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"Who's there?" Wan Wujun's face froze up. If the sonic boom could destroy his demonic arm, this powerhouse must definitely not be underestimated. However, he was that close to success right now. How could he allow anyone to interfere?

Wan Wujun cast a look at the five other people surrounding him. Immediately, all five of them nodded their heads and moved out into the distance, forming a circular cage formation.

"May I know who you are, sir? Do you intend to go against us of the Evil Alliance?" Looking at the figure up in the void, Wan Wujun asked in a grim tone.

The moment Fairy Hongyun heard the two words, Evil Alliance, her face changed as well.

The Evil Alliance was well known throughout the entire Ancient Saint World. This was an alliance formed by many evil beings of the thousands of races, who would stop at nothing to commit their heinous crimes. Their forces were spread out across the entire Ancient Saint World.

On the other hand, the leader of the Evil Alliance was someone who was extremely mysterious. No one knew who he was. However, all they knew was that there was once a combined a.s.sault on the Evil Alliance. The outcome of it was extremely terrible.

Without even managing to catch a sight of the Evil Alliance's leader, they lost their entire forces with just a single heavenly crushing gigantic arm of his.

To Lin Fan, it didn't matter whether this was the Evil Alliance or whatever they were called. The most important thing right now was to obtain that ultimate move, Bare Nudeness, into his hands for safekeeping! He had to ensure that a skill like this, which would disrupt the natural order of the world disappeared entirely!

Furthermore, given the current situation, there was a silly, pretty, rich, and weak woman who was about to fall prey into the hands of such evil men! As a righteous warrior, how could he not render his a.s.sistance at this critical moment?

Lin Fan had to resist the urge to tell everyone, 'Let go of that girl! I'll do it!'

The moment Fairy Hongyun caught sight of that figure in the void, her heart rattled a little.

What an immensely superior and elegant aura this man possessed!

"Evil Alliance and what not, all of you degenerates shall pay for your sins of today with death!" Lin Fan's face was as per usual, as his image spiked to its peak with the current situation.

"Dear gentleman, please be careful! The combined formation of these six people is really powerful!" Fairy Hongyun warned Lin Fan warily.

While she could not tell the cultivation state of this man, she could tell from his manners that he was an extraordinary man. At the same time, he was filled with righteousness in every single action of his. If he were to die an unfortunate death because he did not know of the strength of these six people, that would be a real pity.

"Hmph! To think that you would still dare to be so c.o.c.ky at death's door." Wan Wujun cried out in anger as he bolted out towards Fairy Hongyun, intending to take her down as quickly as possible.

The moment Lin Fan saw this, HE exploded too. These guys were way too impudent! To think that they would dare to strike even in the presence of Yours Truly! They were truly looking down on Yours Truly!

And to think that this chick would call him a gentleman! This was the first time he had heard anyone referring to him that during his entire duration in the Pugilistic World! Her voice was pretty sweet as well, giving one a really mushy feel.

Instantly, Lin Fan's body shifted and appeared right before Fairy Hongyun. Slapping out, he diffused Wan Wujun's attack entirely.

Wan Wujun's eyes shone brightly as he hollered, "STRIKE!"

'The Heaven and Earth, suppress from every single direction!"

Instantly, all six of them emitted a golden glow from their body as they delved right into the void. Weaving together, they converged down on Lin Fan.

"Dear gentleman, please watch out! This is a unique sealing formation from the six of them!" Fairy Hongyun called out hurriedly.

"Hmph! Seems like this b*tch's got some knowledge here and there as well. This six-man sealing formation is a special move used by the Evil Alliance to trap our enemies. Within this great formation of ours, even if it were a powerful being who was in the Paradise state, they wouldn't be able to break out of it either!" Wan Wujun burst out in laughter.

"Lady there, do not fear." Lin Fan's face was calm right now. However, the fact that this young lady's face was looking tense was something that Lin Fan attributed to her lack of trust towards him.

'Emptiness Sword Will!'

Lin Fan raised his hand. Instantly, the entire sky was filled with a formless Sword Will, as though it had turned into a World of Swords. This steady Sword Will pierced through the void. It was formless and invisible, and there was no way one could tell anything with their naked eyes at all.

The faces of the six people from the Evil Alliance froze up. Even though they could not see the Sword Wills at all, the razor-sharp Sword Wills were stacked above their bodies like mountains, pressuring down on them.


Suddenly, a series of tragic cries rang out. Five of the enemies from the Evil Alliance were instantly sliced apart by the Sword Wills, without being able to resist at all.

With that, the six-man defensive formation broke apart instantly.

Suddenly, Wan Wujun could feel a killing intent. His face crumpled up as he blared out.


With Wan Wujun as the center, a pitch black light screen started spreading outward in a circular fashion, as though it was about to swallow the entire atmosphere within.

Fairy Hongyun was shocked as well on looking at how the man before her could kill five men with just a single raise of his arm. To think that this man would be this strong! However, the moment she noticed Wan Wujun unleashing his realm, her face turned pale, as though she didn't want to see that scene from earlier ever again.

"b.l.o.o.d.y b*stard! How dare you kill members of the Evil Alliance! From this day forth, no one within this world will be able to save you from our wrath!" Wan Wujun howled out. To think that this man before him would be this strong! That Sword Will from earlier was really suspicious, without any form or body!

However, the moment he unleashed his realm, he could sense a series of cutting Sword Wills slicing into his realm.

Like the way moths were attracted to a flame, countless children leaped forth towards those Sword Wills, using their bodies as shields.

"HAHA! I'm utter invincible within my realm! With all of my ghost toddlers forming an impenetrable wall, it's way too early for someone like you to even think of killing me!" Wan Wujun lashed out.

If this man before him could kill five divine celestial level 1 True state beings with a single move of his hands, that strength must definitely be of a divine celestial level 2 Realm state.

At this moment, Wan Wujun knew that he couldn't beat the enemy in terms of strength, especially so with Fairy Hongyun around. If the both of them were to combine forces, he would definitely perish right here.

No, he couldn't let that happen, no matter what. He definitely needed to find a way to escape out of this place alive and report this back to the alliance, so that they could people down to hunt these two.

"Trying to run?" At this moment, Lin Fan discovered Wan Wujun's intent to run. Smirking coldly, he activated his own realm as well.

Lin Fan had not thought up of a good name for his realm just yet. However, no matter what, he would have to give it a really domineering name.

Lin Fan's realm began to expand rapidly, encompa.s.sing Wan Wujun within it almost immediately.

The moment Fairy Hongyun caught sight of this realm, she frowned. She had a wide knowledge about the world, and therefore knew of all the realms that existed within this world. However, this was the first time she was witnessing a realm such as this.

Complex, yet filled with mysterious marvels.

This realm was shrouded in a mist, as though it was created by the Heavens. However, through the mist, Fairy Hongyun could catch sight of various Deity Spirits seated within.

Red, black, and purple.

The myriad of colors was enough to confuse one's vision.

Just how in the world was this realm formed?

"What?! How is this possible?! Just what in the world is this realm?" Wan Wujun's face was losing color rapidly as he realized that he realm was being devoured by this expanding realm rapidly without any bit of resistance.

'Infinite Soul Devouring Toddlers!'

Wan Wujun hollered out as the ma.s.sive number of children within his realm began to growl malevolently while they struck at Lin Fan and Fairy Hongyun menacingly.

Once again, Fairy Hongyun's face froze up as her body shuddered slightly in fear. She wasn't afraid of Wan Wujun. However, she couldn't bear to strike down at these children. The thought of what would happen if she did caused her heart to clench in pain.

"All of you shall die under the might of my Infinite Soul Devouring Toddlers!" Wan Wujun was thoroughly riled right now. He was bent on having these two die under his might.

Lin Fan grinned calmly, "I'll hand the show over to you now."

Instantly, Lin Fan's realm vibrated within itself as a tuft of smoke began to spread out. Instantly, the Thunder Trainer King appeared before the countless toddlers that were swarming forth.

"HAHA! Here I was, thinking about how strong your realm could be. To think that it's just a single bald-headed kid! What can he even do?" Wan Wujun could not resist his laughter. His battle intent soared up into the sky as this invigorated his fighting spirit and confidence.

However, Wan Wujun's a.s.sumption was shattered almost immediately.

That bald-headed kid wielded a thunder-filled whip in his hands. With a single crack of his whip, a flash of lightning burst forth. All of those malevolent toddlers suddenly froze up and stood on the spot blankly, as though they were bewitched.

Wan Wujun was absolutely stunned as he screamed immediately thereafter, "GO, STRIKE!"

However, no matter how hard Wan Wujun tried to regain his control over them, those malevolent toddlers remained rooted, as though they were struck by some immobilizing skill.

Gradually, those menacing looks on the uncountable toddlers began to change. They turned gentler. Before long, they were smiling with purity and innocence.

Next up, Wan Wujun's jaws could practically drop seeing what happened after.

The Thunder Trainer King opened up his mouth calmly, "Alright now, little kids. Recite after Your King here."

"People at birth, are naturally good (kind-hearted) …"

Suddenly, Lin Fan's face changed as well. How in the world did the Thunder Trainer King know this sh*t?

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