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The story of "Eternal Life"felt a bit violent to Lin Fan, but the beginning of the story was fine; a slave entering the realm of celestials was an inspirational story after all. The students were also immersed as they listened, especially when Lin Fan got to the part where the slave suffered from oppression, it even resonated with one of the students.

Lin Fan felt the waves and glanced over.

Zhui Mo.

The name was very strange, and he was also the only student whose name Lin Fan didn't misp.r.o.nounce. Zhui Mo's appearance was very normal, his face a little skinny, but his eyes contained a lot of negativity.

The eyes were the windows to the soul, although this saying was a bit too much, Lin Fan still believed it. Zhui Mo was the son of a slave who worked at the Yun family, one of the great four families. His position was obviously low and he suffered oppression at the Yun family. The reason he was even able to come to the Sky Heaven School was because the school had a policy that as long as one wanted to walk the path of cultivation, one could enter, no matter if one was of the upper cla.s.s or some lowly commoner.

So, Zhui Mo had entered the Sky Heaven School to escape his slave status.

When he heard his teacher talk about this story, Zhui Mo felt as if it were himself. Just that he wasn't as lucky as the person in the story.

"Zhui Mo, you have a look of dissatisfaction in your eyes. Did the story make you remember something?" Lin Fan stopped his story and then asked. The other students looked at Zhui Mo. They also knew of Zhui Mo's status, but since this wasn't something to be proud of, they hadn't said anything about it.

"Teacher." Zhui Mo stood up and looked respectfully at Lin Fan, "The Fang Han teacher mentioned has a similar position as mine. When I heard teacher's story, it made me empathize with him. It is just that I am not as courageous or hardworking as Fang Han."

Lin Fan looked at Zhui Mo's grave looking face and sighed, feeling that the future road for these kids was still very long. Since he had come to know them and had become their teacher, the responsibility he had was also great.

Just give up and leave after robbing the four great families was something Lin Fan was unable to do at this point. No matter what, at the very least he had to make these thirteen students be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with others and not have them fall behind others on the starting line.

"Zhui Mo, we have teacher to guide us. We will definitely break this current status quo." Liu Shuishui was a girl, and even though she was constantly teased and mocked, her heart remained strong. When she saw a fellow friend in depression, she instantly consoled him.

The others also began comforting Zhui Mo as well.

Zhui Mo also nodded seeing his friends comforting him, "Teacher, I will definitely follow Fang Han's lead from now on… to be unyielding, to never beg, to not slave away for others."

Lin Fan felt a bit helpless, just what kind of students was he teaching? How was each of their history even worse than the other? This Zhui Mo was probably the most miserable out of all thirteen of his students.

"Yes, I believe in you. You will definitely rise above and make those who once bullied you regret it deeply."Lin Fan walked down from the podium and came in front of Zhui Mo, his eyes full of trust.

Zhui Mo's eyes became slightly red seeing his teacher's trust, this was the first time someone had believed in him like this.

"Teacher, I will." Zhui Moi nodded heavily.

Lin Fan smiled, feeling the atmosphere around Zhui Mo changing, then reached out an encouraging hand and gently stroked the head of Zhui Mo.

Qualifications upgrade.

Lin Fan's teacher profession had upgraded to mentor, his skill encouraging hand could raise the qualifications of his students. Since Zhui Mo fitted the requirements, he would naturally help a.s.sist him.

'Ding… student Zhui Mo, qualifications raised from idiot to mediocre.'

'Ding… congratulations, mentor profession, experience + 100.'

After hearing the notifications, Lin Fan was overjoyed. He didn't expect that he would also gain experience from raising his students' qualifications. Currently, he had transferred "t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body" to all thirteen students. When they raised it to the first level, they should be able to break through to level one precelestial.

Lin Fan also believed he wouldn't remain in the Great Yan Dynasty for too long. So no matter what, before he left, he must raise their qualifications to genius or above. That way, their life achievements shouldn't be too low in the future.

When Lin Fan finished the beginning of Fang Han's story, the intelligence of the thirteen students was greatly increased once again.

As for the thirteen students, every time they finished listening to their teacher's lesson, they would feel their bodies undergo many changes, but they couldn't really explain this change. They just felt somehow different.

"Alright, today's lesson is over. You can act independently from now on. Once you all raise the body training skill to level one, I will resume my lessons again."Lin Fan said.

"Teacher, that powerful body training technique, we can't train it ourselves. So how are we supposed to train it?"Cao Tianjiao asked.

Lin Fan smiled,"Getting beaten up by others works… As for how to make others want to hit you, that will be up to you all. Alright, this lesson is now over, dismissed."

As the students agonized in their heads about what to do, Lin Fan had long run back to his own room and started cultivating the Faceless Sky Devil and Hidden Arts.

Faceless Sky Devil was quite difficult to cultivate and needed time, but Hidden Arts weren't too difficult. For two days, Lin Fan didn't leave his room and concentrated on his cultivation.

He cultivated Faceless Sky Devil day and night, and consequently, his experience rose by 50,000.

At this time, he realized that Faceless Sky Devil was actually not so difficult, it just required time. Mental cultivation techniques were different from martial skills and couldn't be leveled quickly. They needed time to slowly level up.

What Lin Fan didn't know was that since Faceless Sky Devil was an upper heaven cla.s.s skill that had high requirements, even Mo Yi Xuan had spent about three months just to raise it to the first level. But Lin Fan under these lazy circ.u.mstances had managed to raise it the first level in just a few days. It would already be considered rocket-speed in this case.

Currently, Faceless Sky Devil's experience still lacked by 20,000, but Lin Fan decided to set it aside because Hidden Arts had reached level nineteen.

The experience to reach level nineteen for Hidden Arts wasn't that much, but the amount of true energy it consumed was quite large. Each second consumed 30 points of true energy, which made Lin Fan feel like collapsing. Even cultivating Faceless Sky Devil didn't consume that much true energy.

Hidden Arts might be useless, but once it reached level twenty, it would advance, so he wondered what it would become.

Lin Fan had hence concentrated all his true energy on Hidden Arts. He wanted to see if these past few days of efforts were wasted or not. If it were garbage even after advancing, then he would really cry.

'Ding… congratulations, "Hidden Arts" experience + 100.'

'Ding… congratulations, "Hidden Arts" experience + 100.'

When his true energy became depleted, Lin Fan would rest until it recovered. And as soon as his true energy recovered, he would once again begin his cultivation.

The next day.

Lin Fan was in the middle of his cultivation when he suddenly opened his eyes. Hidden Arts had finally reached level 20, and now it was time to see just what kind of skill it advanced into.

'I just hope it's something crazy and not mediocre.'

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