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At this moment, Lin Fan was bursting with joy. He was going to use the strength he sucked on his mother's t.i.tties with to let the Sovereign King Wei understand the true horrors of what it would be like to look down on Yours Truly.

As to why the Sovereign King Wei would agree to it suddenly, Lin Fan did not want to think too much about it anymore.

At times, luck was an integral part of one's strength as well.

Who knew, the Sovereign King Wei might have been mesmerized by his handsome looks, and found himself unable to reject such a suave man.

Lin Fan only required a single thousandth of a second.

Swinging out with his left hand, it was as though he possessed a boundless amount of power. Speed was the essence. This unparalleled speed surpa.s.sed everything as it tore through the void, leaving the Sovereign King Wei no time to react at all.

"Come on out, my Nine Five Legendary Brick!"

"Time's up!"

Instantly, the Sovereign King Wei hollered out as a ma.s.sive amount of energy burst forth from his body. His eyes shone with a bright gaze. It was as though he could kill off this ant before him a thousand times and more with just that single look of his, without having to use any of his own strength.


This sweet, crisp sound rang out like the tunes one would hear of in the Heavens. Floating through the air, they echoed within Lin Fan's ears.


Just as the Sovereign King Wei was about to strike out and kill this ant of a human, he found his head spinning rapidly and his consciousness clouding up…into…a…daze…


Without any sensation, he collapsed onto the ground.


Lin Fan burst out laughing wildly at the scene before him. In fact, he was laughing so wildly that he even began to cough out.

"Sovereign King Wei, you piece of trash! How dare you fight against Yours Truly? See? Who's the dumb f*ck now?" Looking at this mighty and imposing Sovereign King Wei collapsed like a dead dog before his face, the feeling was immensely pleasurable for Lin Fan.

This was a super mega boss, at the Divine celestial Level 7, All in One state! To think that he would be lying before Yours Truly like this!

Rearing his head up into the sky, Yours Truly's eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears of joy.

Did Yours Truly have an easy path coming to where he was today? Definitely not.

Lin Fan stomped on the Sovereign King Wei's face with his foot and hands akimbo on his waist. If only his ma.s.sive audience were beside him right now! But, what a pity, there was only him and the Sovereign King Wei in this empty place!

"Sovereign King Wei, Yours Truly has told you beforehand. Two moves, that's all I need for you to end up like a dead duck. How about now? Do you finally submit to my might?" Lin Fan burst out laughing in exhilaration. Nothing could compete with this feeling at all!

Even though he was only mumbling to himself right now, it still did not diminish the level of joy he was feeling.

"Time to see what capabilities you've got." Lin Fan rubbed his lower chin. Extracting his Eternal Axe, he slammed it down at the head of the Sovereign King Wei.

The edge of the Eternal Axe was sharper than what anything could ever hope to defend against. However, the moment it landed on the Sovereign King Wei's head, it clanged loudly, as though it had just been slammed against a piece of metal. Sparks flew at the collision spot, leaving only a single white dent.

'Holy f*ck! That's tough! Seems like the defenses of someone as powerful as such must have long defied the Heavens.' After this experiment, Lin Fan understood that it must be practically impossible to cross the gap of difference with these many levels. After all, if he couldn't even break through this guy's physical body state, what else was there to speak of?

"Heh! Well, since this is a rare opportunity. It's time to train up this fella then." Lin Fan's eyes shone brightly.

After all, if he were to kill such a big BOSS just like that, it'd be quite the waste.

Twisting Heaven and Earth, True Origins Crushing Kick, Black Tiger Steals Heart, et cetera.

All of these skills had yet to level up just yet. It'd be a real shame if he didn't make use of such a great opportunity to properly train them up.

'Three-headed and six-armed Faceless Sky Demon!'

'Thunder Trainer King!'

'Xiguang, Long Xuan!'

'Big ancient demon!'

'All of you guys, come on out!'

Lin Fan hated it the most when there were no audiences while he was training up. But, things were good right now, since he had all these weapon spirits with him.

"Is this the Sovereign King Wei?" The moment the Marquis of Despair Xiguang and Long Xuan came out and caught sight of the ancient race being lying on the ground, they revealed a look of shock.

"How about this? Am I not powerful? A small fry like this is someone I can settle in a move or two!" Tossing his long locks back, Lin Fan replied imposingly.

"Bravo, Master! Bravo!" The Marquis of Despair and Long Xuan nodded their heads silently. They had not expected their Master to be this powerful, such that even the Sovereign King Wei wasn't his match at all. This was the epitome of terror!

The moment Thunder Trainer King caught sight of a heaven-defying existence such as the Sovereign King Wei, a look of l.u.s.t spread across his face as well. He couldn't help but tighten his grip on that lightning whip in his hands. Right now, he was just resisting the impulse to train up this the Sovereign King Wei.

"Don't even think of training him up." Lin Fan dismissed the thought from the Thunder Trainer King's head straight away. Who knew what the Sovereign King Wei would do once he was in an awakened state?

Even if Lin Fan were to strike him with Twisting Heaven and Earth, Black Tiger Steals Heart or True Origins Crushing Kick, he had no confidence to guarantee that the Sovereign King Wei wouldn't just disregard the pain entirely and retaliate, killing him with a single strike.

Therefore, there was no way Lin Fan was going to take that risk.

Taking a single look at the Sovereign King Wei, the big ancient demon cast his glance to one side immediately. For him, someone such as the Sovereign King Wei wasn't worth his attention at all. The only ones who could bother him were the utmost beings of the ancient race.

"Heh." Suddenly, Lin Fan broke out with a bright chuckle as he circled around the Sovereign King Wei's side. Round and round, he took a closer inspection.

"Eh? There's a storage ring!"

Lin Fan took the storage ring of the Sovereign King Wei excitedly. For someone this powerful, the treasures that he possessed must definitely be extremely shocking!

The moment Lin Fan opened up the storage ring of the Sovereign King Wei, he was blinded by the items he saw within.

Within that storage ring were countless dao weapons. In fact, there was even a row of utmost treasures!

But, just as Lin Fan was about to celebrate his immense luck, all the dao weapons and utmost treasures within the storage ring shone brightly. It was as though they could sense that it was an outsider that had opened the storage ring, and were all ready to kill Lin Fan.

'Holy f*ck!' Without any hesitation, Lin Fan closed the storage ring shut immediately.

'That was scary!' Lin Fan could feel a chill down his spine as he wiped off the beads of perspiration on his forehead. If he were to be charged at by these weapon spirits, he would definitely be dead for sure!

'Hais! To think that I can only watch from afar and not have them for myself. This is infuriating!' Lin Fan huffed out. But it didn't matter. The biggest prize right now was the Sovereign King Wei. As for the items within the storage ring, he would just have to wait till his personal strength was raised high enough for him to take down all the weapon spirits with ease.

It was time to start cultivating!

Lin Fan handed his Nine Five Legendary Brick over to his three-headed and six-armed Faceless Sky Demon. His duty was to slam down on the Sovereign King Wei's head every one minute to prevent the latter from waking up.

Slowly, Lin Fan spread out the Sovereign King Wei's legs widely. Closing his eyes gently, his aura was raised to a maximum right now.

By the time he opened his eyes, a bright flash shone out.


That leg was slammed right at the Sovereign King Wein's groin. In fact, the speed of his kicking went so fast that the only thing one could see by now was a shadow.

Every single second, Lin Fan kicked almost hundred, no, thousands of times!

'Ding…True Origins Crushing Kick Experience Points +…'

'Ding…True Origins Crushing Kick Experience Points +…'

The notifications of the system were relentless right now. Every single second that pa.s.sed brought for him a sea of experience points.

Lin Fan could clearly sense the True Skill seed within his body expanding rapidly, as the power level of True Origins Crushing Kick spiked vertically.


True pleasure!

At this moment, Lin Fan smiled.

However, the Sovereign King Wei was in a state more tragic than ever. Even though he was in a state of unconsciousness, without any feelings at all, that object between in groin was expanding in size.

It was growing so big that it seemed it could explode at any moment.

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