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Lin Fan had not expected things to turn out this way.

Where was the promised lovingness and doting between siblings? Why were the sect members fighting all of a sudden because of a single disagreement?

All Tianyun did was refute a single sentence of his, and he should be punished? How b.l.o.o.d.y overbearing was that?

Weitian stretched out his arm in a claw-like grip. Locking in his aura, he grabbed at Tianyun.

"Senior Brother Wei, stop!" Looking at how Weitian was not holding back at all, Hongyun's face changed as well. The Void Ripping Claw was something that could tear even the Heavens apart, let alone the meat and flesh body of Tianyun.

The moment Tianyun caught sight of this, he was rattled. He knew that his senior brother was merely making use of him as a tool to display his might. However, the Cloud Sect had a strict hierarchy of seniority, Tianyun did not dare to retaliate at all.

Even if he did, he wouldn't be a match for his Senior Brother Wei.

In a flash, Tianyun realized that a figure was standing right before him, shielding him from harm's way.

The moment Weitian saw this human acting as a shield, he sneered coldly in his heart as well. He increased the amount of strength to his arm, causing all five of his fingers to glow with a sharp gleam. Clawing down at the shoulders of Lin Fan, he was bent on gutting this man.


A crisp, clean sound rang out. However, this wasn't the sound of Lin Fan's shoulders being destroyed. The moment Weitian's fingers made contact with Lin Fan's shoulders, all five fingers of his began to contort, as though they were met with some sort of force.

A Sword Will shot out of Lin Fan's shoulders, embedding itself in the arms of Weitian.

Fresh blood spilled everywhere, spraying into the skies.


A shrill cry rang out as Weitian stumbled backward repeatedly. As though it was pierced by an infinite number of swords, blood holes began to appear on his arms. Fresh blood oozed and gushed out of these holes.

"You…!" Weitian looked at Lin Fan in anger. However, the terrible pain caused him to cry out once more. That undispelled Sword Will remained within his arm.

"Brother Tianyun is your junior brother. Of course, it's in your right to discipline him as a senior brother. However, Brother Tianyun is my friend. If you dare to bully my friend before me, you're evidently disregarding the presence of me, Lin Fan. This was only a small little lesson for you this time around. If you dare to act so brazenly, I'll have that arm of yours severed entirely." Lin Fan replied imposingly.

The flames of rage burned in the Weitian's heart. To think that this man would dare to strike out at him and injure his arm as well! However, he was clear of the difference between them.

In front of so many of his other sect members, how could Weitian afford to lose his face right here?

"You b.l.o.o.d.y human of unknown background and origins! How dare you mix yourself within the midst of the Cloud Sect? This guy must definitely have some motives behind him! Everyone, we've got to take him down!" Weitian hollered.

"Halt!" Hongyun placed herself in between the both of them, "Senior Brother Wei! Right now, we're within the Fire Water Secret Grounds! It wouldn't be a wise move to cause any internal strife between us!"

"Junior Sister Hongyun, I take it that you're on the side of this human then, eh?" Weitian's rage was impossible to quell right now. How could he bear to let it go just like this?

"So what if Big Senior Brother Liaohen takes a liking to you? If you do not step away right now, you better not blame me for disregarding our ties as fellow sect members!"

"Weitian, what has this got to do with Senior Brother Liao and me? The way you do not distinguish between right or wrong won't be spared if the elders catch wind of this!" Hongyun replied.

"Junior Brother Wei, stand back." At this moment, Fang Weifeng stood forth. His aura was austere like a lofty mountain, great and boundless.

"Senior brother, I-I…!" Weitian was indignant. He wanted to get back his pride.

"Stand back." Fang Weifeng's tone was still calm like the still waters. However, Weitian could tell that if he did not stand back as ordered, he would truly incur the wrath of his senior brother.

"Senior Brother Fang, I implore for you to make a decision on this matter. Please let everything go and let us work together to survive in this Fire Water Secret Grounds." Fairy Hongyun requested.

Fang Weifeng's expression was grim and impossible to tell, "Junior Sister Hongyun, you stand back too."

"Senior brother…" Noticing the look on her senior brother's face, Fairy Hongyun could tell that something bad was about to happen.

"STAND BACK!" With a maddened holler from Fang Weifeng, an invisible sonic boom blew Fairy Hongyun away immediately. This was an extremely overbearing move.

Looking at the situation before him, Lin Fan knew that there could definitely be no peaceful resolution to this. However, the thing that exasperated him was the fact that even though he had done nothing wrong, he was getting bullied by others time and again.

Seemed like the kind truly did get taken advantage of.

If he had appeared in this place with his unparalleled and formidable aura from the start, things might be entirely different right now.

"Brother Lin, you've got to watch out! Senior Brother Fang is really strong." Standing behind Lin Fan, Tianyun whispered softly. At the same time, his heart was bubbling with indignance. So what if they were of the same sect? Everything should be determined by true strength!

Lin Fan nodded his head before stepping forth. He glared at Fang Weifeng straight in the eye, "Since you want to have a go at it, we'll have a go at it. I, Lin Fan, have truly never felt much fear for others... ever."

"Hmph. You've got guts, I'll give you that. Of course, there's nothing for Junior Brother Wei to hold against given that his strength is weaker than yours. However, for an outsider like you to step in Junior Brother Wei's disciplining of a junior? Evidently, you don't hold much regard for the Cloud Sect. Since that's the case, I shall see just what sort of capabilities you've got for you to strike out as such." Fang Weifeng's tone was extremely domineering.

"Lin Fan, don't be rash!" Fairy Hongyun hurried over and stood before Lin Fan, attempting to hold him back.

Channeling his aura outwards, Lin Fan used the force to push Fairy Hongyun to one side as well.

"This is no longer of your concern. Just stay there and watch the show properly. Well, it's good that my hands are starting to feel itchy as well. I've got to check out for myself just what sort of capabilities disciples of the Cloud Sect possess. Time to see if you guys should have the rights to even remain alive within this Fire Water Secret Grounds."

Lin Fan was afraid of nothing from the Heavens down to h.e.l.l. So, why would he be afraid of a trash like this then? Since this guy did not care for niceties and manners, insisting for Lin Fan to show his strength, then this guy was just asking for it!

All the surrounding disciples were rooted right now in shock as well. They had not expected things to turn out like this!

However, now that Senior Brother Fang was the one who had stepped into this affair, there was no room for them to interfere at all.

Now that things had come to this, Fairy Hongyun did not have any way of resolving this either. She couldn't help but retreat a few steps back, keeping the worries within her heart to herself.

To fight with one another in a place as such, no matter which side wound up being injured, it would be a disaster.

"Lin Fan, please show some mercy." Fairy Hongyun knew how strong Lin Fan was. If Lin Fan were to kill Senior Brother Fang, things would really be blown out of proportion. By then, no matter how much tact she had, she would not be able to mediate the Cloud Sect out of sparing Lin Fan.

"Relax, I know my limits. To think that a mere trash as such would dare to challenge my authority? If I don't give him some taste of my strength, he would really think that there's no one out there in this world who could take him in hand. He needs to know that there's always someone stronger than you out there." Lin Fan scorned in disdain.

"Big words! How dare you call me a trash? No matter who steps in today, they wouldn't be able to save your dog life!" Fang Weifeng's eyes were thoroughly incensed right now, all prepared to kill his opponent.

Lin Fan's lips curled coldly.

Divine celestial level 2, Realm state.

This was someone that wasn't even comparable to the Infinite Bat Old Master. And yet, how dare he act so brazenly before Lin Fan? He was simply just courting his own death!

"GO TO h.e.l.l!" With a frenzied roar, Fang Weifeng deployed every single one of his moves as he bolted forth. His robes danced like a flag in a gust, flapping noisily.

In a single strike, his body flashed. His skills gathered together like a current, converging within his palms. The crackling sound of his palm was sharp, as it slammed out towards Lin Fan.

Instantly, Fang Weifeng changed into many different forms. The surrounding area was filled with his figures. Amidst illusion and reality, falsehood and truth, one could not identify the real body of Fang Weifeng at all!

By now, all the surrounding disciples could not help but break out into cold sweat as the tension rose significantly. They did not know how things would eventually turn out…

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