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Chapter 400: Suppressing With A Single Palm Flip.

Translator: Lam_  Editor: Hitesh_

All the juniors of the Scarlet Rainbow Sect were extremely shocked right now. To think that their senior brother would kneel before this man and refer to him as 'Teacher'?!

'Senior brother! There's no need for you to acknowledge someone as your teacher so quickly just for our sakes, right?!'

None of them have ever heard that their senior brother had a teacher!

The disciples of Hunyuan Sect were equally stumped. Just what in the world was happening right now?!

Teacher? Was this a b.l.o.o.d.y joke?!

When they saw the astonished look on the mysterious man's face, all the Hunyuan Sect disciples gloated gleefully. It was evident that this mysterious man did not know the other party at all.

Good lad! They were nearly tricked! To think that he would lower himself as such just for the sake of living!

"Fellow senior here, this is an affair of Hunyuan Sect. Please give us some face and do not interfere." The leader of the Hunyuan Sect disciples stood forth and explained.

Even though the other party was young as well, there was no doubt that his power level was way beyond theirs.

Hence, they did not dare to act too insolently. If they were to get killed because of any brazen words, even their Grandmaster could not pit against a greater celestial being just for a single rude disciple.

But he was pretty displeased. This mysterious man did not even bother to turn around upon hearing his words. It was as though he was being ignored.

Lin Fan looked at the man kneeling before him, feeling a little sore numbness in his nuts.


'That means that this fella is my disciple? But what the h.e.l.l? Did I ever have such a disciple here?'

Lin Fan couldn't recall for that moment.

"Raise your head." Lin Fan felt that he needed to take a closer look. Perhaps that might jolt his memory. If the other party was truly sincere and yet he did not recognize him, how hurtful would it be to this person!

The young man kneeled courteously on the floor, his forehead touching the ground. Upon hearing these words, he raised his head.

Looking at the expression of the young man, Lin Fan's heart skipped a beat.

He was crying…this guy was crying…!!!

To think that the young man was thoroughly crying! And there was nothing fake about this at all!

This man must have recognized him! And he might probably really be this man's teacher! Thinking back to this t.i.tle of 'Teacher', Lin Fan suddenly recalled the stint he took back at the Great Yan Dynasty!

Those kids he had taught! That was right! This kid must definitely be one of those that he had taught back then!

Even though Lin Fan's face was calm and casual right now, his mind was actually worked up to a frenzy, trying to recall the name of this person before him.

Suddenly, a face and a name matched together.

Lin Fan let out a smile, evidently elated.

"Cao Tianjiao?"

Hearing the name that his teacher called out, the young man recalled the scene two years ago and exclaimed excitedly, "Yes, Teacher!!!"

Everyone from Scarlet Rainbow Sect felt joy in their hearts. They knew one another! This mysterious man was truly their senior brother's teacher!

That means that they wouldn't have to die anymore! That was great!

"Senior brother, isn't your name Cao Fushu?" A disciple whose brain wasn't too sharp and yet earnest asked puzzledly.

"No, I'm Cao Tianjiao! Anything that my teacher says is correct!" Cao Fushu replied sternly.

Looking at Cao Tianjiao, Lin Fan nodded his head with a satisfied look, "Good lad indeed. Seems like you have not wasted your teacher's teachings from the past."

By now, all the disciples of Hunyuan Sect were looking at one another. They had an ominous feeling. To think that this man was truly the teacher of that guy!

Seemed like things are starting to get sticky now.

With that, the Hunyuan Sect disciples started to retreat. However, just as they were preparing to escape, a chilling voice rang out from behind them, causing their hearts to shudder.

"Did I say you can leave?" Lin Fan looked towards these guys from Hunyuan Sect.

One of the nine great sects, Hunyuan Sect... Seemed like they were fated indeed.

"Sir, we are disciples of Hunyuan Sect. Even though you're a greater celestial being, Hunyuan Sect has no lack of greater celestial beings. Please consider your actions." The leader of the Hunyuan Sect disciples cut straight to the chase.

Cao Tianjiao let out a sigh of relief as well. Now that his teacher was here, their safety was guaranteed. But with the situation as such, it would definitely be tough for his teacher to take a stand for them.

Even though they wanted vengeance, the name of Hunyuan Sect stuck clearly within their hearts. If his teacher truly did kill these men, Hunyuan Sect would definitely not let it go.

Cao Tianjiao and his juniors lowered their heads, at a loss for what to do.

The teacher of senior brother must definitely be a powerful being. However, Hunyuan Sect was far from weak. If they were to really get into trouble with Hunyuan Sect, then things would not disappear that easily.

But upon hearing the words that came out next, everyone stared at Lin Fan flabbergasted.

"Oh? Hunyuan Sect? Hoho, then you guys should die all the more." With a frosty look, Lin Fan slapped out.


The void suddenly exploded out. Under the frightful gazes of these Hunyuan Sect disciples, a t.i.tanic palm pummelled down from the sky onto them.


The more than ten Hunyuan Sect disciples disappeared immediately. They were disintegrated, with not even a single strand of hair left.

Cao Tianjiao and the others gaped at the scene in extreme shock. It was even scarier for Cao Tianjiao's juniors. They had not expected their senior brother's teacher to be this strong… and…and this imposing!

To think that he took everyone down with a single flip of his palm!

That was b.l.o.o.d.y horrifying…!

"b.l.o.o.d.y f*cks. How dare you act brazenly in front of Yours Truly? Asking for it. After all, my sole purpose back here is to exterminate all of you!" Lin Fan laughed coldly.


"Yes, teacher!" Cao Tianjiao stood respectfully at a side.

Even though their teacher had only taught them for a short period of time, the help that he had rendered them was immense.

After all, they were once the trashes amongst the trashes. However, under the guidance of their teacher, all of them had improved ma.s.sively and had not encountered any bottlenecks in their cultivation path.

In the short span of two years, he had grown from a level one precelestial to level nine pericelestial. He believed that it wouldn't be long before he reached the state of a lesser celestial.

"What happened just now? Where are the others?" Now that Lin Fan had just returned, naturally he wasn't up to date with the current affairs.

As for Cao Tianjiao's cultivation state, he could see it clearly. Level nine Pericelestial. This was equivalent to pericelestial full cultivation back in Dongling Continent.

Even though there was just a Heavenly Barrier between Dongling and Cangling Continent, the cultivation states did not have a ma.s.sive change in the system. It differed only slightly.

After some slight recollections, Cao Tianjiao related everything that had happened in the past two years to Lin Fan. Lin Fan sat there listening quietly. Even though nothing much was showing on his face, his heart was raging like a tsunami.

All of the students that he had once taught in the Sky Heaven School had left the Great Yan Dynasty.

In fact, the Sky Heaven School did not even exist anymore.

Overnight, all the powerful martial artists of the Great Yan Dynasty disappeared. The same went for the Princ.i.p.al of the Sky Heaven School.

As such, the entire Sky Heaven School was demolished.

As for those students he had once taught, they survived the ordeal because their cultivation states were most likely too low.

But without thinking, Lin Fan knew who did it.

Who else could it be other than the Yan Emperor?

The Yan Emperor must have been cultivating some sort of heinous and sinister skill.

But none of these mattered. Now that he was back, this fella's pathetic life would be his for the reaping.

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