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They flew for the entire journey.

Fairy Hongyun's speed was pretty slow. However, noticing how energetically she was leading the way, Lin Fan did not disturb her at all.

At this moment, Lin Fan was busy communicating with the Thunder Trainer King. To his surprise, the Thunder Trainer King was extremely relaxed at this moment! He was busy explaining the great wisdom of life to those toddlers he had trained.

'Hand over Wan Wujun's ultimate move.' Lin Fan was thoroughly exasperated with the Thunder Trainer King. To think that this fella would grow to this extent!

And this was all thanks to the system. The system bore a consciousness for all of these skills. Not only that, all of these consciousnesses were really sly and crafty.

'Previously, you wouldn't even let me toy with the Sovereign King Wei for a move or two…' Even though it was said that the Thunder Trainer King had obtained a Bodhisattva Discipline, he didn't have any holy disposition in the face of Lin Fan. Right now, he was more like a brat that was fuming over not getting what he wanted.

'Holy f*ck! This little s.h.i.t's bearing grudges now!' Lin Fan was thoroughly speechless right now. To think that the Thunder Trainer King would keep the grudge from back then up till now!

Sovereign King Wei was such a horrifying existence! How would Lin Fan dare to take a chance with that? If he were to suddenly retaliate in the midst of training and went straight for his throat, he would have been the one responsible for his own death due to his arrogance!

'Be good now and hand over that ultimate move to me.' Lin Fan replied in a nice tone.

'No. Since you're selfish against me, I'll be selfish against you too!' The Thunder Trainer King tossed down his head.

'Aiyoh! This guy's getting out of hand…!' Lin Fan thought in his heart, thoroughly helpless by now.

This was a good case of 'Spare the rod, spoil the child!'

'Be obedient now and hand it over. I promise that if I meet with a similar type in the future, I'll definitely let you train him up.' Lin Fan continued, somewhat impatient now.

'No, I don't believe you! I don't believe you at all! Your King here doesn't trust in your words at all!' The Thunder Trainer King shook his head and acted coquettishly.

At this moment, Lin Fan couldn't bear with it any longer. This little brat was going off the hooks right now!

'Do you believe me if I say that I'll hang you up to whip if you don't hand it over right now?' Lin Fan was angered right now. This Thunder Trainer King was going overboard right now! To think that he would even dare to bargain with Lin Fan and flirt coquettishly! The little bald headed pervert he was, and he wanted to act bullsh*t before Yours Truly?!

As though he was scared silly by Lin Fan, that solemn and holy expression of the Thunder Trainer King disappeared immediately. Instantly, those big, round eyes welled up with tears as he suddenly broke into a bawl!

'Boohoo!!! You've scared me!!! I'm never ever going to bother with you ever again!!!' Coiling his thunder whip around his body, the Thunder Trainer King tossed a secret book over to Lin Fan before running off to his academy while twerking his b.u.m.

'Holy f*ck…!!!' Lin Fan could take it no longer! To think that a little bald-headed pervert, whose only pa.s.sion came from training others, would have such a side to him!

Holding on to this move that he had been coveting for a long time now, a grin curled up on Lin Fan's lips, 'Hmph, small time! Bargain with me? If I'm not stern with him, he'll definitely go over my head one day!'

'BOOHOO! YOU SUCK! I'M GOING TO HAVE TO GO TRAIN THEM UP TO SOOTHE MY HEART NOW!' A sorrowful voice came out of those tightly shut doors of the Thunder Trainer King's Academy of Electroconvulsive Therapy.

Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red gently, disregarding him entirely.

'Ding…Congratulations on discovering skill: 'Bare Nudeness'. Learn?'


Lin Fan did not hesitate at all. After all, he was the only one suitable to keep such an immoral and savage skill guarded from the rest of the world. There was no way he could let this skill out loose to harm the ma.s.ses.

As a highly responsible man, this was naturally the task that he had to bear.

Even though Lin Fan had learned this skill, it was still at a pretty low level, because he had never used it before. As such, it's power level was pretty low too. However, Lin Fan believed that he could definitely glorify this skill one day with his hard work and efforts.

When he turned around to look at Fairy Hongyun, a thought ran through his head. However, he dismissed it almost immediately.

Beastly. That was way too beastly! How could he bear such immoral thoughts?

"We'll arrive at the location in half a day's time." Fairy Hongyun informed him.

"Alright." Lin Fan nodded his head. Initially, he wanted to fly even faster than this. However, this was the first time they were meeting with one another, and weren't too familiar just yet. If he were to drag her along on a hasty flight right after meeting her, he might cause her to feel irritated, thinking that he was belittling her. Therefore, Lin Fan did not rush at all and followed her snail speed.

Half a day later…

"We're here. It's right ahead." Just as Lin Fan was about to fall asleep, Fairy Hongyun's voice rang out. He raised his head, wondering where they had flown to. However, the sight before him did leave Lin Fan somewhat bewildered.

Within the skies, which were red and blue, there existed this long and endless river that was rumbling while emitting off a strange aura.

"Eh? Back when I was here previously, it wasn't like this! How did things change to this?" Fairy Hongyun's brows were creased, unable to comprehend the changes before her.

Lin Fan's face focused up slightly as he made preparations to face a battle. Since Fairy Hongyun had said that there was a change, something must have happened.

After all, secret grounds were no ordinary places. It was hard to say whether any situation was unfolding nearby.

"Hold up." Just as Fairy Hongyun was ready to dart forth, Lin Fan held her back with a single hand. Fairy Hongyun's hands were smooth and tender, as though there were no bones in them. However, at this moment, Lin Fan could not be bothered with such things.

Something was amiss up ahead.

"It's the ancient race!" The moment she caught sight of what was happening, Fairy Hongyun's face changed as she tensed up. Up in the distance, a group of ancient race beings was gathered. Entering that blurry light screen, they disappeared from the face of the world.

On the ground up ahead were many corpses lying around. There were some from the ancient race, and some from other races.

"Seems like the ancient race has discovered this secret ground too." Lin Fan remarked.

"How could it be?" Fairy Hongyun's face was stunned, apparently in disbelief.

After the ancient race beings entered the light screen, Lin Fan brought Fairy Hongyun with her to their intended destination from earlier on.

Evidently, a battle had broken out here. However, this battle shouldn't have lasted for a long time. It was clear that the ancient race beings must have followed Fairy Hongyun's sect members tightly right after they entered the place.

"Junior brothers, junior sisters…!" Looking at the corpses around her, Fairy Hongyun's face was really pale as her heart thumped heavily.

After all, her junior brothers and junior sisters were still fine and dandy earlier on. Looking at their cold, lifeless corpses lying around, this was a really severe blow to her mentally.

"Are your sect members all here?" Lin Fan asked.

"No, my senior sisters and senior brothers are not here! This time around, there were a total of thirty of us!" Fairy Hongyun replied.

Lin Fan made a quick count. There were only six corpses here. If that were the case, the rest of them must be within that secret ground.

Suddenly, Lin Fan's brows twitched. He could sense the aura of the ancient race from a distance.

"Let's go in first! There are more ancient race beings arriving!" Pulling onto Fairy Hongyun, the both of them leaped into the blurry light screen and disappeared from the world as well.

Pshew! Pshew!

Suddenly, a few figures appeared right were Lin Fan was just seconds earlier.

There were three of them.

"Seems like the signal was transmitted from over here. This is a new secret ground. All those beings from the other races must have already entered within. Let us chase after them." One of the ancient race beings commented.

They had received the signal from their fellow ancient race beings to find out about this secret ground. Therefore, they headed right here without any hesitation at all.

Soon after them, a gigantic army of ancient race beings would head over to occupy and gain control over this secret ground, so that no other beings of the thousands of races would be able to enter.

With that, those three ancient race beings entered the Fire Water Secret Grounds as well.

Right after the three of them entered, the void vibrated gently as yet another group of figures appeared. These figures were not of the ancient race, but of the other races.

"To think that this would be the secret ground that the beings of the Cloud race had been searching for."

"Let's go in and seek the treasures. Be it ancient race beings or those of the Cloud race, we'll kill anyone we meet."

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