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"If you're killing all of these Water Spirits to retrieve their Water Element, does it mean that your treasure is lacking the Five Elements?" Fairy Hongyun was pretty alarmed right now. To think that this person would be this strong! The amount of power that was exerted by him was definitely way beyond that of a divine celestial level 2, Realm state!

Hearing Fairy Hongyun's question, Lin Fan did not hide anything as he nodded his head, "Yes. I've already gathered the Earth and Water Element of the Five Elements. I wonder if I can get to find the remaining three."

Fairy Hongyun gave a low grunt for a moment before raising her head, "Amongst the connate Five Elements, the Fire, Water and Earth Elements are abundant and easy to discover. On the other hand, the connate Metal and Wood Elements are insanely difficult to find. However, I just happen to know of two places which possess a large amount of Metal and Wood Elements."

"Where?" Lin Fan asked with surprise and antic.i.p.ation.

Based on Lin Fan's thoughts, if he were to be able to gather the Five Elements, Demon City would definitely be filled with an everlasting aura. With that constant energy revolving around it, Lin Fan had the confidence to push it up to the ranks of the utmost treasures.

And just as Fairy Hongyun was about to reply, something happened in the distance.

A single glance over and it was clear that a man and a woman were surrounded by a group of three ancient race beings. By the looks of it, it was evident that they weren't going to be able to hold out much longer.

"Senior Brother Tianyun! Senior Sister Muqing!" The moment Fairy Hongyun caught sight of them, her face turned pale. Without even bothering to conceal herself, she bolted over.

The moment Lin Fan saw this, he followed tightly behind her without hesitation as well.

"Junior Sister Muqing! The three of them are exceptionally devious! We must make sure that we do not separate!" Slapping out with his fist, Tianyun was moving in circles along with their enemies.

"Got it." Muqing was pristine and gorgeous, revealing a sunny sort of beauty. Her eyes flashed brightly as her hands were constantly moving.

"Senior Sister, Senior Brother! I'll a.s.sist you guys!" At that moment, a crisp voice rang over.

Turning their heads over, both of them were elated, "It's Junior Sister Hongyun!"

"This is good. With the inclusion of our junior sister, we can deal with these three ancient race beings and kill them!" The moment Tianyun caught sight of Fairy Hongyun, his face was beaming with a strange sort of glow.

"Eh? Junior sister, you aren't alone? Who's that man behind you?" Looking at the man who had followed behind her junior sister, Muqing's face was a little cautious.

The moment Tianyun heard these words, he turned his head around. Instantly, he frowned in slight displeasure. However, given the pressing issue of taking down these ancient race beings, he did not pursue the matter further.

"Hehe, we've got two more living beings arriving." As the three ancient race beings caught sight of Fairy Hongyun and Lin Fan, they grinned. By now, Lin Fan and Fairy Hongyun had arrived by the sides of both of them.

"Senior Sister, where are the others?" Fairy Hongyun asked.

"Just as we gathered at the entrance of the secret grounds, for some unknown reason, the ancient race beings managed to discover us! With that, all of us entered the secret grounds together and got separated due to that. I've got no idea where the others are right now." Muqing replied.

Standing there, Lin Fan could sense the animosity in Tianyun's eyes, as though he was keeping his guard up, seeming somewhat unfriendly.

However, none of that mattered to Lin Fan. If this guy did not know what was good for him and would dare to bother Lin Fan, Lin Fan would definitely teach him a lesson.

"Junior Sister Hongyun, now is not the time for that. These three ancient race beings are really powerful. We've got to hurry up and kill them before looking for the others. This time around, there's a large group of ancient race beings who have entered this place. If we were to delay this till the ancient race army arrives, we would definitely have to leave our bodies here." Tianyun chimed in.

"Hehe… Pitiful living beings, this newly discovered secret ground of yours shall witness the descent of our great ancient race army before long. By then, all of you shall have to die here!" One of the three ancient race beings jeered haughtily.

"Kill those two men. We can enjoy ourselves with the two women later on." The other two mocked in laughter.

"Hmph, ancient race beings! Don't you dare go overboard! Today, with me, Tianyun around, none of you shall be able to harm my junior sisters!" With that, Tianyun stepped forth as his aura rumbled fiercely. However, because he had expended way too much earlier on, his Qi was evidently weaker in comparison.

Lin Fan took a look at the three ancient race beings before him. All of them were in the True state. Weaklings!

As for the two sect members of Fairy Hongyun, both of them were in the True state as well. However, compared to the three ancient race beings, they were far weaker.

Even in the same state, there were stronger and weaker beings.

Even though Fairy Hongyun belonged in the True state as well, she was even stronger than her own senior brother and sister!

And of course, someone like Lin Fan was definitely the top of everyone else who were in the divine celestial level 2, Realm state.

"Puny living beings… Die!" With that, the auras of the three ancient race beings burst forth furiously. Compressed into a single line of force, their aura shot out at Lin Fan's group.

Tianyun's face focused up without faltering in the face of danger. Slapping out hundreds of palm strikes into the air, he deployed several ultimate moves.

"Junior sisters, wait till I distract their attention! By then, circle around them and kill them from the sides!" Tianyun ordered.

"Yes!" Muqing nodded her head.

Tianyun had no intention of wanting to know who this Lin Fan fella was. From the start, he was already pretty p.i.s.sed off looking at this Lin Fan appearing together with his junior sister.

"All of these ancient race beings are just ants. I can kill them with the back of my palm. You guys just stay back and watch." Deploying 'So Near, Yet So Far', Lin Fan appeared standing before Tianyun instantly.

"What are you trying to do? This isn't something you can handle!" Looking at how this stranger had dared to stand before him without realizing the danger, Tianyun's face changed. Evidently, there was a feeling of rage mixed within his emotions.

Muqing frowned as well. Even though she did not know who this man who had arrived together with her junior sister was, how could he be this careless before the ancient race beings?

"Big words!" Upon hearing the words of Lin Fan, all three of the ancient race beings bellowed out loudly. To think that this guy would dare to be so c.o.c.ky at the brink of his death!

Lin Fan turned around at Tianyun and Muqing before grinning with the side of his lips and grabbing out at the void with a claw-like motion. This was a really calm, gentle claw, without any violent vibrations or tremors.

However, this one simple claw motion was enough to cause the three ancient race beings to lose every single last bit of color from their faces.

Suddenly, the three of them felt as though the entire surrounding void had been sealed up! To their horror, they couldn't budge their bodies in the slightest bit at all!

Reaching into the void with his five fingers, Lin Fan tightened his grasp as he closed his fingers.




Instantly, three gigantic explosions reverberated through the void. As though they were squeezed by some formless power, all three ancient race beings were turned into a blood mist instantly.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Divine celestial level 1, True state ancient race being.'

The Essence Qi of the three ancient race beings was sucked in immediately by the big ancient demon as well.

"This…!" Tianyun and Muqing felt their hearts take a swoop down as they witnessed everything unfolding before their eyes. To think that the three ancient race beings, who had given them so much pressure, would be squeezed to death by this stranger! Just what sort of power should he possess in order to achieve that feat?

Fairy Hongyun smiled gently. Evidently, all of this was something that she had already expected, as she apparently did not see anything wrong with this.

When she turned around and caught the dumbfounded expressions of her two seniors, she let out a sigh. If they had caught sight of how he cleared up that entire swarm of Water Spirits earlier on, their hearts would definitely pop right out of their mouths.

Compared to that, squishing these three ancient race beings to death was nothing shocking at all.

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