without any bit of hesitation, Lin Fan used up all four of the Puppet Giant Talismans he had obtained as well. Instantly, four stone giants appeared and leaped forth.

"You want to fight? Let's see who's afraid of whom! You want to compete with magical skills? Alright then! Yours Truly shall play you to the death!" Lin Fan's magic powers surged around him furiously. Covering the sky with his arm, he grabbed down at the stone giant with his five fingers in a claw-like shape, aiming for the head of the stone giant.


The stone giant gave off a maddened roar, as an immense power burst forth from him. Before the four Puppet Giants could even get close, they were smashed into pieces by him.

Lin Fan did not hesitate in the least bit. Everything between his five fingers exploded immediately, bringing the entire void tumbling down with him.


The Demon City and Flying Heavens crashed with a ma.s.sive force onto the stone giant as well.


Lin Fan could feel an extremely repressive force as the aura climbed steadily.

'One strike of destruction!'

At this moment, Lin Fan deployed every single move in his a.r.s.enal, as all his True Skill seeds churned wildly. A long river of his skills was cultivated out. Bringing with it an infinitely bright glow, it gushed down at the stone giant.

The True Skill seeds churned rapidly as a series of Skill Spirits stood imposingly. Deploying each of their special moves, this boundless might encompa.s.sed the vast sky, rendering one unable to block it at all.


Receiving this chain of attacks had the stone giant crumbling down into pieces.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing divine celestial level 5, Essence Spirit state Puppet Giant.'

'Ding…Experience Points +200,000'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Puppet Giant Talisman x 1'

Lin Fan stood there wavering slightly. No more, please. Any more and he might truly be doomed.

Even though these stone giants had nothing but mere strength, if their strength were to continue acc.u.mulating to a certain degree, it would still be something overwhelming, even if they did not have any special properties to their powers.

By now, Lin Fan's nuts were starting to feel the sting. Was he supposed to continue challenging them to no ends? By the time he couldn't take down the final stone giant, he would be crushed to death harshly.

'Holy f*ck! This is a f*cking sham!'

At this moment, in yet another dimension…

Even though Fairy Hongyun's cultivation state was only that of a divine celestial level 1, True state, she found herself being able to challenge up to a divine celestial level 3, Paradise state stone giant. However, she was still overwhelmed by the strength of the stone giant right here.

With that, Fairy Hongyun was also struck down by the punch of the stone giant.

At first, Fairy Hongyun thought that her life was about to end right here. But right before the punch of the giant reached her, she was swallowed up by a similar black hole behind her.

"Challenge successful. Entering the tomb of the Fire Water Emperor."

"Come on! Yours Truly isn't afraid of you guys! Come at me again if you've got the guts!" Looking at the stone giants' statues surrounding him, Lin Fan bellowed out.

Too much! This was way too much!

To think that they would dare to term this as the Fire Water Secret Grounds? No, no! This was a downright shammy place filled with scams to no ends!

'Sending all these trials one after another, does this place know no shame?'

They were just bent on forcing everyone to their wits' ends!

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