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The moment the Doomsday Calamity G.o.d Fist slammed out, it covered the entire sky. In front of these innumerable and powerful Water Spirits, Lin Fan did not dare to be careless at all, as he punched out nine whole times.

Nine was the optimum number. Therefore, these nine fists represented the peak of Lin Fan's strength.

Instantly, nine Doomsday Calamity G.o.d Spirits stood towering between the Heaven and Earth, slaughtering out towards the Water Spirits.

The Water Spirits were used to overwhelming everything with their advantage in numbers. To think that they would meet with a sicko such as Lin Fan.

"Lin Fan, just enough will do. We've still got to head up ahead to check things out." Fairy Hongyun was looking at everything with a stunned expression right now. She had not expected Lin Fan to be this strong. To think that these Water Spirits were being slain like casual bugs!

Even if she were to fall into their midst by accident, she would find herself in an extremely sticky situation. In fact, if she were even slightly careless, she might very well perish right here.

"Alright." Lin Fan did not hesitate. The Water Element within the Demon City was increasing by the minute. It was even developing towards forming a river by now. If he were to kill just that bit more, he would definitely be able to form his true Water Element river.

However, Lin Fan was pretty bewildered right now. Just what sort of an existence was this Fire Water Emperor? To think that even the entrance of his burial grounds would be protected by such Water Spirits.

Powerful being! He must be terrifyingly powerful!

And also, what sort of a race was it that could produce a powerful being such as the Fire Water Emperor. If this were the case, why didn't the Heavenly Emperor Yuan mention anything about this?

Unless this were to mean that the Fire Water Emperor existed in an era even before that of Heavenly Emperor Yuan and the others…

At this moment, Lin Fan was just traversing around the area. Slamming out fist after fist, his infinite power made contact with this boundless ocean.

"Big ancient demon! Devour the Heaven and Earth!"

Instantly, the energy level within Lin Fan's body surged upwards, as that everlasting power rippled through his body.

As the big ancient demon opened his gigantic mouth, a huge vortex appeared. The suction power of this vortex was crazy! It was as though it wanted to devour the entire ocean altogether!

This was practically an unfathomable image for Fairy Hongyun, who was witnessing everything before her very eyes. Just what sort of crazy power must one possess in order to back a powerful attack as such?


Instantly, Lin Fan ignited all the Shengyang Pills within his storage. Turning into a long river, they flowed in the direction of the big ancient demon.

The Mythical Parasol Tree began to sprout leaves as well, as its power spread out immensely, boosting itself onto the body of the big ancient demon.

"Argh! This d.a.m.ned living being is trying to devour our core! Time to duke it out with him!" The Water Spirits had not expected this living being to be this powerful! To think that it would go straight at devouring the core of their river!

How could the Water Spirits tolerate something like this? If their core were to be devoured by a living being, they would have no more chance of existing at all!

Lin Fan's gaze was cold right now. As he slammed out his fist, it turned into a continuous stream of energy and crushed the bodies of the Water Spirits, killing them immediately.

The cultivation states of these Water Spirits weren't that high. Even after killing them, the experience points obtained were pretty limited. However, the most important thing for Lin Fan right now was to obtain the Water Element.

Boundless and endless, the vast ocean was nearly devoured to its depth by the big ancient demon. Those existing Water Spirits were howling out continuously as they were destroyed. This infinite Water Element began to find its way, fusing within the Demon City.

"Lin Fan, all of these Water Spirits are living beings. I don't think that there's a need to eradicate them down to the very last one." Looking at how Lin Fan was exterminating the Water Spirits wave after wave, Fairy Hongyun commented with some sort of reluctance.

"Hongyun, even if I don't kill them, the ancient race beings are going to kill all of them. Besides, after killing them, I can use them to raise my cultivation state. With that, I'll possess even more power to fight against the ancient race." Lin Fan did not stop his actions. In fact, his attacks got even faster.

Fairy Hongyun went silent upon hearing Lin Fan's words. She could agree with Lin Fan's logic.

Suddenly, Lin Fan caught sight of a Water Country at the depth of the ocean. This was the territory of the Water Spirits.


Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy right now. As long as he could seize the Water Country, his Water Element River was bound to succeed for sure.

The aura of the Water Element being emitted from the Water Country was 10,000… no, 100,000,000 times stronger than that being emitted from the Water Spirits themselves.

The Fire Water Secret Grounds had existed for a long time now, and so had the Water Spirits that were born here. This Water Country was a treasure that was formed by the Water Element of the Five Elements.

"Indeed, a secret ground which is yet to be discovered is a true secret ground. Even though there are risks everywhere, there are encounters along with them as well." Lin Fan could not help but acknowledge in his heart.

They were the first batch of living beings to step foot into and explore this Fire Water Secret Ground. Even though a large number of treasures would definitely be lost after the exploration process, who knew how many more hidden treasures were in the deeper areas of the secret grounds. As such, this place would still definitely be a treasure trove for future adventurers.

This Water Country was good stuff indeed. The only reason why the sect members of Fairy Hongyun did not reap it in was because they were being chased and hunted down by the ancient race beings. Because of that, they had to disregard it, benefitting Lin Fan in the process.

With that, the big ancient demon stretched out his heaven encompa.s.sing arm and grabbed out at everything, holding the Water Country within its palms.

With a ma.s.sive holler, the muscles of the big ancient demon expanded wildly. The mountains shook, and the trees withered. The moment the Water Country was uprooted by the big ancient demon, the entire ocean began to dry up.

"d.a.m.ned living being! How dare he destroy our core?" The Water Spirits wailed out. However, they were thoroughly helpless, as they could only witness their core being s.n.a.t.c.hed away by this big ancient demon.

At the moment the Water Country was being pulled away, they found themselves being sucked towards their Water Country helplessly as well.


Slapping out millions of fists, Lin Fan used his energy to bolster the Demon City, causing it to sparkle with a brilliant glow.

'Cultivate, cultivate!'

'Connate Five Elements, Water Element River!'

Instantly, the Water Country began to melt and turn into a river of sorts. This river possessed an endless amount of energy as it dove right into the Demon City.


Suddenly, the Demon City began to vibrate violently. Amongst the five Elements, two of them began to emit bright lights. One of them was the Earth Element river, and the other one was none other than the Water Element river.

At this moment, the Water Element river finally finished congealing, as Lin Fan felt exhilarated. Indeed, there were tons of encounters awaiting one in secret grounds!

In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan could feel the power level of his Demon City climbing up, turning way, way stronger than ever before.

After congealing the Water Element river, Lin Fan could feel a vast difference within his body as well. Water could flood everything in the world. As the river pa.s.sed through his body, he could feel all sorts of impurities being washed away. He was cleansed by this marvelous river, as his mental state felt extremely refreshed and reached its peak level.

From this day forth, nothing evil would be able to affect him. In fact, even the impurities that were created through the process of cultivation would cease to exist from this point onwards.

Fairy Hongyun no longer had any comments to make. She was utterly flabbergasted by Lin Fan.

The sort of power he possessed was definitely defying any natural order in this world. To think that the vast ocean would be forcefully cultivated just like that!

"Alright, let's go." Lin Fan was extremely pleased within his heart right now. The moment he entered this place, he had already gained a large bounty. Seemed like his life's affinity was definitely there.

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