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"People at birth, are naturally good…"

"Their natures are similar, but their habits make them different..."

All of these ghost children began to recite phrase after phrase. With that, the vengefulness that was brooding in their hearts gradually dissipated. At the same time, those pitch-black clothes they were wearing slowly turned into a shade of pure white.

With that, something even more shocking happened.

From out of thin air, desks appeared one by one, and a book appeared on each of them. The cover of this book was none other than the 'Three Character Cla.s.sic.'

'Holy f*ck! What in the world is going on right now?' Lin Fan was totally stumped. This had gone way beyond his expectations!

What the h.e.l.l was happening within his realm right now? Even though this realm was evidently created by him, why in the world couldn't he understand a single sh*t at all? This was way too incredulous!

This wasn't even the tip of the iceberg just yet.

One by one, all of the ghost children sat down on their desks while wearing these pure white student robes of ancient times. Carrying the Three Character Cla.s.sic in their hands, they began to recite out the text while swaying their heads left and right.

Those malicious expressions of theirs began to purify into one of immaculate innocence.

At the same time, beams of bright light began to flow out from these ghost children. Fusing together, they culminated into a river and flowed towards the Thunder Trainer King.

"This is the Karma of Redemption!" At this moment, Fairy Hongyun was stunned. She had not expected a mysterious power such as the Karma of Redemption to exist on the face of this world!

"Karma of Redemption?" Lin Fan's brows creased as well, not really understanding where Fairy Hongyun was going along with that.

"Legends have it that the Ancient Saint World has been around for a really long time now. Through the countless of millenniums, numerous civilizations have existed. The Karma of Redemption is a power that existed a really long time ago. To think that it would still exist after such a long period of time has pa.s.sed! In fact, even those modern beings of the Buddha race wouldn't be able to comprehend the Karma of Redemption themselves!" Fairy Hongyun exclaimed in shock.

"How do YOU know about it?" Lin Fan asked suspiciously.

"I read about it from books." She looked over at Lin Fan and replied.

At that moment, a strange phenomenon occurred.

A bright burst of light filled up the entire realm as the sky boomed out loudly. Twelve unusual looking Incense of Redemption appeared on the head of the Thunder Trainer King.

These Incense of Redemption burned while emanating a really invigorating and fragrant scent.

With that, a Hand of Redemption appeared out of nowhere as well. Holding up the twelve Incense of Redemption together, the hand dotted the lit part of the incenses at the head of the Thunder Trainer King.

Suddenly, twelve burn scars appeared on the head of the Thunder Trainer King. However, the moment these burn scars appeared, yet another weird phenomenon happened in the air.

The world was filled with golden lotuses while Buddhist tunes rang through the sky. The moment anyone heard these, their spirits felt instantly lifted.

The Thunder Trainer King had turned holy all of a sudden, as a rainbow colored divine light appeared on the back of his head.

"To think that this is the Bodhisattva Discipline!" The moment Fairy Hongyun caught sight of this, she was trembling entirely, unable to stay still any longer.

On the other hand, Lin Fan was utterly confused. How in the h.e.l.l would he know what a Bodhisattva Discipline was?

"This is symbolic of the highest order of the Buddha race, and represents its infinite potential, infinite wisdom, infinite heart of redemption, infinite power…" Fairy Hongyun was explaining something that had never ever happened in history.

However, Lin Fan didn't understand a single hoot about what she was talking about. The only thing he could get out of her explanation was this: 'Thunder Trainer King was going to be f*cking strong soon!'

Lin Fan had not expected the Thunder Trainer King to be capable of such feats. This was something he had never once thought about before.

At this moment, the Thunder Trainer King started moving. Raising that tender hand of his, a flash of Buddha light appeared in the realm. From that, a majestic looking academy appeared.

However, the most jaw-dropping thing for Lin Fan was that a tablet was erected right at the entrance of this academy!

'Thunder Trainer King's Academy of Electroconvulsive Therapy.' And, the tagline was this, 'You deserve it.'

'Holy f*ck! Isn't this going towards the cruel, exploitative methods of that b*stard, Yang Yongxin?' Lin Fan broke out into a cold sweat. This was simply too d.a.m.ned nefarious!

"Little kiddos, come over to the light. Come forth into the new era, into this academy, where you shall receive the education of love from Your King here!" The Thunder Trainer King called out solemnly.

"Yes, King!" All of those innocent and nubile kids kept their books and folded their desks. As though they were converted, they entered that unknown academy.

Suddenly, Lin Fan realized something terrifying. Just as the Thunder Trainer King was turning around, his lips curled into a sinister and beastly grin.


Lin Fan did not dare to imagine any longer. He could not bear to think about the sort of 'education' these kids would receive upon entering that mysterious academy.

"How could this be? How could all my children there break free of my control?" Suddenly, Wan Wujun broke out in anger with reddened eyes. He could not believe everything right before his face.

The moment all his children left for that academy, Wan Wujun realized that his realm was completely useless now with the loss of all those children!

Just who in the world was this guy? What was that beam of light from earlier?

Wan Wujun broke down. His heart was bleeding right now. To think that this realm that he had so painstakingly built would be destroyed by some unknown bald-headed kid! How could he endure this at all?!

"Oh, poor lamb who has lost your way. Are you willing to receive Your King's education of love as well?" Just as the Thunder Trainer King was about to enter his academy, he realized that the security guard room at the entrance of his academy was empty. Because of that, he stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at Wan Wujun.

"d.a.m.n it! d.a.m.n IT!" Wan Wujun was thoroughly riled right now as he howled out malevolently, "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU…!"

Looking at everything before him, Lin Fan felt that he did not have to do anything anymore. It was as though he had truly handed over the whole show to the Thunder Trainer King right from the very start.

At this moment, that stern and solemn Thunder Trainer King shook his head, "Hais! If I don't enter h.e.l.l, who would? Since you wish to kill me, Your King here shall let you kill me then. All I can hope for is that you would be able to find your way back before you lose yourself entirely in that endless abyss."

"Find back your true self, your true heart. Look back for the kindness you once had in your heart and diffuse all of your hatred within. Let Your King here bear all your burdens."

The moment Lin Fan heard these words of the Thunder Trainer King, his brows twitched.


This was without a single doubt a plot!

"HOW DARE YOU s.n.a.t.c.h OVER MY INFINITE CHILDREN AND DESTROY MY REALM? I SHALL TAKE YOUR LIFE!" Wan Wujun howled out in anger as he darted out towards the Thunder Trainer King in a frenzy.

Looking at Wan Wujun, the Thunder Trainer King's face was unchanging. Placing his palms together, a bright Buddha light appeared instantly. This Buddha light shone through the entire realm and caged up Wan Wujun within it.

Suddenly, Wan Wujun was beginning to realize that the bald-headed kid before his very eyes was beginning to grow in size and holiness!

As though it was being chipped away by something, Wan Wujun felt the malice within his heart diminishing by the second.

Lin Fan frowned. Just what in the world was this fella up to? However, something that stumped Lin Fan happened again once more.

The moment that menacing Wan Wujun reached the face of the Thunder Trainer King, his face changed drastically, as though he was filled with immense regrets.

With a single thud, he collapsed to his knees before the Thunder Trainer King.

"Oh, King! I have sinned gravely! I am willing to receive that n.o.ble and selfless education of love of yours!" Wan Wujun was repenting sincerely right at the feet of the Thunder Trainer King at this very moment.

And with that came the final blow.

The Thunder Trainer King fondled Wan Wujun's head fondly and gently.

"Enter my Thunder Trainer King's Academy for Electroconvulsive Therapy. I guarantee that you'll turn over a new leaf. From this day forth, you shall be reborn as a brand-new man. Follow my teachings, come on."


Lin Fan's jaws dropped straight down to the ground. Just what in the b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l was happening right now? This was nothing as he had imagined!

What the f*ck was going on with his realm? How did it produce things like these?

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