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'Ding…Bare Nudeness has leveled up.'

'Ding…Bare Nudeness has leveled up.'

Leveling twice in a row, this was a pretty decent result for Lin Fan.

However, what Lin Fan had not expected was that this skill was so d.a.m.n strong! Even at this point in time, he could not figure out at all how the other party's clothes were removed!

As for the surrounding disciples, the sight of their Senior Brother Fang without a single piece of garment on him had them totally flabbergasted.

In fact, even some of the female disciples who once had a crush on Senior Brother Fang were now revealing looks of contempt at that popcorn sized object at his groin. Instantly, those crushes flew away into the skies and ceased to exist.

Should one go for power or happiness?

For these girls, the latter was obviously the most important.

When the ma.s.ses realized that Lin Fan's gaze was turned upon them, their hearts froze up immediately, as though they were faced with a ferocious tiger right before them.

They knew that the reason why Senior Brother Fang was entirely nude right now must be due to the doings of this human.

Horrifying… Way too horrifying!

In the blink of an eye, he had removed all of Senior Brother Fang's clothing! If they were to be the victim of this move of his, how terrifying would that be?

This one move of Lin Fan also caused the hearts of some of the female disciples to bubble up with fear.

If they had accidentally offended this man and ended up like Senior Brother Fang, that would be absolutely horrifying to imagine!

Hongyun looked over at Lin Fan, blinking her eyes blankly in helplessness. She had not expected Lin Fan to have such a frightening move.

She knew that Lin Fan's powers were way stronger than Senior Brother Fang's to begin with. But she had not expected the difference to be this...this great.

"Fairy Hongyun, we shouldn't reside here overly long. It's time to set out." Lin Fan was feeling a little guilty in his heart right now. He shouldn't have used Bare Nudeness. After all, this was a skill that was way too damaging to the public morals.

However, what could he do now that he had already done it?

But fair enough, at least it was enough to solidify his might as a threat to everyone else.

All of the male disciples who had been surrounding Fang Weifeng earlier on now stood rooted to their spot obediently, not daring to act overly impudent and the likes.

"Alright." Fairy Hongyun's body shuddered momentarily. Finally, she was starting to feel a little scared of Lin Fan. That move was way too strong! Senior Brother Fang did not even have a chance to retaliate!

Even though Senior Brother Fang wasn't stronger than Lin Fan, he was still an imposing existence amongst them nevertheless. To think that he would be stripped stark naked without any way of fighting back at all!

If Lin Fan were to turn against her for any reason, she would surely stand no chance at all.

At this moment, Tianyun's heart was pretty rattled as well. He had not expected Lin Fan to be this strong! If Senior Brother Fang were to vent all his frustrations onto Tianyun himself once they got back to the sect, that would be a true tragedy!

However, Tianyun did not voice out his concerns. Even though he might suffer back in the sect, at least there was no worry of him losing his life because of it.

At the same time, he felt that it was all worth it now that he could take a peep at Senior Brother Fang's SMALL secret. To think that Senior Brother Fang's nether regions would only be the size of a popcorn!

Once this piece of news got back to the sect, it would definitely spread like wildfire.


With that, Lin Fan and the rest of them made haste. Along the way, they b.u.mped into many living beings that were born within the Fire Water Secret Grounds. These living beings did not belong to any race or anything. They were all created from the concentrated Spirit Qi of the Fire Water Secret Grounds itself.

During his flight, Lin Fan also caught sight of a gorge where a six-armed giant was fighting with another giant. However, in the blink of an eye, Lin Fan casually slayed both the giants and tossed their thick spirit, essence, and vitality into the Demon City, boosting its powers.

"Look, guys! A gigantic door has opened up straight ahead!" Suddenly, Tianyun pointed out into the distance.

Lin Fan turned his gaze over. Indeed, up ahead, there was a gigantic door that was around 10,000 feet in height.

At this moment, the door had already been opened. However, there was a gigantic blue and red vortex that was twisting right before the door.

"I believe that the tomb of the Fire Water Emperor should be up ahead." Fairy Hongyun spoke up.

Lin Fan did not know where this blue and red vortex was connected to. Upon taking a closer inspection, he realized that there were a variety of mysterious images and runic symbols on the door itself.

There were two figures of giants that attracted Lin Fan's attention particularly.



These giants were remarkably lifelike in their image.

"These two giants... Could they have been drawn up by the Fire Water Emperor personally?" Lin Fan was feeling some uncertainties in his heart. Even though the giants were just images carved into the stone, he could feel a mighty aura being emanated out from them.

"Here! There are markings left behind by our elders here!" Checking out the surroundings, Hongyun exclaimed out urgently.

Lin Fan and the others landed on the ground, "What markings?"

"The elders are engaged in a fight with some outsiders! Right now, all of them are within the tomb!" Fairy Hongyun remarked.

At this moment, only two paths were awaiting Lin Fan and the others. The first was to head into the vortex, and the second was to find a place to hide.

"Seems like we've been careless this time around. To think that there would be these many powerful beings eyeing the opening of the Fire Water Secret Grounds. Seems like it's already extremely lucky for us to even remain alive up till this point." Fairy Hongyun continued.

Even though they were divine celestials, if the outsiders and powerful beings were locked in a stalemate with their elders, they must naturally be of divine celestial level 4 or 5!

If they were to meet such powerful beings, they would naturally be slain in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, Fairy Hongyun turned around to the ma.s.ses, "My fellow sect members, it is fraught with immense dangers within. If anyone does not wish to enter, please find a hiding spot in the meantime. When the elders finally make their way out, we'll leave this place together."

The crowd turned their heads and looked at one another.

"Senior Sister Hongyun, you've once said that encounters depend on one's fates. Everyone has their lives predetermined. The fact that we've made it here to the Fire Water Secret Grounds is an affinity to begin with. I want to enter and see what sort of destiny awaits me." A middle-aged man with a square face spoke up with a bright thirst shining in his eyes.

"There are many encounters awaiting us in the Fire Water Secret Grounds. Too many to count in fact. If I do not head in and give it a shot, I'll definitely feel immensely regretful as well."

Everyone at this place felt that they would definitely not rest in peace if they did not give it a shot while they could.

"Alright! Since that's the case, let us head in then. Even though life and death might not be in our hands once we enter, I implore all of you to watch out for your safety first within." Fairy Hongyun replied.

Suddenly, Lin Fan frowned. He could sense a few auras approaching from the distance.

"Hurry up and enter! There are more people coming." Lin Fan warned out.


Without much hesitation, the ma.s.ses leaped into the vortex.

Instantly, the Heavens toppled and the Earth flipped over. Everything before them turned pitch black. The next time Lin Fan opened his eyes to look for everyone else, he was in a place that was completely empty.

Checking out his surroundings keenly, Lin Fan realized that he had appeared within some sort of a maze. This maze was extremely vast, where its boundaries could not even be seen at all.

Within this maze stood many tall stone statues. All of them were crafted intricately, and looked extremely lifelike, wielding weapons of their own.

"Seems like everyone who enters this place would be teleported to a random location. Oh well, this is a rare opportunity still. Time to search for the Fire Water Emperor's treasure before anything else." Without any delay, Lin Fan leaped up from the ground and flew out towards the distance. However, his face changed immediately as a black figure bolted out at him instantly.

By the time he could identify his target, he realized that all the stone statues had started moving without him realizing at all!

These stone status were extremely imposing and fearsome. Those initially darkened sockets of theirs were now lit ablaze with a fiery flame. The weapons in their hands cleaved out at Lin Fan at this moment.

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