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Even though this was only a single trace of essence spirit from the Sovereign King Wei, and the cultivation state was that of the divine celestial level 2 realm, there was a distinct difference between the powers of those in the same realm.

Sovereign King Wei was someone who was under the direct orders of the utmost being. Therefore, there was no doubt about his power level. He must definitely be one of the top beings of the divine celestial level 2 realm.

'You b.l.o.o.d.y b*stard! How I wish I could kill you right now!' Lin Fan looked over at Mu Longtian, and was exceptionally exasperated in his heart. How the h.e.l.l did someone like this manage to stay alive up till now? Was his head f*cking filled with mush?

Back when Lin Fan had just realized that this was a single trace of essence spirit, he heaved a sigh of relief within his heart. After all, if they were to base it on just the cultivation realm, he should be pretty much safe. However, if he wanted to kill him, he would still require some tricks in order to do so.

But, IF he had managed to scare off the Sovereign King Wei into retreating instead, then the name of Yours Truly would certainly spread far and wide amongst all the beings of the thousands of races!

But right now, everything was messed up because of one Mu Longtian.

This was such an infuriating turn of events.

"Ant-like human! Today, I, Sovereign King Wei, shall have you lay down your body right here!" The Sovereign King Wei's aura was st.u.r.dy. Swiping out with that arm, even the void could not withstand the surge of power that was rippling through it, as it began to crumble apart.

Those mountain like fingers of his delved right into the void, digging a deep trench within the void itself.

"Hmph! Do you think that I'll be afraid of you?" Lin Fan focused his gaze as his battle intent almost turned into a physical being, countering the ma.s.sive aura of the Sovereign King Wei.

'Demon City!'

'Flying Heavens!'

The two dao weapons swiveled out and occupied the Heaven and Earth. The big ancient demon howled out menacingly, bursting forth with an intense demonic aura.

"Big ancient demon?" Evidently, the big ancient demon was someone that was extremely well known amongst the ancient race. As such, the Sovereign King Wei was no stranger to him either.

"Human, could this be the reason why you would dare to act so insolently before Your Majesty here? All because you inherited the legacy of the big ancient demon? But, what a pity! You don't have what it takes just yet. That dao weapon of yours? Your Majesty here shall take it for himself!" The Sovereign King Wei blared out as his t.i.tanic arm grabbed out at the big ancient demon.

The big ancient demon was angered right now, as though he had some sort of blood feud with the ancient race beings. Suddenly, his body expanded rapidly, turning into a colossal demon.

With a single punch, he smashed at the galactical rivers.

'The big ancient demon has yet to reach its true peak form. Compared to the essence spirit of the Sovereign King Wei, the difference is really far too much.' Lin Fan frowned.

'Shengyang Pills Burn!'

Instantly, Lin Fan incinerated 3,000,000 Shengyang Pills. Shengyang Pills made use of the Solar Yang energy, and its strongest form was when it was in flames. This could allow the dao weapon to exert a greater amount of strength.


The moment the big ancient demon sniffed out this thick amount of energy, he bellowed out furiously as his power level began spiking up.

"Master! Give me 2,000,000 more! I want to unleash my World Devastating Magic!" The powers of the big ancient demon had reached a bottleneck right now. It just wasn't enough!

Ever since the big ancient demon had obtained a consciousness of his own, he could begin to communicate with Lin Fan once more. Even though he had forgotten about everything from the past, his original fighting skills remained the same.

"2,000,000 more?" Lin Fan's heart skipped a beat. This big ancient demon was way too extravagant with pills, wasn't he? In the blink of an eye, 5,000,000 Shengyang Pills were gone just like that!

However, now was not the time to be bothered about that. Since Lin Fan had already decided to go all out, even if he were to use up all the Shengyang Pills, he would just have to s.n.a.t.c.h over more of them from others.

'Alright! Make sure you f*ck this guy up real good!' Lin Fan cried out as he slapped his storage. Immediately, countless Shengyang Pills exploded into a river and flowed towards the direction of the big ancient demon.

Sensing the steady rise in the big ancient demon's powers, the tone of the Sovereign King Wei changed as well.

"Big ancient demon, to think that as an utmost being of the ancient beasts, you would allow yourself to become a weapon spirit. Where has your dignity gone to?" Sovereign King Wei scoffed out.

"Hmph! How could a mere ancient being such as yourself understand the dazzling brilliance of my Master?" The big ancient demon stepped right into the Demon City. That deep gaze of his suddenly shone with a golden glow, as though he had attained the highest form of his existence.

'Demonic Punch of Truth.'

The big ancient demon howled out as his body expanded by a few more times instantly. With that single punch, a shockwave was sent rippling out through the air. It was as though the entire Heavens were bound to collapse under the might of this single punch.

This punch seemed to possess the life of every single weird and strange ancient beast within the Ancient Saint World, as though it held the highest order of truth amongst the ancient beasts.


Unable to block this punch, Sovereign King Wei was sent retreating backward for a huge distance.

"d.a.m.n it!" With a maddened holler, his gigantic arm flung out as those fingernails of his, which were the size of mountains, fell off. As if they were released from a slingshot, all of them flung themselves at the gigantic fist of the big ancient demon, turning into a black mist upon clashing.

'Heavenly Covering Demonic Hand!'

No matter what, Sovereign King Wei was a powerful being of the divine celestial cultivation state. Even though this was only a trace of his essence spirit, he was still howling out in anger against this strike of the big ancient demon.

Instantly, the sky changed colors as black clouds began to rumble. In the form of a mess of meat and blood, it covered the entire sky.

"Big ancient demon, hold him back!" Lin Fan felt his spirit jerk for a moment as he ordered the big ancient demon to hold back the fort for now. At the same time, he comprehended the true power of the Sovereign King Wei.

Seemed like he had been too careless earlier on, thinking that he had a shot at this just because the opponent was only at a divine celestial level 2 cultivation realm.

But right now, he truly realized that he had really overthought things.

The power that just this single trace of essence spirit possessed was far beyond that of anyone else in this cultivation realm.

"Human, you've been too arrogant. So what if you've got those millions of Shengyang Pills burning up? In the face of the Sovereign King Wei, you're still nothing but an ant!" Sovereign King Wei bellowed as this heaven-encompa.s.sing power slammed into the big ancient demon.

Lin Fan did not let this get to him. Flying Heavens was still hidden in the voids right now, revolving furiously. The Marquis of Despair and Long Xuan stood upright with their hands held together, their powers rising rapidly as well.

Lin Fan knew that while the Marquis of Despair was also a divine celestial level 2 cultivation realm being, the difference between him and the Sovereign King Wei was still pretty significant. However, right now, Lin Fan could not afford to hesitate any longer.


With that, the Flying Heavens which was hidden in the void swiveled and bolted out. This ma.s.sive surge of energy tore through anything in its way.

The Marquis of Despair churned out his True Skill seed, unleashing the Realm of Despair and bringing Flying Heavens to its peak status.

"What's this?" Sovereign King Wei couldn't help but be startled suddenly. However, it was all too late. The speed of Flying Heavens right now had surpa.s.sed anything in this world, as it glided through the void and tunneled into the gigantic black arm.

"The power of despair? Marquis of Despair!" Sovereign King Wei wanted to drive this unknown object out of his arm. However, he realized to his dismay that the moment his own energy was sent towards it, it was blocked and swallowed by the power of despair.

"Sovereign King Wei, Yours Truly has said so from the very beginning. Since you don't wish to scram, then you shall stay here for Yours Truly!" Lin Fan burst out laughing.

Seizing the opportunity, the big ancient demon hollered out madly before grabbing at the essence spirit of the Sovereign King Wei with his right arm and tugging ma.s.sively.

With that, he tore out the right arm that was formed from the trace of the Sovereign King Wei's essence spirit from the void.


The rotation speed of the Flying Heavens was immense, as it caused the void around it to vibrate immensely. In the blink of an eye, the Sovereign King Wei's arm exploded, and his blood sprayed across the sky.

"d.a.m.nED HUMAN! YOU HAD BETTER WAIT FOR ME!" With that incensed howl, the trace of essence spirit burst forth from the arm and tried to escape into the void.

"Hmph, how could you think of leaving after you've arrived here? Do you really think you can leave without leaving anything behind?" Looking at the escape attempt of the Sovereign King Wei, Lin Fan jeered out coldly.

Opening his ma.s.sive mouth, the big ancient demon sucked with all his might.

The Marquis of Despair and Long Xuan looked at one another as they both unleashed their greatest powers as well. Slapping out towards the essence spirit of the Sovereign King Wei, the boundless amount of power of despair blocked out the entire Heaven and Earth, as it suppressed the essence spirit of the Sovereign King Wei without any mercy at all.

"HUMAN, YOU'RE COURTING DEATH!" Sovereign King Wei was in a frenzy right now. To think that this human would dare to think of devouring his trace of essence spirit!

"Hmph, it's not the first time Yours Truly is saying this. Unless you come here physically, you're nothing but an ant to Yours Truly!" Sweeping his robes, Lin Fan grabbed at the essence spirit of the Sovereign King Wei and swallowed it down his tummy.

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