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'What a beast!' At this moment, Lin Fan was starting to realise that his life was barely even comparable to that of a treasure.

On his own, he was taking such a long time to raise his cultivation states! However, the Demon City was skyrocketing under his own cultivation and grooming! Just as if it were riding on a rocket, there it went!



Just like that, it surpa.s.sed a few cultivation states!

However, Lin Fan understood as well that the bloodline of the big ancient demon played a big part in all of this as well. The big ancient demon could be considered as the one and only king of all the ancient beasts. In order for him to rise as the ruler of all the ancient beasts, his bloodline must have been something that no one could compare with.

However, the only regret right now was that the big ancient demon had fallen in the Xuanhuang World. In order to revive itself, it used its demon bloodline as a bait to deceive the strain of consciousness from Xuanhuang World's consciousness into forming an embodiment herself.

Even though the bloodline had dispersed, the big ancient demon was the royalty of all ancient beasts. Even if his bloodline dried up entirely, he could regenerate it afresh given enough time. Therefore, everything that Lin Fan was doing right now was to regenerate the bloodline of the big ancient demon, so that he could regain his past glory as that unparalleled powerful being who had ruled over all ancient times.

When that time came, Lin Fan would pull the Ancient One into this world as well. With that, he would definitely have the confidence of going into a bloodbath against the eight utmost beings of the ancient race.

'It's a Dao Weapon!'

Tianyun could not hide his envious gaze towards Demon City, which was floating in the sky.

For all the living beings of the thousands of races in the Ancient Saint World, a single Dao Weapon was something that was extremely difficult to obtain. In fact, some of them may not even possess a single one in their entire lives.

Even though the Cloud Sect had was grand and strong, if one wanted a single Dao Weapon, they would have to pay a large price for it. In fact, that price might even be a lifetime of poverty.

"This Dao Weapon is indeed of the highest calibre! Even a top tier Weaponsmith may not be able to craft out something like this!" Looking at the Demon City, Hongyun gasped.

"Hongyun, you've got some knowledge about weapon crafting as well?" Lin Fan asked smilingly.

"Yepp! I learned a little about the ways of weapon crafting from a Weaponsmith within our sect." Hongyun replied.

"Weaponsmith?" The moment Lin Fan heard this, he was a little stunned. Wasn't it said that the beings of the thousands of races couldn't craft weapons of their own? How would there be Weaponsmiths then?

With this, Lin Fan was somewhat confused.

Hongyun gave off a mysterious smile, "Actually, it's true that the beings of the thousands of races out there aren't able to craft weapons on their own. However, our sect has managed to capture an ancient race being who knew how to craft weapons. Using a mysterious controlling technique, we had managed to keep him in the sect for the sole purpose of crafting weapons for us."

Lin Fan nodded his head, feeling a little astonished in his heart. Indeed, the beings of the thousands of races possessed an incredible amount of wisdom in their actions. Since they could not craft weapons on their own, they would then kidnap ancient race beings who could. With that, they could tamper with their heads and brainwash them into crafting weapons for the sects.

At the same time, Lin Fan was filled with a deep curiosity towards this controlling technique. However, didn't this technique seem somewhat vile? It was definitely inferior compared to that Thunder Trainer King of his. Way too inferior.

"Brother Tianyun, my grat.i.tude for your kind a.s.sistance in killing those Fire Spirits earlier on. Evidently, those Fire Spirits are far from your match once you showcase your explosive strength!" Clapping Tianyun on the back of shoulders, Lin Fan chuckled.

Tianyun snorted coldly and rolled his eyes back. It was as though he was implying, 'Did you see that? How dare you insinuate me as a burden?'

"HAHA! To think that these little kiddos would possess a Dao Weapon as well! Seems like the Heavens are blessing this old man here!" Just then, a dark and sinister voice boomed out from the void. Suddenly, a blood red t.i.tanic arm reached out through the void and grabbed at Demon City.

"Lin Fan, hurry up and retrieve your Dao Weapon! It's the Infinite Bat Old Master!" The moment Hongyun caught sight of this blood red arm, her face froze up immediately.

Through the frantic gaze of Fairy Hongyun's eyes, one could tell of her fear towards this Infinite Bat Old Master.

"Oho! To think that a young little brat would know of my mighty name, the great Infinite Bat Old Master! Not bad, not bad! Once I'm done reaping in this Dao Weapon, I'll definitely take note to have a good taste of your little bratty blood!" This sinister voice permeated through the void, such that one couldn't predict its direction at all.

As for that gigantic blood red arm, all five fingers were extremely thick and rough. On the fingertips were long, thin, and razor sharp nails. It was as if anyone who was scratched by these blade like nails would find themselves ripped into shreds instantly.

"Infinite Bat Old Master?" The moment Tianyun and Muqing heard the name, they shuddered momentarily. It seemed as though they had just recalled something utterly horrifying.

"b.l.o.o.d.y braindead f*ck! Steal my Dao Weapon? I can even GIVE it to you, that's if you can lift it up!" Lin Fan did not know what sort of a being this Infinite Bat Old Master was. However, since he wanted the Dao Weapon of Yours Truly, then Yours Truly shall give it to him!

"What are you trying to do?" Fairy Hongyun's expression was changing, unable to comprehend Lin Fan's actions at all.

"HAHA! Not bad, not bad! On account that you're willing to hand over your Dao Weapon obediently, this Old Master right here shall ensure that you have a quick and painless death later on!" Evidently, Infinite Bat Old Master had not expected this fella to hand over his Dao Weapon just like that, and was elated right now.

This was a Dao Weapon! A Dao Weapon was something that everyone in this world would l.u.s.t over!

However, the moment that gigantic blood red arm of the Infinite Bat Old Master reached out to grab at the Demon City, something horrifying happened.

That blood red arm which was dragging the Demon City was suddenly pushed downwards and was torn apart continuously. It was as though something was pressing down on it!

It seemed like the Demon City possessed the strength of a stampede of bulls, entirely unstoppable!

"How could this be…?" The Infinite Bat Old Master yelled out in shock. He could not believe that this gigantic blood arm of his, which had helped him reign over the world, couldn't take down a single Dao Weapon!

Lin Fan laughed coldly. Anything that was crafted out from the system belonged to him and him only. If anyone else tried getting their hands on it, they would definitely never ever succeed.

This could all be summarized into a single saying: 'How dare you try to s.n.a.t.c.h a bound weapon! Are you b.l.o.o.d.y mentally handicapped?'

Screech! Screech!

In a split second, this gigantic blood red arm transformed into a mult.i.tude of blood coloured bats. These bats were pretty large, extending up to dozens of feet in size the moment they spread their wings.

With these many blood coloured bats lining the void, every single last inch of the sky was covered entirely.

"This is an old demon who had ascended up from the Bat world! He is vicious in his methods and specializes in sucking one's essence blood in order to raise his own cultivation state! He is pretty notorious within the Ancient Saint World as well!" Fairy Hongyun explained nervously.

"This Infinite Bat Old Master is a tricky old devil to deal with, akin to fighting against an immortal being! As long as the Blood Bats exist, he would be able to reincarnate indefinitely. A long time ago, our sect exchanged blows with him as well. However, he managed to escape even after he was surrounded by our elders! This guy is really full of tricks!"

"Hmph! Even though I do not know what sort of secret technique you're using, if you dare to hurt my Blood Bats, this old man here would definitely suck your blood dry!" Instantly, the void rippled as a stark red figure stood upright in the sky.

This figure had a head of long, blood coloured hair, with b.l.o.o.d.y eyes. His face was frightfully pale with extremely sharp teeth, looking every single bit like a demon.

At this moment, the Infinite Bat Old Master was holding on to three ancient race beings. Immediately, he tossed all of them over to his Blood Bats.

Screech! Screech!

All of the bats swarmed over and covered the bodies of the three ancient race beings instantly. By the time the bats were done with them and left, there was nothing left but three dried up corpses of ancient race beings, without a single trace of blood from head to toe.

At the same time, the Blood Bats were filled with a luscious and sinister glow after sucking the fresh blood of the ancient race beings.

Noticing the cultivation state of the Infinite Bat Old Master, Lin Fan frowned. Things were going to get sticky.

'Divine celestial level 3, Paradise state.'

This was the first time he was meeting someone who could transform an entire realm into a state of paradise!

'Time to run!'

Lin Fan did not wish to take the risk. This was especially the case given that he had a bunch of burdens with him. In fact, Tianyun and Muqing were already frozen solid just by the name of the Infinite Bat Old Master itself.

After all, it was a well known fact that anyone who was caught in the hands of the Infinite Bat Old Master would definitely suffer an extremely terrible death.

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