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Lin Fan had not expected things to turn out this way either. After all, how could such a savage scene exist within the confines of this world? This was an utter disgrace to public morals!

However, this was a pretty pleasing scene for Lin Fan nevertheless.

After all, the Infinite Bat Old Master was a divine celestial level 3, Paradise state being, whose powers were above him by quite a fair amount. However, all of that difference in strength was established within that Paradise of his.

The Infinite Bat Old Master could be considered as an emperor who possessed a vast amount of land under his name. However, he did not have any soldiers of his own. On the contrary, Lin Fan was someone without that same amount of land, but with countless of soldiers under him.

This was an intrinsic difference.

If Lin Fan were to cultivate out his Paradise state, he would be able to take down beings like the Infinite Bat Old Master with the back of his palms.

With that being said, now that the power that was unleashed by Biggra had already desecrated the a.s.saults of the Infinite Bat Old Master, the remaining task was extremely simple for Lin Fan.

However, the sheer number of densely packed Black Heavens Bat Kings were still a tricky thing to deal with. After all, if he didn't kill all of them entirely, he might attract some of their flak onto him.

These Black Heavens Bat Kings had already lost their mind under the influence of Biggra. The only thing in their heads right now was finding living beings to penetrate.

If Hongyun and the others were to catch sight of the Infinite Bat Old Master's state right now, their eyeb.a.l.l.s would definitely pop right out of their sockets.

That terrifying and frightening Infinite Bat Old Master was such a savage being. So savage that he wouldn't even let bats off!

Lin Fan's initial plan was to use the Flying Heavens to penetrate through the Infinite Bat Old Master while he was distracted. However, looking at the current pitiable expressions given off by Xiguang and Long Xuan, Lin Fan could only sigh helplessly.

Seemed like such a twisted scene could cause even Weapon Spirits to feel fear.

However, Lin Fan suddenly recalled the words of Fairy Hongyun. This Infinite Bat Old Master was extremely difficult to kill. He wondered what sort of difficulty level that would be.

'True Origins Crushing Kick!'

Stretching out his leg, the entire void trembled as his True Skill seed churned. If he had to use his hands to take down this crazy amount of Black Heavens Bat Kings, he wouldn't even know how long it would take to finish through them.

Instantly, the Paradise began to vibrate immensely, as those legs which were filled with true origins slammed out towards the Black Heavens Bat Kings.

"d.a.m.nED HUMAN! I'LL BE SURE TO KILL YOU AND SUCK ALL OF YOUR ESSENCE AND SOUL DRY! I'LL TURN YOU INTO A DRIED UP CORPSE!" The Infinite Bat Old Master howled in anger. However, despite that enraged expression of his, his bodily actions betrayed his intents.

At this moment, a Black Heavens Bat King was caught in the hands of the Infinite Bat Old Master, which he was using to play with himself mercilessly.

"d.a.m.n IT!" The Infinite Bat Old Master was about to go crazy by now. He wanted to stop. However, his body wouldn't allow it.

"Infinite Bat Old Master, don't scream any longer. Just take the time to enjoy your deepest desires thoroughly and follow your heart to the peak of your life." Lin Fan was spouting bullsh*t with an absolutely straight face.

True Origins Crushing Kick was one of the four great evil skills in Lin Fan's a.r.s.enal.

Even though these evil skills had yet to reach their peak cultivation states, their current strength was already heaven-defying enough. These were skills that were unique to Lin Fan. Within this entire world, he was the only who could deploy them.

Bam! Bam!

A series of exploding sounds rang through the sky. Under the might of this kick, the Black Heavens Bat Kings began to drop to the ground, spasming uncontrollably as they were sapped of every single bit of their fighting strength. They wanted to fly up once more, but they were tormented to the depth of their souls by that feeling of pain.

Screech! Screech!

These shrill cries were sorrowful beyond anything else. If they could speak in human language, they would definitely be cursing out at Lin Fan right now.

At this moment, the Infinite Bat Old Master's figure finally appeared. Without any bit of hesitation, Lin Fan took out his Eternal Axe immediately.


The swing of that axe seemed to be cleaving through the entire Heaven and Earth, as a frightening axe flash tore through the Paradise towards the Infinite Bat Old Master. This was a formidable amount of force. There was no way this totally unprepared Infinite Bat Old Master could resist it, as he was split into two instantly.

"Indeed, he is pretty hard to kill." Lin Fan frowned. Without hearing the notification from the system, he naturally knew that the Infinite Bat Old Master wasn't dead just yet.

"YOU'LL NEVER KILL ME!" Instantly, the Infinite Bat Old Master howled out in anger, "WITHIN THIS PARADISE, YOU CAN NEVER, EVER KILL ME!"

"Hmph, there's no one in this world who can't die." Lin Fan snorted coldly. He would definitely not believe the words of the Infinite Bat Old Master.

After all, even now that he had mastered Blood Sea till its ninth level, Rebirth through Blood, he dared not claim that he would never ever die. How could a b.l.o.o.d.y Infinite Bat Old Master claim the same?

The brightness in Lin Fan's eyes expanded out. In a flash, he sent out thousands of punches that were accompanied with a myriad of skills. For Lin Fan, the art of combining skills together was something that he had mastered to an extremely proficient state.

'Nirvana Finger!'

Lin Fan's long robes danced in the air as he floated gently in the void. Using his finger as a pointer, ripples flowed out one by one, causing the Paradise to rip apart bit by bit.

With that ripple, tens of millions of Black Heavens Bat Kings were disintegrated instantly. The Infinite Bat Old Master died countless times as well. However, he would resurrect before Lin Fan each time he died.

"B*stard! You'll never be able to kill this old man here! Even though I've got no idea what you've done to me, I can feel the effects of this weird thing that you've placed within me gradually dissipating! The moment this old man here can fully resist this power, I'll make sure you know of a fate worse than death!" The Infinite Bat Old Master was howling out with bloodshot eyes.

Lin Fan lowered his head into contemplation. Was this Infinite Bat Old Master truly unkillable?

But, that was impossible as well. There were no living beings in this world that couldn't be killed! In fact, even the Ancient One, who was one of the utmost beings, would definitely die one day as well.

Therefore, the Infinite Bat Old Master must definitely be depending on this Paradise.

"Add some more ingredients for him!" Lin Fan tossed out his hand and handed the matter over to the Spirit of Biggra.

"Yes, Master!"

By now, the Black Heavens Bat Kings that were killed by the Infinite Bat Old Master himself amounted to the hundreds. After all that endless releases that he was venting out, the Biggra within his body was gradually diminishing.

"Heh, smelly bat! Don't look down on me!" The Spirit of Biggra giggled evilly. With that, a thick, dense mist floated up and spread out once again, covering the Infinite Bat Old Master under his frightful cry.

"Master! I've realized that each time you kill the Infinite Bat Old Master, hundreds of Black Heavens Bat Kings would blow up! I'm suspecting that the reason behind his infinite resurrections should have something to do with these Black Heavens Bat Kings!" Long Xuan, who had been observing the fight the entire time, suddenly spoke up.

"Oh? Is that the case?" Pointing out his finger, a single Sword Will howled out, ripping the Infinite Bat Old Master apart before turning its focus onto the Paradise.

Indeed, it was just as Long Xuan had mentioned, the moment the Infinite Bat Old Master died, hundreds of Black Heavens Bat Kings would explode, turning into a blood mist and fusing within the Paradise.

"Seems like this is the reason for your infinite resurrections. Now, the next time around, you may not be able to revive anymore. Hurhurhur." Lin Fan laughed.

"d.a.m.n it!" The Infinite Bat Old Master's face was extremely grim right now. To think that his trick would be exposed by this guy!

Lin Fan did not want to say anything else. Wielding his Eternal Axe, he shut his eyes slightly as his essence, spirit, and vitality skyrocketed. His skills gathered, causing a brilliant light to shine upon his Eternal Axe.

This light converted into a small spot, with all of the energy converging into it. The amount of power that it possessed right now was enough to shock just about anybody.

"Even though it might be unrealistic to say that I can break through your entire Paradise, it would definitely be no issue for me to kill all of your Black Heavens Bat Kings though." Lin Fan stepped forth. Wielding the Eternal Axe with both his hands, he cleaved down at the Paradise with a force as though he was slamming down on the Heaven and Earth itself.


The Infinite Bat Old Master screamed out from the bottom of his heart. To think that he would fall in the hands of a single human!

That unkillable and imperishable body of his! How in the world did it get seen through by a mere human? This wasn't something he could accept at all!

The flash appeared. This was a cleave that possessed all the energy, spirit, and vitality of Lin Fan within it. Slicing through the void, nothing that the axe pa.s.sed by continued to live post its appearance. Before they could even finish their shrieks, countless Black Heavens Bat Kings found themselves turned into dust, before disappearing into the Paradise.


A gigantic vibration reverberated through the Paradise. With that, all those uncountable Black Heavens Bat Kings disappeared entirely, as the Infinite Bat Old Master himself was cleaved into dust as well.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Infinite Bat Old Master.'

'Ding…Experience Points +200,000'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Paradise Shard.'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Infinite Bats Imperishable Magic.'

This wasn't something that Lin Fan had expected! To think that the Infinite Bat Old Master would bring about such a fair amount of experience points along with a skill!

The Paradise Shard of the Infinite Bat Old Master wasn't as resolute as that of the Sovereign King Wei's. Therefore, Lin Fan smelted this immediately and tossed it into his realm, allowing it to make up for the shortcomings of his own realm. This would allow it to turn st.u.r.dier and stronger, in order to pave the path forward for his Paradise in the future.

However, the Infinite Bat Imperishable Magic was giving Lin Fan some headaches right now.

"Master, if you were to let me learn this Infinite Bat Imperishable Magic, I would definitely turn stronger." The big ancient demon said.

Lin Fan flipped through the Infinite Bat Imperishable Magic. This was an extremely dark skill. However, it was indeed pretty decent for the big ancient demon. Therefore, Lin Fan tossed it over to the big ancient demon and had him learn it for himself.

"Master, hurry up and create some Shengyang Pills! Otherwise, our cultivation speeds are simply way too slow!" The big ancient demon added on.

The moment Lin Fan heard the words of the big ancient demon, he was rendered speechless immediately.


He calls THAT cultivation speed slow?

However, on second thought, Lin Fan could see the logic in the big ancient demon's words. It was true that things would be much easier with the presence of Shengyang Pills. Even though this Infinite Bat Old Master was sticky to deal with, if he had an indefinite amount of Shengyang Pills to expend, the Paradise of this Infinite Bat Old Master would definitely be bursting wide open.

But, it was a pity that it wasn't easy getting his hands on those Shengyang Pills.

Which powerful being would be dumb enough to hinder their own cultivation speeds, all for some Shengyang Pills?

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