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"This is the Cloud Summit Movement, the utmost movement technique of our Cloud Sect. It is said that if one were to cultivate it up to its highest state, their movements would follow that of the clouds, formless and fluid. They could change up their bodies into all sorts of states, where one could not distinguish between reality and illusion any longer."

"Senior Brother Fang's temperament had always been on the fiery side. Why the h.e.l.l wouldn't this human just give in to him? If he could tolerate for just that bit, things would not escalate as such!"

"Senior Brother Fang has already cultivated his realm to a state where he could control it with just the whim of his mind. He is practically just that step away from being a Paradise state being right now!"

"This human is in for it right now! That palm strike of Senior Brother Fang is way too formidable! The power of that is definitely beyond that of someone from the Realm state!"

All the surrounding disciples began to engage in a heated discussion. They did not dare to question the actions of Senior Brother Fang at all, let alone disobey his authority and status. To think that a single human would dare to rile up Senior Brother Fang like this, without any concern towards the severity of the issue. Things might not end as easily with just a broken limb or two today.

Fang Weifeng was someone who was born within the Ancient Saint World, and had spent his life growing up in the Cloud Sect. He would forever put on an att.i.tude of him being the greatest there ever was.

Even those disciples with powers stronger than Fang Weifeng, but had entered the Cloud Sect after him, would give him some leeway, not stooping down to his level.

However, now that they were out of the sect, his att.i.tude wasn't something to be tolerated by outsiders.

Weitian smirked coldly at Lin Fan. He was waiting to see just how this guy was going to kneel down before Senior Brother Fang's might and beg for mercy.

"That movement technique of yours is pretty mysterious indeed."

Looking at Fang Weifeng who was taking on many different forms right now, Lin Fan's curiosity was piqued. To tell if a sect were strong, one would only have to look at the type of skills their disciples possessed.

And, Lin Fan could tell from the get-go that this movement technique was far from ordinary.

Moving like the clouds, he might seem as though he possessed a physical body. However, there was none.

The smoke disappeared and the clouds dissipated. This was a mysterious movement with ever-changing motions, leading to one becoming indistinguishable between the layers of truth and falsehoods.

All of a sudden, Fang Weifeng appeared behind Lin Fan. Punching out with that ever mighty slap, he hurled out at the back of Lin Fan's head.

It was as though he was bent on slapping Lin Fan into a r.e.t.a.r.d.

"Watch out!" Fairy Hongyun's heart was skipping like a deer right now. This wasn't a battle that she had wanted to witness at all.

This was especially the case after realizing how vicious her Senior Brother Fang's attacks were. She was afraid that Lin Fan might fall prey to him instead because of his merciful nature.

"Go to h.e.l.l!" Fang Weifeng's mouth curled coldly. To think that this d.a.m.ned fella would dare to pit himself against him? He could only use his life as a means of apology then.

With his back still facing Fang Weifeng, Lin Fan grinned gently.

So what if his movement technique was mythical?

Within the Xuanhuang World, Lin Fan had always found himself walking through death's doors. Which ones of his battles weren't all earthshattering and fraught with dangers?

If he were to fall prey to Fang Weifeng's Dao just like this, he would have lived his life for nothing at all.

In a jiffy, Lin Fan turned around. Raising his hand gently, he stretched out a single finger. This finger was exceptionally normal, without a single stir of energy at all.

In fact, all the surrounding disciples right now were pretty sure that this human was going to be slapped to death by their Senior Brother Fang's single move.

However, this was when the shocking event happened. All of the disciples rubbed their eyes, wondering if they were seeing things right now.

To think that the mighty and formidable palm strike of their Senior Brother Fang would be stopped by a single finger!

Nirvana Finger!

Using the finger as a center, a series of ripples were emitted out. These ripples were like stones that were cast into the gaping maws of the ocean, creating a series of growing ripples.


As though they were dealt some severe impact, the nearby void began to shatter like a cracked mirror, turning into tiny shards of their own.

Fang Weifeng's face changed immediately as a growing bubble of horror filled his eyes. He had suddenly realized that the mighty palm strike of his seemed to have met with some sort of an impenetrable wall!

With that, an unblockable force was being transmitted from the finger itself. It coiled around the barriers of the void nearby and wrapped itself around his arm. He could feel his arm about to be destroyed at any moment!

"d.a.m.n it!" Fang Weifeng blasted out, trying to break free of this power.

However, this finger seemed to possess some sort of boundless suction force as it resided in the center of Fang Weifeng's palms. No matter how much strength he exerted, he couldn't break free of it at all.

"You've provoked me time and again. By every single reason I can think up of, you should be dead right now. However, given the fact that you're Fairy Hongyun's senior brother, I shall spare your life. However, I've got to give you something to remember this day." Lin Fan remarked indifferently.


Lin Fan hollered out gently. With that, a devastating power appeared.

To Fang Weifeng's horror, that palm of his was being separated from him continuously as it turned into specks of dust, disappearing within the face of the Heaven and Earth.


A tragic cry ensued from the screaming Fang Weifeng.

"Mercy please!!!" Fairy Hongyun chimed in.

Lin Fan flicked his finger, sending Fang Weifeng flying off like a bullet. He slammed onto the ground in the distance, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

The surrounding disciples were watching everything with their jaws dropping apart, as all color drained from their faces. To think that this crazily mighty and imposing Senior Brother Fang of theirs would be taken down by a single move of the other party!

Weitian was shivering from head to toe right now. He had suddenly realized how scary this human right before his very eyes was.

Fang Weifeng was howling out in fury as his eyes were filled with incredulity. However, in the blink of an eye, the look of incredulity changed into that of rage and hatred.

He glared at Lin Fan with such baleful eyes, as though he had a blood feud with him.

"d.a.m.n IT! HOW DARE YOU SEVER MY PALM FROM ME? I'LL KILL YOU!" Fang Weifeng screamed out in anguish.

"Don't come seeking death. The only reason why you're alive is all only because of Fairy Hongyun. If you don't know what's good for you, I wouldn't mind sending you on your way." Lin Fan snorted coldly.

"I'LL HAVE YOU DEAD…!!!" Fang Weifeng's eyes were bloodshot right now. Evidently, he was going into a state of frenzy.

"Senior Brother Fang, that's enough!" Fairy Hongyun intervened.

"SCRAM!" Fang Weifeng howled in an insane craze. His body jerked as an extremely domineering force burst forth.

'Power of the Cloud Summit!'

The moment Fairy Hongyun caught sight of this, her heart jerked as well. To think that Senior Brother Fang would resort to employing a secret technique!

The cloud summits stood above the skies in the Heavens, looking down on all living beings. This was a state that living beings could not wish to climb up to.

Pui! Pui!

Spitting out two mouthfuls of essence blood, Fang Weifeng gathered them before him. Taking on many different forms, they eventually turned into a red colored longsword.

This red colored longsword was extremely flexible, as the figure of a Cloud Emperor floated gently above it. This Cloud Emperor's aura was extraordinary, shining down on the rest of the world.

Wielding the Sword of the Cloud Emperor in his arms, Fang Weifeng instantly became one with the Cloud Emperor. He bolted out at Lin Fan in a huff. His sword stance fluttered in the sky as his aura rumbled furiously, bringing with it a torrent of energy from the Heavens that was bent on ending Lin Fan's life right there and then.

Lin Fan stood there indifferently. Looking at the anxious look on Fairy Hongyun's face, he nodded his head.

Since things had come to this, this was the only way then.

At this moment, Lin Fan crossed two fingers together. A single torrent of energy coiled itself around those fingers of his.


The sound of a vibration rang through the void as Lin Fan disappeared from his original spot.

'Bare Nudeness!'

In that instant, the Heaven and Earth stood still in absolute silence.

A flash of light beamed past.

Piercing through the spot, Fang Weifeng stood where he was with a grim face. The Sword of the Cloud Emperor in his hands dissipated like the clouds, ceasing to exist any longer.


Suddenly, Fang Weifeng burst out laughing. He had felt the Sword of the Cloud Emperor pierce through the body of the other party!

"What are you laughing at?" Suddenly, a voice permeated through the void. Fang Weifeng's face changed immediately into one of disbelief.

"H-how did you do it?"

Fang Weifeng refused to believe everything before his very eyes. He had clearly felt the sensation of piercing through the other party! Why the h.e.l.l was this fella still alive?


Suddenly, a series of shrill cries coming from the female disciples amongst the spectating disciples rang out. At the same time, there were m.u.f.fled laughter and discussion amongst the other disciples.

Fang Weifeng suddenly felt a frosty chill around his body. Lowering his head, his entire face turned white as a sheet.

Shame. Anger. Madness. Hatred…

"To think that Brother Fang is into stuff like that. Something as small as a popcorn, this is the first time I'm seeing something like this in my life."

At this moment, Lin Fan's voice was the only thing that could be heard in the world.

However, this voice was a world of eternal pain for Fang Weifeng.





With that, he spat out blood in a flurry, spraying it all around the sky in a tragic state. At this moment, the burning flame of rage had struck straight into the heart of Fang Weifeng.

Unable to endure this humiliation, he fell to a thud as he fainted onto the ground.

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