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The Heaven and Earth Smelt stood tall between the Heaven and Earth.

Lin Fan sighed as he grabbed the Sovereign King Wei by the ankles and dragged him along.

To think that the mighty and peerless Sovereign King Wei would be dragged by Lin Fan like a dead pig right now. Even till the final moments of his death, he wouldn't know how he died.

This could be described as nothing but a tragedy.

The Marquis of Despair Xiguang, Long Xuan, and the others stared at their Master blankly, wondering what he was up to.

The three-headed and six-armed Faceless Sky Demon opened the lid of the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

"Master, can you let me play with him for just a bit?" As though he was about to lose something really important to him, the Thunder Trainer King was filled with reluctance.

"Nopey dopey." Lin Fan replied heartlessly and decisively, without a single bit of hesitation, causing the heart of the Thunder Trainer King to break.

For the Thunder Trainer King, his Master was just a man without any sense of human emotions. Why couldn't he understand the virtue of sharing resources?

But to Lin Fan, he was just cussing in his mind. Train his mother! Who knows what in the world would happen if he had allowed the Thunder Trainer King to train the Sovereign King Wei.

If the Sovereign King Wei were to wake up halfway through and come at him with that immense and peerless strength, who could Lin Fan complain to about that tragedy?

With that, Lin Fan tossed the Sovereign King Wei into the Heaven and Earth Smelt.


With that, the lid of the Smelt slammed shut as the lone figure of the Sovereign King Wei laid within.

"HAHA…!" Lin Fan was relaxed right now. He felt as though he could fly up in the air from all the joy. This was the best feeling ever!

Seemed like that was about it for the divine celestial powerful being, Sovereign King Wei! To think that he would dare to seek out Yours Truly for vengeance! Courting death!

Lin Fan did not smelt the Sovereign King Wei instantly. After all, there was still a bit of indignance that he had yet to unleash. Later on when the Sovereign King Wei were to wake up, he would definitely mock the latter thoroughly.

One minute later…

Sovereign King Wei was beginning to stir up from his slumber. The moment his eyes opened up, he burst into a maddened holler and slapped out. This single slap possessed a boundless amount of strength within it. However, because he was within the Heaven and Earth Smelt, there was no impact at all.

"WHERE IN THE WORLD AM I? d.a.m.nED HUMAN, WHERE HAVE YOU GONE TO?" Right now, the Sovereign King Wei was really blurred and confused, not knowing what in the world was going on.

Even if there was some secret technique to knock him out, there was no way it could have knocked out his essence spirit.

"WHO? JUST WHO IN THE WORLD IS THERE?" Sovereign King Wei observed his surroundings. This seemed like the insides of a treasure. The golden walls shone with a bright brilliance.

However, the thing that shocked the Sovereign King Wei was the fact that his slap could not even rattle the place at all!

"Sovereign King Wei, you can stop with your futile struggles. Within this place, even if you were to unleash everything you've got, you would never be able to break out of it!" Looking at the helpless look on the Sovereign King Wei's face, Lin Fan laughed casually.

"WHO? ARE YOU THAT HUMAN?" The moment he heard this voice, the Sovereign King Wei's face crumpled up as he hollered out sternly. At the same time, he frowned. How the h.e.l.l did he end up here? Also, where in the world was this place?!

"That's right. Yours Truly had already made himself clear. I can definitely take you down within just two moves. Do you believe me right now? At times, one mustn't be too haughty, especially if they're an ancient race being such as yourself." Lin Fan replied calmly. Right now, he was the star of the show. The life and death of the Sovereign King Wei were in the palm of his hands. There was no way he could escape.


In that instant, the Sovereign King Wei's body burst forth with an immense energy. This surge of energy was stronger than anything anyone could imagine, as it struck straight at the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

At the same time, he thrust his essence spirit into the void, desperate to break out of this place.

However, to his fright, this place seemed to be cut off from the outside completely. No matter how much energy he exerted or how many skills he cast, he just couldn't get himself out of this place.

"Impossible. IMPOSSIBLE!" That imposing demeanor on the Sovereign King Wei's face disappeared suddenly. Replacing it was a look of utter fear. He could not believe that there would be such a treasure within the world that could block out his path forward!

In fact, to think that such a treasure would belong to a human!

"Hmph, nothing is impossible in this world! In the hands of Yours Truly, even if you're a G.o.dly existence, you will have to die in this place while bearing your regrets." Lin Fan smiled brightly. Nothing could compare with his happiness right now.

At the same time, Lin Fan was heartened that he had the system with him. Otherwise, he would have died a long time ago without knowing how.

Sovereign King Wei was an existence that defied the heavens itself. Someone who had trodden over all the other ancient race beings and was of a divine celestial level 7, All in One state, this was the strongest ancient race being that Lin Fan had ever encountered. At the same time, this made Lin Fan painfully aware of the strength of the ancient race utmost beings.

They were definitely existences that had surpa.s.sed even the 10 levels of divine celestial cultivation states. Seemed like he still had to be careful from now on and not let something like today happen yet again.

By now, Sovereign King Wei had calmed down, "Ant-like human, even though I do not know what sort of trickery you have engaged to get Your Majesty within here, Your Majesty has to see for himself just what sort of capabilities you've got to deal with me. My powers are boundless, and I've got many tricks up my sleeves. I'll definitely break out of this place and kill you mercilessly!"

"Hoho! You still wanna act tough, eh? Seems like it's time for Yours Truly to show you the true powers of my Heaven and Earth Smelt!" Focusing his spirit, the smelt flared up as it burst forth with its powers.

In that instance, all the unknown and mysterious smelting powers erupted out from the smelt.


Under the might of the smelt, Sovereign King Wei howled out sorrowfully. It was as though something was repressing his body right now and was disintegrating him from within. To think that even that ancient imperishable body of his would show signs of melting down at this moment!

"HOW COULD THIS BE? d.a.m.nED HUMAN! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR MAJESTY?" Sovereign King Wei bellowed. He could not believe that this human could achieve something like this. To think that a mere ant of desolate celestial cultivation state could possess such a treasure!

Even if this were an utmost treasure, it shouldn't possess a power of this level!

"HUMAN! LET YOUR MAJESTY OUT RIGHT NOW! OTHERWISE, YOUR MAJESTY SWEARS THAT YOU'LL DIE WITHOUT A CORPSE!" Sovereign King Wei screamed out. The pain that was rippling through his body was horrendous.

"Heh! Let you out? Do you think that Yours Truly is as silly as you? But I've got to ask you. Does it hurt right now?" Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red sinisterly.

"B*STARD! YOUR MAJESTY SWEARS THAT I'LL RIP YOU APART!" Sovereign King Wei lashed out as the flames of hatred burned in his heart. He wanted to resist this devastating smelting force. However, it was as though the force neglected everything!

"AIYOH! Seems like you really love acting tough, eh? Seems like the pain isn't enough, eh?" Looking at how brazen the Sovereign King Wei was behaving, Lin Fan could not tolerate it anymore. With that, he turned the smelting power up a notch.

The Heaven and Earth swapped over as the Sovereign King Wei was like a piece of fish meat on a grill right now. He had no way of resisting at all. Under the might of this smelting power, he could only wail out in pain.

"Does it hurt? Do you feel good? Do you submit to me?"


'Holy f*ck! Is this guy going to self-destruct?' Looking at the state the Sovereign King Wei was in right now, Lin Fan's heart skipped a beat.

Even though he knew that this Heaven and Earth Smelt was strong, he did not dare to guarantee that it could remain intact from the Sovereign King Wei's self-destruction. If something were to be damaged in the Heaven and Earth Smelt, it would be too late for tears!



Suddenly, the Heaven and Earth Smelt erupted with its fullest force as that st.u.r.dy smelting power was infused within the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

Lin Fan opened up his arms spread eagle and closed his eyes gently, awaiting that beautiful sound of the notification. The moment he killed the Sovereign King Wei, the experience points would definitely burst through the roof.

'Come on over, experience points! I'm ready!'

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